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Publication numberUS1578940 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 30, 1926
Filing dateJan 29, 1926
Priority dateJan 29, 1926
Publication numberUS 1578940 A, US 1578940A, US-A-1578940, US1578940 A, US1578940A
InventorsJohn C Wacha
Original AssigneeGeorge H Cahoone Company
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Fastener for chains
US 1578940 A
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March 30 1926.

J. C. WACHA ms'rnus-n FOR cums Filed Jan. 29, 1,926

' Patented'Mar. 30, 1926.

UNITE TAT S :PAQENT y Jormc. ,WACHA, or PROVIDENCE, snobs ISLAND, Assrenoa ste pness.



' Application filed January 29, 1926. Serial'No. 84,5746.

To all whom/it may concern i Be it known that I, JOHN C. WVAoHn a citizen of the United States, residing at.

Providence, in the county of Providence and State of-Rhode Island, have invented certain newand useful Improvements in Fasteners for Chains, 'of'which the following is a specification. i

My invention relates to "an ornamental fastening device adapted for use upon ornamental link orbead chains, necklaces, and germane. articles of personal adornment.

The essential objects of my invention are to provide in a single ornamental structure a unit adapted to connect either the ends or the intermediate portions of links or bead chains, strings, circlets, necklaces, and the like: to insure security of engagement; adaptability for ornamentation; facility of application and adjustment, and inexpensiveness'of construction.

To the above ends essentially my invention consists in such parts and in such combinations of parts as fall within the scope In the accompanying drawings ,Which form a part of this specification,

Figures 1 and 2 are a front and plan view respectively of a fastener embodying my invention, the latter being engaged with an intermediate portion of a bead circlet,

Figure 3, a perspective view of an open fastener, a

Figures 4 and 5, sections on linesA-Aof Figure 2 and 55 of Figure 4 respectively,

Figure 6, a perspective view of my open fastener partially engaging the ends of one or more strings or ornaments, and

Figure 7 a section ofa modified form of my fastener taken on a lme corresponding with line 44 of Figure 2. I

Like reference characters indicate parts throughout the views.

My fastener consists of a casing 9 having rounded ends, and comprising two oblong hollow substantially semi-spheroidal shells formed from thin metal with their adjacent edges in contact with each other. Herein, for convenience of description solely, one of the sections, 10, is referred to as the cover or upper section;


7 while the companion section 11 is styled the lower or body section. Midway their rear edges the sections 10 and 11 have respectively hinge sleeves 12 and 13 embracing a semi-ellipsoidal vor pintle 14 to am hinge 5. Opposite the hinge the cover sectionis provided with-a sleeve .17 'in which is. pivoted a bail 18 adapted to engage a projection 19 upon, the body section; 11. The whole constituting a catch for maintaining the sections in closed position. I 3

- The casing 9 is of a form and construction 'which' lends itself "with particular facility to ornamentation by jmeans jof-graving,

stone setting, oninterstitial" piercing.

Each 'end of the casing is centrally provided with a hole 21 formed by cavities 22 cut in from the adjacent edges of-the shells at the endslof the latter. Atfeach'sidelo'f the hinge 15in the back of thecasin'g is 'a 'hole' 24 formed by cavities '25 formed inthe edges of the shells 'adjacent'the hinge. In

theifront of the "casing- 9, diametrically op- I posite theholes=24 are holes 27] formed. "in

cavitiesf28jin the forward each instance-by section, in longitudinalv alignment with each Other'are circular openings constituting seats for'adjacentjornaments orv links of a chain or string [of ornament-s. Another formof seat for the ornaments, inferior in effectiveness to that described, is indicated in Figure 7 by the reference numeral 31, and consists of a curved depression without any opening, one located each side of the center of the body section.

.. At each sidef'ofthe"center 0f'thebody- 30 through which they project by the cover section 10, locked to the body section 11 .by

the catch;

While the device is applied as described upon either parallel strands orstrand portions it may also be employed upon either an intermediate portion of a single strand for the purpose of ornamentation,solely,-or

upon the ends of the same' as a connecting element. In the latter two instances the fasteneris applied longitudinallytgthe strand rather than transversely. InFigure 6, for

instance, the ends of a strand .or.strands .38 are shown =carryingEloeads 89 with; alternate knots or spacing beads 40. The chain or.

strand in such case passes through the openin'gs 2l of the casing.

allel chains or chain portions ,the-cover lifted to the position shown in"Fi'gure3, and the parallel portions ,are,.then nnoved from opposite lateral positions inwardly to- @wandshthe .i'hinge' until-itheifilamentsrregister' will the cavities- 25; and 228.: oft-the dOWGl'nSGS- tlon, ,and a ibea-dor link z 36i on :each 7 portion crests-1n,anseat-fiO. )Therenpon:thetcover;sec-

-' ntioln is closed andiiiastened. zThe-icasing may ?-be adjusted itotany desired f pesition' by-i repeating the described operation. ,g'l o apply :the casing -'-to ;a singlewhazin or to 3 the: endso f-kEL. chain thei casing. is: disposed 1 asz-shownai-n ll igure 6, and-l-the-nchain, laid therein-J longitudinally! thereof, andLthe cover lsectionnclosed.

Lclairn V 1-1. 4 In? a fastener ofithe:characterwset;iorth,

zanlelongated" casing-atormedi-i-n:itwo hollow .-secti-ons, a hinge connecting-the back por- Jtions e15. l-EliEHSEGblOHS ,2- a: catch-connecting the .front por tions aof the p sect-ions; said casing beingjprovidedi in its ends with h-olesutorined zbyicavitiesxin theredges .o'f thesectiionsyone g-of-i thessections .:being';;provided --:with Ea plurality of longitudinally dis-posedrseats. Irra fastener ot'ithe zcharacteryset :Eorth,

In order to applythe"casi'ngto two *par-' an ,lelongatedmcasing ioinned. in. two .hollow sections, a hinge connecting the 1 back portions of the sections, a catch connecting the front portions ofthe sections, said casing {being provided adjacent each side "of the hinge with ho'les formed' by cavities in the ,edges iofvthe sections and provided with holes severally opposite'the last mentioned holes :and formedt-by cavities in the front edges of the sections, one of said sections being provided qwi-th seats spaced, fronnea'ch nether; betweem and. in transverse; alignment with: that-rout; and rear i-holes.

1 '8. 11-11; a; fastener efit-he. character: set? forth, --a easing comprising LU'WO': su lostantiallyvseiniellipsoidal '3 sections having their -;adj acent edges :rmn :contact Wit-h :eachlq-other, ia whi-nge connecting the back portions otltheesect-ions, iZHTQZI'tQhfiQOHHGCtl'Hg 1e fro'nt portions of t the sections,saidtcasing -being; provided-with I eJOHN .o. minonA.

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