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Publication numberUS1578632 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 30, 1926
Filing dateAug 6, 1925
Priority dateAug 6, 1925
Publication numberUS 1578632 A, US 1578632A, US-A-1578632, US1578632 A, US1578632A
InventorsBommer Emil
Original AssigneeEmil Bommer Playgrounds Founda
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US 1578632 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

March 30 1926.

. E. BOMMER GAME Filed August 6, 1925 MR mm w v MM mm w m v m mmm od w:@w+@-; a fl fi o o o 0 o o o o o 0 wmQmw wwwi iii 0 o o o o o o o o W 0% 0 b S 0 8 0 8 S O 7 O 1 M G960? O mwm m T m??? u N Wm u u R wwwwwm N O 4 7 WM M rU .1 s MWW W Wm WW; 7 o o o o o o o o o m w h w m n N wwm mw o o F o o o my! 0 o 0 v O m h w m M N a W v if W? mmron ATTORNEY Patented Mar. 30, 1926.




- Applicatlonflled August 6, 1925. Serial No. 48,452.

' To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, EMIL BOMMER, a citizen of the United States, and resident of Brooklyn, in the county of Kings and State other appropriate indicia whereby an accu-- rate account or score may be kept, and in-,

tegral parts of said game board being sepa rable or detachable therefrom for use as playing pieces.

' More particularly, I provide the game board with a plurality of polygonal shaped sections having indicia ,prlnted or marked thereon adjacent each edge thereof and connected at its several edges with the body of the game board by score linesincisions or by the provision of closely spaced sections separated by perforations whereby such polygonal shaped parts may be readily pushed out or separated from the body of the game board. Each of these separated parts is adapted to be utilized as a spinning top by inserting a suitable peg which may be conveniently whittled from wood, or other material or by inserting part of a toothpick through the center of the cardboard disc.

It is another important object of my invention to provide a game board for playing the game of base ball which is simple and inexpensive and may, therefore,,be distributed gratis as an advertisement, the

necessity and expense of providing separate accessories such as playing pieces or counters being eliminated.

With the above and other objects in view, the inventionconsistsin an improved game, and in the several novel features thereof as will be hereinafter more fully described, il-

lustrated in the accompanying drawing, and subsequently incorporated in the subjoined claims. I

In the drawing, wherein I have shown one simple and satisfactoryembodiment of the invention, and in which similar reference characters designate corresponding parts throughout the several views,-.

Fig. 1 is a plain view of the game board;

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of one of the playing pieces or tops separated from the board and indicating the same in a position relative to the base when spinning, and

Fig. 3 is a similarview showing the ,top in a position of rest. l p i In the embodiment of the deviceishown in the accompanying drawings, the game board 5 may consist simply of a rectangular sheet of heavy cardboard of suitable sizehaving a smooth finished surface upon which the playing field indicated at 6 in the form of the conventional base ball diamond is" printed. Above thisplaying field the innings numbered 1 to 9 as shown at 7 are printed and enclosed within a suitable printed box with a row of rectangular spaces 8 above and below the row of numerals. At

the left hand side of these spaces 8, distinctive colors such as red and blue are printed.

At the right and left and sides of the playing field or diamond 6, two parallel rows of rectangular boxes 9 are printed, the boxes in the outer row being numbered consecutively, 1, 2, 3, 4., 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, O, and the boxes in the inner rowbe'mg correspondingly numbered but from 1 to 9 respectively. in these two rows of boxes, the respective players mark their scores in a manner to be hereinafter referred to. l Below the base ball field ordiamond 6 provision is made for indicating the number of outs at 10 and the number of strikes at 11. All of the printed matter above referred to is preferably enclosed within a printed rectangular border 12.

Outside of the border 12 and in one marginal portion of the cardboard base a pluralit of polygonal shaped sections 13 are pre erably distinctively colored in colors corresponding with those representing the respective players; Preferably, these parts 13 areof octagonal shape and at each edge thereof-the cardboard sheet is scored, incised or provided with s aced perforations as indicated at 14, there y weakening the connection between the parts 13 and the body of the cardboard. Adjacent the 1 res ective edges of each of the .,pai'ts,13 the indicia o at 1st, s and Fly are respectively printed. At the center of each of these parts a erforation 15 is formed therethrough. uitable instructions shown at 16 are printed upon the j. surface of the board relative to the use of the parts 13 and at the bottom of the board 9 is transferredtoiithe nume'relfi f:

