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Publication numberUS1577413 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 16, 1926
Filing dateMar 22, 1922
Priority dateMar 22, 1922
Publication numberUS 1577413 A, US 1577413A, US-A-1577413, US1577413 A, US1577413A
InventorsVolk Jr Joseph A
Original AssigneeVeco Mfg Company
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US 1577413 A
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J. A. yoLK, JR

March 116 1926.

FIXTURE Filed March 22, 1922 a v Patented 2 1,76*, .y


fp "jiippiicaufoii:filed .Mm-@i1 vr2a, i922: seifiailNoQ Mesas.V

fa citizen'foftheUn'i-tedsStates residing at Norwalk, Connectientav havelinvented certain 1 5 nezw-faiicl'iiseful,Iinproveinentsin' Fixture@ I of` which the followingiis a specilication.

ments-5 in-y lixtures usable with wiring-cony f lduits suchasthegso-calledr conduit; hoodsy and 'siini-lai fixtures., l. By.' i inyA improvements Ifanil ableftolnialre `one yandthe saine sizey y io i oticiondulithoodor otherfhxturestit,and ateters; i1

a duitfhooddesigned; forexainple,forfafhalf fff.inch')conduit7 Cai'i/,befused only with a con.-v

c luit;iott liat size; ,the samegp-rovided with my 'Y iinpr veinfe'n-ts willalsoiit and can use ;l'w'ith alarge i conduitthan said v1h'alf'finchsize; j V f' I f gf 'This vandi ot rE-ieat iesfand advantages 1 4 of iny iin r y those {slil he* ait :trein vthe 1 following 'descrip-tion? o iny invention in connection: with the `di'a'vvings.

1 "in said 4Q; a vertical section view partly in elevation of .a conduithoodwithin myfinvention mounted oiiafwiringfcoiiduitgeachof Figs. 2 and' is a combined horizontal-` section and' under- :neath plan view oflthe saine devices taken vkrespectively on ,thelines'2 and 5 in Figs. l and tflooking upwardly in fthe direction of the arrows and each of said Figs. k3 and isk Y ja vertical sectional yiewypartly in elevation, i,

lre'spectively. o1i the`1`neg'3 g and" 6 6 in Figs `.2andj5 looking in the direction of th@ Q arrows. 1

i 'lTheparticular i electrical iixtureenibody- -v ingniy invention which I have lchosen to ll'ustrate'andxwill now describe is a well- .5.5 ,known'rgtorni of conduithood comprising a Vthe. usual 'holesfprovided .fin the bottoni Y l n i itoreceive they wires into thenhood. Y v lMy presentinvention.'relates to incqnroved "tach-to-'conduits o-itfdifeilent sizes* or diainf *'1- In other wordsj whereas -thej ordinary connieiits -1 will v:be apparent" to l drawingsjwhichl show a preferred These ledges are adapted to receive between lthemselves andthe plate 2thenut 9v (Figs.

cover5 1' fitting. down over aibottoin plate! 21,-

the orn'ier .f having internal ribs' la whose: l lower. endsreston top. offsaid plate'2 and Y therebysiupport the cover on it. -2c` are plate '60@ lileans: is provided for sepaiably 'fasteningth'e twowpartsgotfthehood together con vsisting` of thescreivsf passingv up .througlrf holes inthe' plate 2 andl engageable with x65 screw-.holestap'ped into the projectionsd extending vrdown interiorlyfrom ther rootof# thecover. .n i'

vThe 'bottoni` plate2 isprovided-with the usual Ahole 2a.- to` receive'V the sc'i'ew-threadedV 70 endof. ay wiring-conduit .l 5 s (Eig-s.: 1 andy 3) two'nuts @and 7101i said screw-threadedend' engaging opposite .faces of; the p1at-ei-2 andy thereby clamping v saidf 1 plate between them; 75

f -'llieupperlnut 6 has thel usual rounded or non-sharp inwardly; eSXt-endiirig;frini 6%' to overliethe sharp edges of thelconduit and actl as aJbusliing to prevent :thein from inj ur- Y inglthe'insulation: of the wires!" S0 l The `foregoing being the.'usualflforinV ol 'y conduit :h oodfas-wellfas the. usuali inieans for fastenii'igi it, tolthe' conduit; Viti'will be seenY at once that it can only be usedwith a conduit small enoughA to enter the hole. For this reason I have made the ,following im-V provements on s-aid device whereby it can be used withv afconduit that is too large to enter the hole.` .f y 1 This improvement in the speciiic torniy shown comprises. a pair of lugsf-8 having inwardly extending ledges 8 readily cast `integrally with the bottom plateV 2 and located as shown at thev sidesV of the hole 2e.

