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Publication numberUS1579420 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 6, 1926
Filing dateSep 10, 1924
Priority dateSep 10, 1924
Publication numberUS 1579420 A, US 1579420A, US-A-1579420, US1579420 A, US1579420A
InventorsWelch Charles Agustus
Original AssigneeWelch Charles Agustus
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Mattress carrier
US 1579420 A
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C. A. WELCH MATTRESS CARRIER April 6,1926. 1,579,420

Filed Sept. 10 1924 INVENTOR WITNESVSES ATTORNEY Patented Apr. .6, 1926.. I


Applicatiowflled; September 10,- 1924,, seam. 736,917.

7301a whom 2'22 may concern. W

Be-it. known that I, CHARLES A. Wan-0H, a citizen of the-United States, residing at Columbus, in .thecounty of Blatteand State of: Nebi:aska,.h ave invented a new and: useful Improvement in- Mattress Ganriers, of: which the following? is, a; specification.

Thi s invention: relates to mattress carriers. Mattresses are usually Very bulky and unwieldy and cannot be; easily handled; by one person: OI 'BVGHi two; persons by reason ,of the fact that no proper hold can be'obtained thereon which will: not; either: slip or cause the tearing of the mattress Y Handles have been permanently secured to mattresses to overcome this difliculty, but they are not desirable, as the handles destroy the appearance, and in some cases actuallydefeat the purpose of the mattress, which is to provide a soft even surface upon which to lie. Large and complicated carrying devices which enclose the/entire mattress have been devised, but are fully :as unwieldy as the mattress itself, and are furthermore too costly for the average housewife.

The ob'ect of this invention is tov provide a simple and light carrier by the use of which a mattress, or like article, of consid erable weight and size may be readily car ried by a single person.

A further object of the invention is to provide a carrier of this character which is adjustable so as to accommodate it to the user or the article to be. carried.

1th these and other ob ects in view, as

will appear as the description proceeds, this invention consists of the novel features of construction, combinations of elements, and

fully described and claimed. 1

A full and complete understanding of the invention may be obtained from a consideration of the following detailed description,

arrangements of parts, hereinafter to be taken in connection with the accompanying drawing forming a part of this specification, it being understood that while the drawing shows a practical form of the invention,the latter is not to be confined to strict conformity with the showing thereof, but may Inthedr-awing, in whichisin'iilar;reference characters indicate-similar parts throughout thesever-al figures Figure-1 isa perspectiveview illu'st-i'atin'g 1a person. carrying a mattress with the car-' rier of the invention;

Fig'ure 2 is a horizontal sectional View of p the. carrier;

Figure 3-isa vertical sectional view tliere- I of: and p r a c Figure 418- any enlarged perspective view of, the buckle showing,.by dotted lines, the

association of. portions, of: the,- carnier' therewith. i l a The carrier 1 comprises a strap 2 of leather or like material, to one end of which 1s permanently secured, by rivets 3, the closedstrap ,h'and loop 4, whichextends at right angles'to the strap 2. Centrally of the strap 2 is provided a row 5 of spaced apertures 6, which extends from adjacent the end 7- toward the other end of the strap v 2, and each of the apertures is adapted to receive the tapered pin or post 8 of the buckle 9, to determine the length of that portion of the. strap 2 between the loops 4 and-10.

The buckle 9 comprises a pair'of curved arms 11 spaced apart and connected by integral bars 12 at each end, and 13 at the center, and has the post 8 extending from the center of bar 13, between the end bars 12.

The closed loop 10 has one of its sides passing through the buckle between the bars 12 and bar 13, and is therefore permanently assembled with the buckle. The loop is also apertured as at 14 to receive the post 8. The loop 10 and buckle 9 may be quickly secured to the strap 2 by removing the post '8 from aperture 14, which is done by drawing the portion of loop 10 between the bars 12 toward the other side of the loop, then pass-- ing the end 7 between loop 10 and the bar 13 and engaging the post in the appropriate aperture 6, and finally returning the por-, tion of loop 10 to its position with the upper portion of the post 8 disposed within aperture 14.:

In; he practice '1 of this invention, the v housewife first rolls the-mattress up without removing it fromthe springs which support it, inserts the end 7 of the strap 2,

from which the loop 10 and buckle 9 have been removed, centrally under the mattress and pushes it through to the other side. She there secures the buckle 9 and hand loop 10 in the desired position, as has been described, and grasping one handle in each hand, raises the mattress to the position illustrated in Figure 1 of the drawing, in which position the body aids in supporting the weight of the mattress and it can be car ried without difiiculty. Obviously the de vice may be used with the loops extending either toward or away from the article being carried, or, as loop 10 may be disposed on either side of the strap 2, one loop may be turned toward and the other away from the article as desired, although experience has taught that the use of the device as shown. is most convenient.

lVhat is claimed is 1. A device of the class described comprising a strap having a row of spaced apertures extending from adjacent one end toward the other end thereof, a hand loop secured to said other end, a buckle, a second hand loop detachably associated with said buckle and raven-a0 projecting transversely therefrom, and means on said buckle engageable selectively with the apertures for holding said second loop in adjusted positions on the strap, whereby upon removing the second loop the strap may be inserted under a mattress and the said second loop reapplied to the strap and used in cooperation with the first hand loop to carry the mattress.

2. A mattress carrier comprising a strap, a hand loop on one end of said strap, a buckle having a pair of spaced arms, a central bar, and a pair of end bars connecting said arms, a second loop having a side passing between the end bars and the central bar, said strap passing between the central bar and said second loop, and cooperating means on said st amp and buckle for securing said second loop in adjusted positions on the strap.

In testimony, that I claim the foregoing as my own, I have hereto aflixed my signature.


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