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Publication numberUS1577566 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 23, 1926
Filing dateAug 6, 1924
Priority dateAug 6, 1924
Publication numberUS 1577566 A, US 1577566A, US-A-1577566, US1577566 A, US1577566A
InventorsStevens Cryder Donald
Original AssigneeStevens Cryder Donald
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Angler's artificial-fly case
US 1577566 A
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March 23 ,1926. 1,577,566



ANGLERS ARTIFICIAL-FLY CASE Application filed August 6, 1924. Serial 110.7%,431.

To all=wkom it may mm.-

Be it known that I,'DONALD S. CRYDER, a citizen of the United States, residing at State College, in the county of Center and State of Pennsylvania, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Anglers Artificial-Fly Cases, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to an improved case for use by anglers in carrying artificial flies, my purpose being to provide a case that is simple in construction, cheap and easy to produce, compact'yet capable of re ceiving a relatively large assortment of flies; that is so constructed that the flies, whether snelled or not, may be held against entanglement and be capable of individual removal from and replacement within the case without disturbing the other flies therein,

and that protects theflies wet or dry gainst being crushed and against 1n ury from moths.

\Vith the foregoing and other purposes 111 view, my invention consists inthe novel features of construction, combination and arrangement of parts, as willbe hereinafter more fully described, illustrated in the accompanyin'g drawings, and defined in the appended claim.

In the drawings, wherein like characters of reference denote corresponding-parts i the different views Figure 1 isa perspective of a fly case em bodymgthe' novel and essential features of my invention, the lids of the case bein shown partially opened;

F igure .2 is a transverse section through the case, the lids thereof being shown closed; and

Figure 3' is a central longitudinal through the case.

As illustrated in the drawings, my improved case preferably is of elongated rectangular shape and is somewhat shallow in depth, being formed from light sheet metal such as aluminum, and consisting, in its preferred form, of a body portion 10 and two lids or covers 11 and 12 respectively. Body ortion 10 consists of a band ribbed complete y around midway between 0 section posit'eedges thereof, as at 13, to provi e V tion is stiffened and at the same time divided into two separate compartments 15 and 16, respectively.

The lids or covers 11 and 12 are hinged to one side of the body portion 10, as at 17 and 18, respectively, whereby they may be swung to closed and opened positions with respect to the compartments 15 and 16, and they. are flanged as at 19, so that when they are closed they seal the compartments and thus prevent moths from gaining access to flies contained therein.

Each lid-or cover 11 and 12 has secured transversely across its .inner face a pair of strips 20 of cork or other easily puncturable material, one of such strips being located adjacent to each end of each cover.

lids and partition respectively, which arrangement provides for the convenient removal of a worn or broken cork strip 20 or i 21and its replacement by a new strip whenever occasion demands. This is due to the fact that the bands are not secured to the cork strips, but the latter are simply held in position by friction and may be readily forced out from beneath the bands without removing or disturbing the bands. The cork strips are exposed for engagement by the flies at opposite sides.

Also attached to the inner face of each lid or cover and extending transversely across the same, intermediate its ends, is a wire coil 24, the same being supported by a strip 25 that extends therethrough and is attached at its ends by means of rivets or other fa'steners'to the cover; while in exactly the same manner partition or tray 14' has secured transversely across each face thereof intermediate its ends a wire coil 26.

In the use of the case the flies, one. of which is shown at 27 in Figure 1 of the drawings, are hooked into the strips 20 and 21, and if they are snelled, the snells are engaged between adjacent turns of the related coils -24-26 whereby they are held against entanglement with other flies. In placing the flies within the case they should be alternately engaged with the strips at the ends of the lids and partition so that a maximum number may be accommodated with the least possibility of one of them interfering with another during its removal from or replacement within the case. It is apparent, due to the construction of the case, particularly with respect to the spacing and arrangement of the strips 20, 21., crushing of the flies is avoided and their natural life-like appearance is assured.

I claim An artificial fly case having a puncturable stri into which flies are adapted to be hoo (ed, and a band extending along one face and opposite ends of said strip and embracing the same, the ends of the band be-' ing angularly bent and secured to the case, said band belng ermanently mounted in place and holding y friction the said strip which may be readily removed for the in sertion of a new strip.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my own, I have hereto affixed my slgnature.


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U.S. Classification43/57.2
International ClassificationA01K97/06
Cooperative ClassificationA01K97/06
European ClassificationA01K97/06