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Publication numberUS1578418 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 30, 1926
Filing dateMay 26, 1924
Priority dateMay 26, 1924
Publication numberUS 1578418 A, US 1578418A, US-A-1578418, US1578418 A, US1578418A
InventorsGannon Joseph J
Original AssigneeDiamond Crystal Salt Co
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Dispenser for granular material
US 1578418 A
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March 30,1926.


SAI-,fr coMANY,'oi-sr. omini., MCHIGAN, A oonroRATioN or MCH'IGAN.

.fissa-afan aan my f2s, 1924. 'saar ab. 715989;

for GranularMateiial, o'ff'whih the follow-l y ing is *ya specification, reference lbeing had therein t0 the abffoiraeyleadrawings# 'j This invention relates to dispenser for v granular material, and the `r,object of mylinventio'n is pto prot/idea sir'riplddur* able Yand inexpensive device j 'that easily and.'qucklaprcd-ai en@ with A a cartn oji-v o'tfher 'form of eoneainer 'fg Vpermit/6i' the contents the vc" `oi`1t flier being' removedat will, in desiredquantities. Another object of this inventinlis 'to 'piro- Vide a dispensing deviewthatlmay be ret'ainejd by theu'ser "of graiiularfmterialiand applied "tocartons or containers, whereby a single dispensing device may serve a large number of containers, although in some 1nstances a dispensing device may accompany each container. For example salt is ordinarily sold in cardboard containers and these containers can be made to permit of my dispensing devicey being readily used. VOrdinarily a vrestaurant or hotel purchases a large quantity of salt and ordinarily a large number of individual salt containers. or shakers are to be iilled. expeditiously do'this, it is only necessary to install my dispensing device, which embodies a discharge spout and a closure, consequently the device can be easily manipulated to permit of'desired quantities of salt being discharged from the large container into individual shakers.

i Other objects an'd advantages are gained by the novel construction `to be hereinafter described, and reference Willnow be had to imayffbe Y the drawing, wherein- Figure l vis a perspective View of a'portion ot a container provided with a dispensing device in accordance with vmy invention;

Fig. 2 is an enlarged longitudinal sectional view of the dispensing device attached to a portion of the container with the device in a closed position;

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of a `detached dispensingV device;

Fig 4 is a perspective view of an endor bottom wall of the container showing how it ber.

correspondlto lor be slightly greater than To economize and.

is prepared to accommodate my dispensing diveahdi Fig. 5 isla sectional View showing the manner @refusingthedispensing device.

The reference numeral'l denotes, way et example, :the l.bottom or fendfw'all of `a container v2 adapted to llio'ldl 'salt or other granular material, V'and adjacent a ymarginal protfidingfarectangular portinl th-at' be El'aresse'd,mwardly sofa" o y,more or less open'the slits 3 and lform slots. fT-he rec-l I tangular portion i'isp'rovidd' with ail 'opena"e11'e'nt by the f 'edge of a. bottom wall l'are'iparallel slitsj ing "s3-adjacent ene of the sliftsandfsai'dslits 'and openingmaybe formed in 'the bottom wall Vl,"either by the iiiaiiiifa'cturer olf `-the remains e' ,by @thenltnnaeeaser if mecentaillieikV In thieffhfii i-staiic'ea temporary Then again, in 'some The dispensing device comprisesa lat oblong closure member 6, preferably a metallic plate and said plate is provided Withl an' `opening 7 and a discharge 8 disposed at a right angle'to the face of said' closure` mem- The diameter oi the opening 7 should the ldiameter ofethe 'opening 5 so that the '..opening 7 mayl readily' register` with` the vopening 5.k

vthe closure member .6 shifted into theother slit 3. lVith the bottom Wall l of the container made of cardboard or `the like material the bottom wall may have its rectangularfportion easily sprung to permit of" the closure member Gbeing installed. lVith the closure member parallel. to -the rectangular portion 4i and the ends oi the closure member resting onthe inner face oit the bottom wall l, said closure member can be readily shifted, similar to a slide,`lby using the discharge spout 8 somewhatl as al handle, and]V Y this is particularly truewhen a vsalt shaker or indivi-dualcontainer ll is placed over the .discharge spout; as shown in F ig. 5.

ylviththe dispensing device install-ed, as

Abest,shoivn' in Fig.` 2, the closure member 6 i can bey shifted to aline the `dischargespout 8 With the opening said registrationbeing indicated by the abutment Qpengagin'g .the

i v edge of the rectangular portioiiifi.y Salt or granular material vvitliiii the container 2 can readily flow through the opening 5 and the discharge spout 8 iinto the shaker 1lY vand When a sufiicientv quantity of salt has been Vobtained, it isonly necessary to again shift Y the closure ii'i'cmbeif wherebyV the4 discharge yspout V8 is moved away from the opening 5 `and the inner end'otisaid `spout closed by therectaiigular portion 4 of thebottoin wall 1,.;Q'Since`the closure member 6 overli'esthe i slits 3 and closesfthe 'slots -formed by .said

slits there is novdanger of: leakage or Waste. fgShQ'uld the dispensing device be applied tothe container 'by the manufacturer it can l loe-,sealed .in a closed position by any suitable former seal that Scan be easilybroken by the ultimate., user of Vthe contents 'of the Vcontajiner, or as set forth in the beginning, -the dispensing device can' be' furnishedto the user along withv a suitable tool by which the bottom Wall of the container can be prepared to receive tliezdispensing device.

One embodiment of my invention has been ,member adapted to illustrated but it is to be understood that the f structural elements are susceptibleto; such slits so that Ssaidfclosiire member may close they vvallifopening'," and a discharge spout carrier by saidclosure member ladapted to aline Vwith r'the Wallk opening.

The vcombination called vr"for in elainil,k wherein said Wall slits provide a rectangular portionv that may be' pressed inwardly to .permit of said closure ii'ien'ibei;y sliding against said rectangular portion. Y.

3; The Acoii'ibiiiatioii callel oriiii clainii,

andan:.abn tmjeiit-` on said-closure -member adapted `ltofdfefine anxo'pen positionofsaid closurelmember. y

.y t1 The" combination of a containeryhaviiig a Wall provided With vslitsand an opening, a


closurermember adaptedto have its ends inserted in the -Wallslitsand a portion of' said i closure"niemberfclose tliewall'opening, and Y a discharge spout carried by said closure ing..

l* In testimonywhereof I aiiix my signature.

aline With the 4Wall openl v-Josiiiiia.eAiiNoNi-A 'i

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