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Publication numberUS1579978 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 6, 1926
Filing dateJan 26, 1922
Priority dateJan 26, 1922
Publication numberUS 1579978 A, US 1579978A, US-A-1579978, US1579978 A, US1579978A
InventorsJames H Vincia
Original AssigneeJames H Vincia
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Desk stand or stationery holder
US 1579978 A
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April 6,1926.

- J. H. VINCIA DESK ST AND OR STATIONERY HOLDER Filed Jan. 26. 1922 f 3" gwwznl'czz damas- H.V-i.1-1. 2.1a


nnsxs'rann on s'm'rro vnniv HOLDER.

Application file'dfianuary 26, 1922. 7 Serial No. 531,908.

To all whom it may concern. 7

Be it known that I, J AMES Ti. *VrNCm, a citizen of the United States, residing at Marinette, in the county of Marinette and State of Visconsin, have invented certain new and useful Improvements .in Desk Stands or Stationery 'Holders, of which the following isa specification.

This invention relates to an improved desk stand for the compact arrangement of stationery supplies.

The primary object of theinvention is the provision of a novel desk stand embodying a compact and symmetrical arrangement for receiving stationery supplies whereby the writer may have the same conveniently at hand.

Afurther object ofgthe invention is the provision ofa stationery holder embodying paper and envelope containers, "means for receiving pen and pencil writing elements and means for supporting ink wells andthe like; the relative arrangement of parts being such as to place the various stationery articles in the most accessible and convenient position for a writers use.

Otherobjects and advantages-will be apparentduring the course of the following detailed description.

In theaccompanying drawing,- forming a part of this specification, andwherein similar reference characters designate corresponding parts throughout the: several views,

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the improved stationery holder, showing various stationery articles in theirrespective places upon the same.

Figure 2 is'a longitudinal cross: sectional view taken substantially on the'line, 2 -2 of Figure 4:; Y T

Figure 3 is a transverse cross-sectional view taken on: the line -33 o'f-Figure 2.

Figure 4 is a fragmentary plan view of the improved stationery holder, showingthe arrangement of details. i

In the drawing, wherein for-the purpose of illustration is shown a preferred embodiment of my inventionythe letter A designates the improved desk stand or stationery holder embodying a base 10, an upright casing member 11, and means 12 for securing ink wells B and C.

The base 10 is preferably of rectangular shape, and formed of any suitable material, altho preferably of Wood. The end edges 13 and 1 1 as well as the longitudinal side edges 15 ,and 16 may be bevelled infdownwardly tapering manner from the upper surface .17, in orderto provide an artistic appearance.

The base 10 is relatively thick, and has ai pair OfSll'ClHig"ClI'ZtWGTS 19 and :20 disposed insuitable recesses 21 and 22 respectively, which are formed inwardly of the tapered edges 16 and 15 respectively of thebase "10, sogthat the drawer 19 may beslid'from the ers19 andQOto bevof'suiiicient depth to hold stamps, pen points, and the like.

The upper surface 17 or" the base l0'is provided with the depressed apertures or recesses or 26, preferably in alignment so.

far as the longitudinal axisof the base 10 is concerned, and the function of .which Will be hereinafter more fully set forthr [Referring now, to the uprightcasing 11, p

the same-preferably includes asubstaiitially rectangular container 27, suitably. .mounted within the base 10 and upon theuppersun face17thereof, asbyhaving the endwvalls 28 and;29, and the side wa'llsBO andBl dove tailedwithin said base,"and as illustrated in FigureQ. Any suitable means, horveverflcan be provided for attachment of this container .Qlupon the base 10. The shape o f the con .65 edge 16, and the drawer 2O operated from.

tainer'Q'Z is consistent with the shape of the base 10, in order to provide the endportions of the base' lO free of any obstructing parts,

and whereby the retainingmeans 12 may be properlymounted thereon j for receiving the ink wells or other like'receptaclesB and C.

