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Publication numberUS1577680 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 23, 1926
Filing dateNov 24, 1924
Priority dateNov 24, 1924
Publication numberUS 1577680 A, US 1577680A, US-A-1577680, US1577680 A, US1577680A
InventorsBilhorn Peter P
Original AssigneeBilhorn Peter P
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Portable organ
US 1577680 A
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Filed Nov. 24, 3.9?4 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 P. P. BILHQN Marh PORTABLE one:

Filed Nov 24, 1924 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 QA E Mai,- a g- 1926.1 f

provide 21.11 "organ; i

"isijmo ieg ;;1; uggec1 aii heretofore, ,eWithfthe boy .7 '1 r v, .Pper.

'-i 1n the; bonstrution, combination and. 'ar-. 1 Brengeinent ofpartsfell as hereinafter more 1 3 fully desoribed claimed andfillu strated in th a mp ny i 'g dra ngs- Onthedrawings:

end. her objects in view fiFiguliQ lli 'si e perspective Vie -ofthe organ I .nnfoldecliinfifposition for .operation. V Eigure2is-jaiperspective view of the same "folded' foritransportation.

s-ri reii t partiallytunfolded.

easing partly fjfunfolded. meohanismleftiontl .i1 ;"Figure 5. is ai cross sishownin-,Figure-2;' 1

with I the V organ i 4 ASYShOWnontthedriifiin 'sfz V x g eNumerelg-l repres nts-e?) dyjportionofa ifo'l ii ng gan jgof the type l shown amide Q I i .-isas-,7sjo havingledges'*2;';-edeptedi to e aet 1 g e e e 'wh'eneth'e gorga nis fold e'dposition;

; hinged beneath the. lower iedg'es of end pieoes f 5 ands'eid bmeketsare proyided with spring 7 1 fmeansilg see'-F igure-3);f for noi-ma;1-ly "imj- "pel'ling'the same 'into' folded positiom' 'a "Alongi theinner edgesof' the bottom:oi

body portion 4. as viewed Figure-1f are: reinforc'ing strips 11. Whenithe braekets9 ere n'nfolded to support theorganinopera-L =tive'"position,saitigbraolretsflrest on the top' ofseidig rips 11 kinderefretaineol:thereon 7 egainstlith'e action of spring by disksa 12f .whioh' seonrd' neerthe upper. i edge :of seidi strips 11- (s'ee'Figure 6)". The brackets v9 area1sofhe1d inoperative position. as shown 6 t'f? invention oonsists s a. front "ley tionfof the same 1 F'gure 4, 51a 'orossisecjtion of the organ 3;above-m ntion d atent N 42 es 3 of3 agsseoond fbody portion? 45' end pi e c bes15 rigidly:iseonred within theen'ds of; boiiyj' portion .1j,are' adapted to telescope n e; o i I [,It wi'll'be'obvlousthat since the brackets '9 are normally spring pressedin foldedposi between len d." pieoesgo within {the body I in he 82111116 2 menner' f myiabo v yme ntioned ni ntlf A i bellows se uredbeneatlrisaida organigmeohanism' and st adapted te =be eretedeby 'pedgn's 'g linlFig ureul by iinean'sjofhook members-513 saidibraokets 9. Collar members 15 arepro secure engagement therewith by the hooks 13;

, vided 'onzsorews 14: for providing a moref Allover-J17 adapted to olo'sethe upper side of theorgan as'shown in Figure 1 is provided with sorews18 which are adapted to be engaged by the hook members 13 for locking the organ-in closed "position as shown in Figure '2. A- hook 19 ion the cover 17 is 7 adapted to engage with a; hook 2O on'thebase position.

,Inorderto"unfold-theorgan itiis obyious-i V lyonly necessary to disengage the h0oks13 and 191mm the position shown in Figure 2, raise the body portion 1" about the hinges The brackets 9 maybe first "plac'ecf in position to, be caught by the disks 12andEthen V hooked in position by the'yhooks 13, "The You hookfi is then disengagec iiend the fooyer 17 thrown back, I

I651. V. yportion 4: ase shown' in Figure 2} y r r for assisting in lockin 'the gan in cl s dv Section of the device; V

no I

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U.S. Classification84/352, 984/6
International ClassificationG10B1/00, G10B1/08
Cooperative ClassificationG10B1/08
European ClassificationG10B1/08