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Publication numberUS1577225 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 16, 1926
Filing dateJan 21, 1925
Priority dateJan 21, 1925
Publication numberUS 1577225 A, US 1577225A, US-A-1577225, US1577225 A, US1577225A
InventorsHarry Z Granger
Original AssigneeHarry Z Granger
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Rotary sprinkler
US 1577225 A
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March 16,1926.-

' H. 2. GRANGER ROTARY SPRINKLER Filed Jan. 21, 1925 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 M M May 7 7 r J 4 a; HZ W 6 m,

March 16 1926.

1,577,225 H. z. GRANGER ROTARY SPRINKLER Filed Ja n. 21, 1925 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 s Patented Mar. 16, 1926. Y i i i a STATES PATENT; omcjE. 7

a nanny z. GRANGER, oncoMsrrocK, riniannsxa;


Application filed January 2 1, 1925 Serial No. 3,842.

To all whom it mayconcem: one of the arms of the sprinkler, illustrat- 'Be it known that I, HARRY Z. GRANGER, a ing a slight modification of the invention. citizen of" the United States, residing at In the drawings, the upright water-con- Comstock, inthe county of Custer and State ducting'pipe of thesprinkler is illustrated of Nebraska, have invented certain new and as mounted uponasupporting base indi- 55 useful Improvements in Rotary Sprinklers, cated in general by the numeral 1. The said of which the followingv is a specification. base comprises a member 2 in the form of a This'invention relates to improvements in union having four interiorly" threaded lawn sprinklers and more particularly to branches 3 each at right-"angles to the sprinklers of the rotary type. branches next adjacent it, and a larger up,- so

' 7 One of the objects of the present invenwardly directed branch 4 which is likewise tion is to provide a sprinkler of this type interiorly threaded. The supporting legs of which may be manufactured at a low cost the support are indicated by the numeral 5 and its parts readily assembled and as readand each comprises a length of pipe which ily separated, thereby adapting the sprinis bent to provide a horizontally extending kler to be shipped in a knocked-down form. portion 6 and a gradually downwardly Another object ofthe invention is to pro-, curved portion? and the ends of the porvide a'sprinkler in which theupright watertions 6 of the legs are threaded into the conducting pipe may be extended vertically, branches 3 of the union 2 so that the legs 20 thereby adapting the nozzle tubes which eX- extend radiallyfrom the said union or cen- 7o tend'radially from it to occupy a more or tral member as shown clearlyin Figure 2 .less elevated position,as desired. of the drawings. The inner end of each of One objection to sprinklers ofthis type 1s three of the legs 5 is closed by a plug 8 that they are liable to readily overturn and, which'is threaded into the said end of the 2 therefore, the present invention has as a respective legs so that no water can enter further'object, to provide a novel means for these three legs; To the lower end of the supporting the water-conducting pipe of portion 7 of the fourth leg there is fitted one the sprinkler and provide, inconnection end of an elbow 9, and a short'nipple 10 is with the supporting means,'a connection for threaded into the other end of the elbow the hose so that water is delivered from the for the connection thereto of the coupling hose through one of the legs of the sup- 1110f a water supply hose 12. r porting means and into the conducting pipe, The upright water-conducting pipe of the thus providing for connection of the hose sprinkler is indicated in general by the with the sprinkler directly at the ground 'numeralf13 and comprises two sections, one 35 surface and-obviating any likelihood of the indicated by the numeral 14 and the other weight orpull of the hose tending to over by the numeral 15. The pipe section 14 is turnthe'sprinkler. I threaded at its lower end into the upward Another object of the invention is to probranch 4 of the center member 2 of the supvide a sprinkler which may be constructed port and at its upper end is slightly refrom standard pipe fittings and the like, duced in. diameter, asindicated by the nuthereby obviatingthe necessity of manufacmeral 16. The pipe section 15 is slid'ably turing special parts and thus adding to the fitted through the reduced'upper end of the cost of the device. pipe section 14 and the lower end of the said In the accompanying drawings section 15 is exteriorly threaded as indicated 45 Figure 1' is aview partly in side elevaby the numeral 17 ,a collar 18 being threaded tion and partly in vertical section, illustratonto the said end of said section and a ing the sprinkler embodying the invention. cupped washer 19 being fitted thereon and Figure 2 is a top plan view of the sprinsurounding the collar. A nut 20 is threaded kler. onto the said end of the pipe section 15 and Y Q Figure 3'is a fragmentary plan view of is tightened to bear against the under side to rotate.

of the washer 19, the washer being of dimensions to fit in a water-tight manner within the bore of the pipe section 13. In this manner, the pipe section 15 is connect ed in a watertight manner with the pipe section 14: but may be adjusted vertically so as to vary the elevation of the sprinkler head which is supported upon its upper end as will presently be explained. Fitted upon the pipe section 15 and seeuredthereto by a set screw 21, is a collar 22 which rests upon a washer 23 likewise fitted upon the said pipe section 15 between. the under side of the collar and theupper end of the pipe section let, the purpose of the collar being to support the pipe section in the position to which it is adjusted.