The end walls 28 and 29 arevertically posi' tinned upon the base 10,and adj acentthe openings 25 andQS respectively, in each manner *as not to overlap either of" said I openings. The side walls30'and31 are likewise vertically positioned upon the base 10 and inwardly from the longitudinal edges 15 and 16 of the base 10, to provide side portions 33 of the base surface 17 to serve as a shelf for receiving erasers 3d, or other st: tionery accessories. Thus, the container 27, in fact is adapted for receiving sheets 35 of writing paper, in order that the same may llD be vertically positioned therein to extend upwardly from the top mar inal edges 36 of the walls of the container 27.

The outer surface of each side wall 30 and 31 is provided with an envelope pocket or receptacle 37. Each of the receptacles 37 have the end walls 38 thereof suitably mounted upon the paper container walls 30 and 31, and are so formed as to support an outer wall 39 as a part of each envelope pocket 37, which is acutely inclined with respect to the paper container walls 30 and 31, and as is clearly illustrated in the drawings. Suitable bottoms 40 may be provided as a part of each of the receptacles 37, and whereby a plurality of envelopes 41 may be positioned in the receptacles 37 upon each side wall 30 and 31; said envelopes when in position within the receptacles 37 extending upwardly of the top edges 42 of the walls 39 against which they rest, and likewise being outwardly inclined at an acute angle to the vertical, whereby a user may readily remove the same.

Suitable brackets 45 and 46, are mounted upon the outer surfaces of the end walls 28 and 29 and provide openings 47 and 48 respectively, which align in vertical manner with the depressions 25 and 26 respectively, formed Within the base 10. Scribing ele ments, such as pen holders 49 and 50 may thus be mounted in vertical manner along the casing walls 28 and 29 respectively. It is preferred that the pen points 51 of the scribing members 49 and 50 be mounted uppermost; the holder portions 52 of said scribing members 49 and 50 being appropriately engaged in the brackets 45 and 46 and apertures 25 and 26, substantially as illustrated in the drawings.

It is likewise. preferred that provision be made for supporting scribing elements, such as pencils 55. To this end, spring clips 56 are positioned upon the outer surface of each wall 39 of the envelope receptacles, and whereby a pencil element may be detachably mounted upon each envelope receptacle 37 substantially as illustrated in Figure 1. It is noted that the elements 55 are mounted in horizontal manner upon the improved desk stand A and in contra-distinction to the vertical mounting of the pen .holders 49 and 50.

The means 12 for securing the wells B and 0 upon the base 10, comprises a pair of retaining members 57 and 58, one of each being mounted on base 10 at each end thereof free of casing members 11, each retaining member including a plurality of arcuated spring arms 59 formed upon a desk portion 61 which is attached by securing elements upon the upper surface 17 of the base 10. The arms 59 are arcuated so that the same may receive wells B and C of varying size an shape.

From the foregoing, it can be seen that the stationery holder is a compact arrangement which serves in a dual capacity; sulficient paraphernalia having been provided thereon whereby persons oppositely positioned with respect to the improved desk stand A may utilize the same without interferiug with one another. It is to be noted that the envelopes 41 bear a definite relation to the paper 35 when positioned within the improved stationery holder A, not alone by reason of the acute angle which the former assumes with respect to the vertical positioning of the writing paper 35, but likewise due to the manner in which said envelopes are placed below the paper 35, and whereby a personmay readily remove envelopes 41 and paper 35. All stationery articles are so conveniently positioned as to be accessible to a writer without inconvenience.

Various changes in the shape, size and arrangement of parts of the improved desk stand may be made to the form of the invention herein shown and described, with out departing from the spirit of the invention or the scope of the claims.

I claim:

1. As an article of manufacture, a stationery holder including a base having an aperture therein, an upwardly extending paper holder having a wall thereof disposed adjacent to the aperture in said base, and a bracket mounted upon said wall defining an opening in alignment with the opening in said base, said bracket being adapted to receive a scribing element so that an end thereof may rest within said aperture.

2. An article holder comprising a base having a pair of recesses therein, a casing mounted upon the base including end and side walls, said casing being so disposed upon said base as to have the end walls positioned immediately adjacent said spaced recesses, and a bracket element on the outer surface of each end wall providing a looped opening which aligns with the recess of the base immediately therebelow.


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