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Publication numberUS1577272 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 16, 1926
Filing dateSep 2, 1925
Priority dateSep 2, 1925
Publication numberUS 1577272 A, US 1577272A, US-A-1577272, US1577272 A, US1577272A
InventorsTreadaway Linton E
Original AssigneeJohn J Reedy
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Wrist pencil and holder therefor
US 1577272 A
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March 16 192s.

` E. TREADAWAY. i 'Win51` :Erwin Aun HOLDER THEREFOR Filed sept. 21925 l I v/IIILIIIIIIIII.'

111111111111111/ lllfllflll/rr L 1f', Il,

W I TNESSES Y A TTORNE Ys Patented Mar. 16, 1926.



'WRIST :PENCIL AND Application filed September To all whom t may concern:

Be it known that I,;LrNroN E. TREAD- AWAY, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Daytona Beach, in the county of 5 Volusia and State of, Florida, have invented the several sections of the pencil when telescoped may be supported, the holder including a spring drum around which a flexible connection is wound, the connection being attached to the pencil and acting to prevent loss thereof. My invention also aims to provide a holder adapted also as a support forl a container capable of carrying extra leads for the pencil as well as of supporting an eraser and as a further object my invention aims to provide means in the holder shiftable into and out of active cooperation with the spring drum for securing the latter against 1 movement under pressure of its spring when the pencil has been drawn out of the holder in order to relieve tension on the flexible connection, which means is movable into active position upon the insertion` of the pencil within the holder.

In the accompanying drawing which illustrates my present invention and forms a part of this specification,

Figure 1 is a side view illustrating the practical application of my invention,

Figure 2` is a top plan view of the holder with the pencil therein, the wrist straps being broken away,

Figures 3, 4 and 5 are enlargedhorizontal .sectional views, more or less diagrammatic, showing the parts in different positions,

'view of the spring drum.


2, 1925. Serial No. 54,085.

Figure 6 is a detail perspective view of the lever and dog, and,

Figure 7 is a partial bottom perspective Referring now to these figures and particularly to Figure 1 I have shown a pencil 1n telescoping-sections 10, 11 and 12, the intermediate section 11 telescoping into the forward section 10 and the rear section 12 telescoping into the intermediate section 11. Of these sections, the forward larger section constitutes a lead holder from which the lead 13 is fed by an adjusting screw 14, the pencil as a whole being secured to one end of a flexible connection 15 similar for instance to an eye glass chain which is directly attached at one end to the end of the rear section 12 of the pencil.

a The holder shown in Figures 1 and 2 consists of a curved body plate 16 the opposite ends of which are transversely slotted as at 17 to receive wrist straps 18 andj-19 whose free ends are buckled around a wrist as at 20 in Figure 1, the body plate 16 having adjacent to one end a transverse tubular pencil receiver 21 seen more particularly in Figures 3, 4 and 5 and also having as best-.

seen in Figure 3 areceiver 22 withA an engaging spring 23 to receive a tubular lead` holder 211 adapted to contain extra leads for the pencil and also provided at one end with an eraser 25. The pencil receiver' 21 is referably secured on the body plate 16 o the v holder while the receiver 22 is preferably formed within a cover 26 detachably connected in any suitable manner to the body lplate 16 and a portion 27 of which extends around the receiver 21 as shown in Figure 3, cover 26 also forming a support if it is so desired for a wrist watch indicated at 28 in Figures 1 and 2.

The cover 26 houses a space on the body plate 16 at one side ofthe pencil receiver 21 and in this space a spring drum 29 is mounted on the body plate 16 and receives ,therearound the flexible connection `1 5 before referred to whose innerv portion is extended through a slot 30 at one side of the inner end of the tubular pencil receiver 21. Upon its lower surface the spring drum 29 has a lug 31 adapted for engagement by the upturned shoulder 32 of the spring tail 3S constituting a pawl or dog and formed in connection with a lever 3-1 which is pivotally mounted at 35 intermediate its ends upon the body plate 1G. At its opposite end lever 34 has an upright arm 3G shiftable laterally within a slot at one side of the pencil receiver E21 adjacent to its outer end and at its inner end adjacent to the spring tail 33 lever 311 has a bent extension 3i' shiftable into the tubular receiver 21 through a side slot 38 of the lat-ter intermediate its ends, the parts being so proportioned that when the pencil is shifted into the receiver 9,1 the inner or rear end of section 10 of the pencil will engage the extension 37 and shift the lever 3ft on its pivot 35 so as to move the shouldered free end 32 of the spring tail beneath the spring drum 29 and in the path of movement of its depending lug 31 to the position shown in Figure 3.