The sprinker head is indicated in general by the numeral and said head comprises a central member 25 in the form of a coupling having two lateral branches 26 arranged opposite each other, a lower branch 27, and an upper branch 28. The upper end of the pipe section 15 is threaded and fitted into the lower branch 27 of the central member, and a short pipe section 29 is threadedinto the upper branch 28 of the said central member and is closed at its top by a head or cap 30, which may be plain or of ornamental design as desired. The nozzle tubes of the sprinkler head are indicated by the numeral 31 and the inner end of each tube is threaded into an individual one of the branches 26 of the central member 25, the tubes extending radially from the said central member for the greater portion of their length and the outer end portion of each tube being deflected or curved gradually as at 32. In order to brace and support the nozzle tubes, the cap 3(lis preferably formed with a flange to which are connected the upper ends of guy wires 3i, these wires being connected at their lower ends to hooks 35 formed upon collars 86 secured upon the nozzle tubes 31.

111 that form of the invention shown in l igures 1 and .3 of the drawings, caps 37 are threaded onto the outer ends of the nozzle tubes 31 and these tubes are formed througl'iout their length with a series of water discharge openings or orifices indicated by the .nluneral 88. The tubes 81 are of considerable length and by reference to Figures 1 and 2 it will be observed that the openings 38 are located above a plane in tersecting the axes of the/tubes but below the upper sides of the tubes so that as jets of water issue from the openings, the inertia of the tubes and the supply pipe by which they are su ported will be overcome and this portion 0 the device will be caused It will likewise be observed by reference to the said figures, that the openings 38 are equidistantly spaced throughout the series extending-from the outer ends of the tubes inwardly for substantially onethird of the length of the tubes, from which point, the openings are spaced apart gradually increasing distances throughout the remainder of the series. It will also be observed that other openings 39 are provided in the tubes near the inner ends thereof so that streams of water will be directly substantially vertically and, falling to the ground, will irrigate that ortion of the ground surface in the vicinity of the supporting base 1. By arranging the openings 88 and spacing the same in the manner stated, substantially an equal volume of water is distributed over the ground surface throughout the area irrigated by the sprinkler. It will likewise be observed by reterencc to Figure 20f the drawings, that the arrangement of the openings 38 in the tubes is such that the jets of water discharged from the openings of one tube will fol low in paths intermediate the correspondin jets of the other tube, thereby insuring 0? an even distribution of the water over the ground surface.

If found desirable or necessary, the ca s 87 may be removed and nozzles 40 may Be fitted to the outer ends of the nozzle tubes as shown in Figure 3 of the drawings, the nozzles being so constructed that they will extend substantially, at an an de of fortytive degrees rearwardly from the outer end portions of the respective tubes. It will likewise be understood that should it be desired to increase the length of the tubes 31, the caps 37 may be unthreaded andone or more extra lengths of tubing added to pro vide for irrigation of a larger area of ground surface.

From the foregoing description of the invention, it will be seen that there is provided a sprinkler which may be constructed from various standard fittings and consequently manufactured at a low cost.

The sprinkler will, of course, operate automatically and it will be evident that by vertically adjusting the pipe section 15, the

ater may be distributed over an area of greater or less circumference. This is due to the fact that the jets when elevated are subjected to the action of air currents for a longer period than when lowered. It will also be evident that by connecting the supply hose 12 with one of the legs 5 and consequently directly at the ground surface, the weight or pull of the hose will not in any way tend to overturn the sprinkler. On the other hand, the hose tends to hold the sprinkler stationary.

Having thus described the invention, what I claim is:

A lawn sprinkler comprising a base in cluding a coupling member having an "upstanding and lateral branches, legs connected to the lateral branches and extending outwardly and downwardly, one of the legs being tubular and having a fitting at its lower end therein, means on the second pipe lower end forming a foot and coupling to hold it at the required vertical adjusted means for the hose pipe, an upright pi e position, and a sprinkler head carried by the 10 coupled to the upstanding branch of t e second pi e.

5 said couplingmembena second pipe having In testlmony whereof I ailix my signaa slidable and rotatable connection with the ture.

upright pipe, and having a piston fit at its HARRY Z. GRANGER [L. s.]

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