- clutia'nd a :lpi'n tor irtooth-pick is impziled Till the player. TIfrth'e H eonizthe'itopyis-aat theiowerefsi-de hereo this dicztt'esrathome runand zztll d'f the men -on""t-he aba ses represented by 'i'the Tpins *score in advance *df the "better. The proper ehanges ere #:made after each spinning df-"thegtdp "-Th'e-v sco-re is kept hy iim eIing ithe jpins ai n fthe two rows of boxes 9, the outer .=row-indicating tens and the 1 inner irqw iuni ts. "During the playing (if an inning 'by 'each'qfl eyer,. a 1 pin is impaled in :the {board {in :tthe gpro pjer box 8 representing the inning being ipla yed. After 'nine inni -ngs fhave been fplaiyed by the "two fple'yers the nnniber o f p-ins in the rows of boxes 9 assignedto eaehi phvyer are counted and the oneihaving"thehighest score 'wins the: game. fI n'ithe -event (if r a? tie, additional innings are rpl'eyed until 10119 player scores a rnniand is thusideelared the winner. H

From the foregoing descriptionconsidered 'in connectionwith' the L acQOmPaHyiIIg -dra-W- 1 has it Wi'HFYbe-seen "that ZI -h'eVe "devised a may be very cheaply Imamifactured; in view vide dice, separate ""I teps, %'specia1 pins. counters 0r other accessories "independent 'o'f the game boardga's the playing 'gip'ieces or tops 1'3'-const itute iritegrblljgpartsdfi thiboard mus cs-2 1 "itfhe rarnan giement '56 shown in *thefirawi' 'l'ihered i'to v -Oth8f iizmodifica'tien's i-n ithe eseveral sadetai'l fedtures,iandleeceordingly:reserveithe privisiege exit ziresorti-ng :-'ato e11 esu'eh egitlmate vehah gesgas'i may sbe 1 eeentbdd-ied within :the e5 bit mna'terie z'itsel'f '--b.ut are readily eseparzible 101' detacheeble ithenefroml' WVihile tin I t'he drawings I lume ssho wn rt-he v:game 'boar'd as "provided with ifour' su'ch fidetacheble gp'leying gpieces,

:Fit -Wi I'Pbe x'u'nderstoofdf.:.tllzitszavzgreater 'orvlesser .;;nuniber mziya'be'gp the L- '"lt 1-11, fmonrse, ibe enn'derstoed e board e'cain b'e EIlfl'itidE in zsa'n'y iatii :i's. titaessentielflthat 3? 1e "var-ions "ind-iia as v ng shall ii befi-strictly ad- ;The iifleviee. :z aflso susceptible .idf

lsseqpe :idf tithe "invention as Claimed. v i

i1. A :genieYbom dv-df comparatively heavy having gparts spaced (from a smarzigi-nalaedge ftithe 'boardmhd "eueh' bounded by relatively wven.l{-';p01'-'ti011s of ithe board structure integrally connecting the "part with lithe ticonti'gu'ons -3s'tructure 'ofthe game board and normally "retz'riningcsajid part in rfixed relation Jt-oj-lthe "rigam-e 'boar d, ffzbnt readily ye'i lding pressure applied Aegziinst "one a prqjeeted 'f1e1n thepI-ane of the board and separatedtherefrom t for' 'use ras za playing A {game board having ragplaying field delineated :thereon, and e plnral-ity ofv parts "having indicie printed :thereon and adapted to "be "separated f1'0l1l-th(3 body df the game board, =.eac'h "of; said Jparts having we central openingntherein :to :ireceive va "peg whereby saidg'part nmybe tuti lized .21s: a top.

4. game board "shaving in playing "field delineated uponethesurface-thereo ff. and bear- Jn-gfprmted directlons OlT-Sflld-Slllffi-CO for I a playing ithe :game, -=-said game bo'ard xelso ihai 'in'gea iplur'a'lity 10f distinctively colored useti'ons I of pblygonzil shape having indicia printed thereo'n redj aeent eath edge thereof "and ada;pted to be separated ffrom 'the bodv hf-thebdafiit f-p eah ldf 'said 'r filayinggpieces zed epted tOJJhZl ve :21;: peg' eentral-lyfvinsetteditherethrou'gh whereof thefact that it is 'notmecessaryn tofi-proei manner (if "a top.

l'ovidegplayinggpieces, and

by the "epilaying li iece m ay'be spun "in the An Y indoor 1 base bh llme comprising engaged upon a suitable peg whereby said polygonal shaped piece may be spun in the 10 manner of a top.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my invention, I have signed my name. hereto.


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