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Publication numberUS1579081 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 30, 1926
Filing dateSep 8, 1923
Priority dateSep 8, 1923
Publication numberUS 1579081 A, US 1579081A, US-A-1579081, US1579081 A, US1579081A
InventorsColeman Wesley N
Original AssigneeColeman Wesley N
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Combination case
US 1579081 A
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March 30 1926.


Picnic Mar. 30, 192%.




7 Application filed .Septeniber- Another object of the invention is to so form the case that the cigarettes can be placed thereinwithoutremoving them from their original package.

This invention also consists inv certain other features of construction and in. the combination and arrangement of the several parts, to be hereinafter fully described, illustratedv in the accompanying drawings and specifically pointed out in t/he appended claim. V I

In describing my invention 1n detail, reference Wlll be had to the accompanyingdrawings wherein like characters denotelike 01- M 1 vAfca-se ofthe classfldescri' ed comprising a corresponding parts throughouttheseveral views, and in whicl r Figure 1 is a View of with parts broken away.

Figure 2 is-an edge view with the cover removed.v

Figure 3 is a perspective view ofthe case with the cover lifted. 4

In these views, 1 indicates the case and .2 the cover thereof, which overlaps the upper part of the case and extends well down the same so as to cover the match scratching surface 3 on one end of the case. The sides of the case are cut away to provide the recesses at at the topthereof and one end is cut away to provide the recess 5 at the top thereof, these recesses facilitating the removal of the matches and cigarettes from the case partition 6 divides the case into achamber 'the bottom of the case.

:the complete case sect-ion to form ping the body and covering the recesses and i 90. In testimony whereof I affix my signature.

s, 1923. Serial No. 661,653.

7 for holding the cigarettes and a chamber 8 fol-holding matches, the chamber 8 being providedwith a bottom 9 which is well above The package containing the cigarettes is adapted to be placed in the chamber 7, the projecting end lOat thetopof the case and the partition 6 forming a grip for the pack age. It is ofcourse understood'that the top of the package is removed so that the cigarettes can be removed therefrom after the The over package has been put in place. lapping. top thoroughly protects the cigarettes and the matches and alsothe strikingsurfac-e andthis top can be used as an ash tray when necessary. As w ll be seen there are no springs or hinges to get out of order and to take up room. 7

g It is th'ought'from the foregoing description that the advantages and novel features of my invention will be readily apparent.

I desire it toffb'e understood th'atI may make changes in the construction and-in the combination and arrangement of the several; parts, provided that such changes fall withv the scope of th "appended claim.

body'having a partitionthereindividing the same into. a cigarette chamber and match chamber, the; upper edges ofthe side walls of the first chamber being recessed, the re slight distance from the end of the ase so fora pzickzige of cigarettes. the endof the body whichforins afportion of the match chamber l avi'ng a recess in its upper end and a bottom spaced from the bottom of the body and" havinga roughened portion for formingja striking surface, 'a top overlapthe striking surface when in position.


cesses-terminating atthe partition and a I. v a

that thls end is o't cha-nnelshape n cross *ith the partition a grip

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U.S. Classification206/90, 206/38
International ClassificationA24F15/18, A24F15/00
Cooperative ClassificationA24F15/18
European ClassificationA24F15/18