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Publication numberUS1580163 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 13, 1926
Filing dateDec 21, 1923
Priority dateDec 21, 1923
Publication numberUS 1580163 A, US 1580163A, US-A-1580163, US1580163 A, US1580163A
InventorsWilliam P Peterson, Ira L Peterson, Karl V Peterson
Original AssigneeWilliam P Peterson, Ira L Peterson, Karl V Peterson
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Packing mechanism for potato graders
US 1580163 A
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April 13,1926. 1,580,153

W. P. PETERSON ET AL PACKING MEGHANISM FOR POTATO ,GRADERS Filed D90. 21. 1925 L, 757252104/ K. K fera-@Jar Patented Apr. 13, 19726. v

1,.'isa1632g UNITED sf1-Ariesl oil-TIF.Tc151i.:



rAoKINs MEOHANISM Fonro'rarocnannns.

Application filed December 21,1923. Serial No. 682,046.

To all whom t may concern:

Be it known that we, VILLIAM P. PETER- soN, IRA L. PETEnsON, and KARL V'. PETER- soN, citizens of the United States, residing at Lily, in the county of Day and State of South Dakota, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Packing Mechanism for Potato Graders, of which the following is a specification. y

The present invention relates to a packing mechanism for use on a portable apparatus adapted to be hitched to a conventional form of potato digger to receive the potatoes therefrom so that they may be graded.

An important Object of the invention is to provide a packing mechanism wherein a vertically disposed shaft is mounted on the apparatus and a tube is rotatably mounted on the shaft and has carried thereby sack engaging means.

In the drawing,

Figure 1 is a rear elevation of an apparatus showing my improved device thereon,

.Figure 2 is'an enlarged detail view partly in elevation and partly in vertical section showing the revolvable or rotatable bag holders, l

Figure 3 is a top plan view of the device embodying the features of my invention,

Figure 4 is a fragmentary view of one of the 'bag holder arms partly in elevation and partly in section, and

Figure 5 is an enlarged radial sectional view, taken through the coverthat supports the radial arms of the bag holder and illustrating details of the releasable pins for engaging the bags at the inner ends of said arms. f Y i Referring to the drawing in detail, it will be seen that 19 designates generally the portable apparatus on which our improved packing mechanism is mounted.

The rotatable sack holder embodies a base plate 44 having a central rigid upstanding .shaft 45 that extends upwardly into a vertical tube 46 within the upper end of which is secured a vbearing block 47, a ball bearing 48 being disposed between the upper end of the rod or post 45 and the block 47 to form a thrust bearing whereby the tube 46 vis anti-frictionally mounted for rotation about the post 45. Secured upon the lower end of thc tube- 46 is a horizontal platform 49 upon which the bags 50 are to be placed and fixed upon the upper portion of the tube 46 is a collar A51 provided with a plurality of radial arms 52 between alternate ones of which said bags are adapted to be positioned, the space betweenA the arms 52 and the platform 49 being substantially equal to the typesof bags 50 as shown in Figure 2. The remaining alternate arms 52 are connected and the spaces therebetween bridged by means of flexible pieces of fabric indicated at 53, and the outer ends of the arms 52 are provided with up- 65 wardly and outwardly projectingl pins 54 onto which the upper edges of the outer portions of the sacks are to be secured, releasable pins 54 being provided upon the collars 51 between alternate ones of the arms 52 70k onto which' the inner portions of said bags or sacks are adapted to be engaged, whereby the open upper ends of the sacks areV held in an open position to receiver the potatoes discharged thru the hoppers 17 from the 75 picking table as the bag holder is rotated to successively bring said sacks into place beneathl said hopper. The pieces of cloth yat 53 prevent the potatoes from dropping thru the hopper when the bag holder is being rotated to bring anew or empty sack into position beneath said hopper and to move a filled sack out of the way. In order to secure this result, the shaftor post 45 of the bag holder isy mounted at one side of the S5 picking table at its discharge end.

The releasable pins 55 maybe of angular formas shown in Figure 13, with opposed parallel vertical portions thereof slidably disposed in parallel radially alignedt openings in the collars 51, the inner vertical portions of each pin 55 being extended upwardly and terminating lina finger piece 56 between'which and the collar 51 is located a compression spring 57 whereby said pins 55 are normally projected upwardly to receive the edge of the sack. Obviously, by depression of the button k56 of any desired one of the pins 55', the inner portion of the particular sack'engaged therewith will be released, so that when the filled sack is manually lifted to disengage the outer portion thereof from the pins 54 of the adjacent pair of arms, the same may be placed in an outof the way position upon the platform 19 for being sewed and thereby effectively closed.

That we claim as new is: A packing mechanism comprising a vertically disposed shaft, a tube rotatably mounted upon the shaft, a circular platform carried by the tube, radially disposed arms hold sacks in open condition and in triangu- 10 mounted upon the tube and spaced above the lar form and With the lower ends of the platform, said arms being' spaced from each sae-ks resting on the platform.

other at regular intervals, the outer ends of In testimony whereof We affix our signathe arms projecting beyond the edge of the tures.

platform, outwardly disposed pins carried at the outer ends of the arms, pins located TILLIAM l?. PETERSON. between the arms and at the inner ends IRA L. PETER-SON. thereof, the pins being so arranged as to KARL V. PETERSON.

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U.S. Classification248/97, 209/933, 209/704, 248/100, 248/131
International ClassificationB65B67/12
Cooperative ClassificationB65B67/12, Y10S209/933
European ClassificationB65B67/12