Thus when the pencil is subsequently withdrawn to be used as in Figure l, the flexible connection 15 may be freely drawn out with the pencil until its limit is reached although its return movemait Will be prevented by virtue of the engagement of shoulder 32 with lug 31, the parts being then in the position shown in Figure '-l so that the pencil may be freely used in the position as in Figure 1 Without tension on the flexible connection 15. lVhen, however, vthe lever 34 is shifted as previously described to move the shoulder 32 in cooperatingl position beneath the spring drum 29, the opposite end of the lever is moved so as to shift the upstanding arm 3G into the slot at the outer end of the tubular receiver Q1 and thus'with the parts in the position of Figures 1 and -i when it is desired to replace the pencil Within the holder it is simply necessary to grasp the pencil and draw the flexible connection 15 to one side of the receiver 21 and against the outer end of the lever 34 or in other Words against the arm 36 so as to roel( the lever on its pivot to the position shown in Figure 5, Which shifts the shoulder 32 from beneath the spring drum 29. In this Way the spring drum is freed from control by the latch so that it may act under the tension of its internal spring 29 to Wind the flexible connection 15 therearound as the pencil is restored to the housed position shown in Figures 2 and 3.

lt is thus obvious that my invention provides a device which is not only simple and inexpensive but one which is highly useful and Well adapted to the carryng out of the objects and functions first above stated.

I claim:

1. An article holder including a tubular article receiver, a flexible article holding ing means engageable by the flexible con-` nection when the article is out of the receiver for shifting the lever into inoperative position.

2. An article holder including a tubular article receiver, a flexible article holding connect-ion extending through the receiver when telescoped, a spring drum Within the holder around which the opposite end of the flexible connection is Wound, a lever for engagement with said drum to prevent rotation of the latter under tension of its spring,

said level being mounted in the holder and shlftable into and out of operative position in engagement with the drum, said recelver having openings adjacent to its inner and outer ends and said lever having extensions at its inner and outer ends shiftable into the openings of the receiver respectively in the inoperative and operative positions of the lever.

3. An article holder including a tubular article receiver, a flexible article holding connection extending through the receiver, a spring drum Within the holder to Which one end of the flexible connection is joined, a lever engageable with the drum to prevent rotation of the latter under tension of its spring and also movable out of contact With thc drum, said lever being automatically shiftable into engagement with the drum when an article is placed Within the said receiver.

Ll. In an artlcleholder, a spring drum having a lug forming a locking shoulder, a flexible connection attached at one end to said drum and adapted to be wound thereon, a lever pivoted intermediate its ends and having a spring tail at one end shiftable With the lever into and out of engagement with the lug of the drum, said receiver having openings in its Wall respectively adjacent to its inner and outer ends, and said lever having portions at its outer and inner ends shiftable respectively into said receiver openings when the lever is in operative and inoperative positions as described.

5. A holder having' an article receiver, a spring drum Within the holder adjacent to said receiver, a flexible article holding con-` nection leading through the receiver to the said drum, and means automatically shiftable into engagement within the drum up-` on insertion of an article within the r e ceiver to prevent rotation of the drum 1n one direction, said means being manually lshiftable into inactive position 'when the article is out of the recelver'.

6. A holder having an article receiver, a lspring drum within the holder ad'acent to said receiver, a flexible article holding connection leading through the receiver-to the said drum, and means automatically shiftable into engagement with the drum upon insertion of an article within the receiver to prevent rotation of the drum in one direction, said means having a portion thereof engageable by lthe iiexible connection when the latter is drawn out of the receiver to shift the drum holding means into inactive position.

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