4:-6') on the threadedend-:of a conduit l0 that is too large to enter the hole2a,wliereby said ledges receive thethrustof said nuty when the conduit has been screwedV into -100 endwise contact with said member 2, whichV results inY fastening the conduit hood and the large size conduit securely together.

The plan viewl Fig. 5 shows how the lugsprefera'loly engage opposite flats of said nut 9 sothat itis prevented frointurning kas the conduit isy screwed throughit Vinto* endwise contact with thebottoni plate 2.

The lip I 2b of. the hole 2a'tlirough ,thef bottoni plate is roundedorfotherwse inade l Ln/113% :that 'or leesmap whereby it @eine neuf 't 4 ofabushingfor the-large conduit'in 1Fig in` the" same Way that thelip 6?? in Fig. 11

as a bushing, for thesmailer 'llconduityr` the objectingv both cases vfbeing' to protect;

the insulation fromV being cut by the -`sharp edges of the conduits.' g l l- Thus it Wi-llbe'seenthat by anV incipiensiv'e'- modification 'of-viexi'sting conduit hoods' 'and other devicesausable With W1r1ngcon o duits, ThavetV succeeded in extending their" usefulness by: making them 'usable Withvconi' duits of various diameters'large: andl'small. .l

tend'e'd';.t'obe*COYBIedthereby@k f f1 1:51; In lafixture usablewithA conduits,Y the coInbination offv 'a"memberf of; said fix-f 'p ture provided ip WithQa hole adapted' 1 to VY`receive the screw-,threaded end'olfaeonduit',

and lugs on said fixture member y"at oppositel VVOther embodiments of'lny invention may` ybe, ,devised `Wh`ichwil1 Vstillgb'e 'vvi'thin thev 'scope and .spirit of theforegoing descrip'- tionsrandgivithin the scope andspirit ofthe Y yannexedV clain'is,[and*which as suonare .in-V

sides of theflhole;therethrough; saidlugsy being provided at v'their Y,free-end WithQVin-i' Wardly yextending ledgesythej inner faces of f -versely ."betvveen `them land k'tof operatively;VVV

I end of a conduitthat z isftoo 'lar'g'efto' enter` saidhole, andjsaid ledges lbeingJadaptedg` j Y *jc-ofreceive the end thrust 'of'Y saidY nut'avv/hen?V f' its i *saidl conduit. is screwed 'thefixturememberll Y f 2. In'v a fiixture v usable'withj conduits.; @the j combination ofv a fmelnber of saidf` fixture e endwise against f provided'iwithja hcleto lreceive 5' the screw-threaded end of a conduit,y and Vlugsv on said fixture member at opposite sides" of the Y, hole therethrough, Ysaid lugs being provided 'atfitheir'freeend within v wardiy4 direetedrledges, saidl 'lugs being v adaptedjto receivel between themf'a nut on the threaded end of a conduit that it too largetofenter said hole, and'said ledgesrr` `being ladapted to receivelthe end thrust of. said Vnut Whenits. conduitis screwedV end-Lv .wise againstthexturemember; f Y V8. In a Vfixture Vusable'With c0n'd'uits,-'the combination of a Vmember thereof provided with a holeadapted to'receive the screwff threaded fend offra. conduit,` and imeans'on 'said member. adjacentfsaid'r hole adapted4 to A leCeivc .a nut between'itself and Vsaid mem- Y :ber and to receive-'the thrust'jof VVsaid' nut?"- when located on the thread'edjf end or',afonf-v duit 'which is" too' largeto .enter said hole. f y 4, Ingav ix'tureVNV usable `With conduits, the V,combination voiainember of saidffiXture with` *spacedr apart lugs ,on said 'menibergf saidlu'gs` being provided at their :tree end with inwardly,r4 directed ledges, the inner facesfof'said lugs beingadaptedjto receive,"j transversely between them;V and to) fopera'" tively engage'rfthe :iats 'of anut, :onfgfthvef threaded end of. a conduit5 and said "ledges Abeing adapted: to receive` the end. thrust of e" said mit` when`its*said'fconduitis screwedY 70 endvise'against 'the fixture member,

:Intestimony whereof, I havesigned my l uname? to, this specificationfthis 21st iday of" vMarchil922; r

.i "Josemi-imaging

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