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Publication numberUS1580577 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 13, 1926
Filing dateNov 26, 1923
Priority dateNov 26, 1923
Publication numberUS 1580577 A, US 1580577A, US-A-1580577, US1580577 A, US1580577A
InventorsBaumann Ernst Karl Alexander
Original AssigneeBaumann Ernst Karl Alexander
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US 1580577 A
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I 1 1.580577 E. K. A. BAUMANN AEROPLANB Filed Nov. 26. 1923 Patented Apr. 13, 1926. UNITED-STATES PATENT OFFICE.-


*-='strains exerted thereon in the flight.


Application fled-Ioyember 20, um. Serial in. 071,006.

To allmihom it concern:

Be it known that I, ERNs'r KARL-ALEX- ANDER BAUMANN, a citizen. of Germany, re-

siding at Stuttgart, in the State of Wurttemberg, Germany, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in -Aeroplanes;

and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

My invention relates to improvements in aeroplanes, and more particularly in the construction of the supporting planes, and the object of the improvements is to provide an aeroplane in which the sustaining power may be regulated so as to attain a maximum. With this object in view my invention consists in providing the top, wall of the plane or lanes with a. slot or slots disposed longitu inall of theplane and forcing currents of air t rough the slots for sweeping away thedead air or whirls produced on the top face of the plane and reducing the sustaining power. By thus constructing the slots the strength of the plane is not interfered with, the plane com rising a ri id frame work .or structure a apted to ta e up ihe nother object of the improvements is to provide a sustaining plane which is provided transversely of the lane and on the top or bottom face thereo with slots'which are likewise provided with means for blowing currents of air therethrough for sweeping awa thewhirl's produced at the outer sides of e planes. and thus reducin the resist ance of the plane passing throng the air.

I For'the purpose of explaining the invenscale,

showing tion several examples embodying the same have been shown in the accompanying draw ing in which the-same-referen'ce characters have been used in all the views indicate corresp ding parts. In said drawing,

Fig. 1 's a cross-section-of the plane taken 'loligitudinally of the aeroplane,

g. 2 is a similar cross-section showing a nmdification,

. Fig. 3 is a planview of Fig. 2 on a reduced [4 I is a di agrammaticlal plan I a modification in which the plane is 'rov'id'ed at'its sides with slots disposed Fig.

t-rically relatively to tlie longitudinal axis .of 'the aeroplane andlongitudinally or throttling the slots 2. In the the aeroplane the air rushes through the. holes 3 so as to produce a certain pressure ing the top face of by the arrow :22. Thereby the dead air is 5 is a cross-section on an enlarged scale taken on the line 5 -5 of Fig. 1,

Figs. 6 to 8 are similar sectional elevations showm "modifications of the arrangement sl0t2 disposed longitudinally of the plane I and opening rearwardly' 1n the direction of the flight. The bottomwall 1' of the plane is provided with holes 3 adapted to be throttled more or less by means of gates 5 operated by ropes 4., In a modification I rovide the throttling members in gpsition within the lane, and is discharged through the s ots 2 in a direction for sweepthe plane, as is indicated swept away from the plane. In the modification shown in Figs. 2 and 3 a plurality of slots-21 are provided one behind-the other in the top wall 11 and the slots communicate'with tubes or pipes 6 connectd with a supply or independent supplies of compressed air such as a fan or compres-' sor 7. The tubes or pipes 6 are made from thin--- material such as. thin fabric, or sheet metal. I For re pressed air to t e slots 21 valves 8. are provided between the pipes 6 and the compressor 7.

In Figs. 4"and' 5 I have shown the'arrangement of lateral slots .9 disposedjnthe top-wall 12 and symmetrically of and -'.sub-

lght of lating the supply o 1 stantially parallel to the longitudinal axis of the aeroplane, and means are provided for blowing currentsof air through said slotsoutwardly and in a direction opposite 1 to the movement ofth'e whirlsproduced at the margins of the plane, as" is indicated by arrows 10. It will understoodthatordi 'narily lateralslots 9 are provided together with the longitudinal slots 2 or '21 shown in construction, shown in: Fig. 1 the compressed air issupplied the hollow of the plane. In the modification shown in Fig. 6slots 91' areprovided at the face of'thejplane.

-Figs., 1 to 3, and that when pro'v-ided in'tlie Arrows 101 indicate the direction of the discharge of the air. In Fig. 7, I have shown a modification in. which lateral slots 92 and 93 are provided both in the top and bottom walls of the plane, the direction of. the flow 1 being indicated by arrows 91 and 93. A

similar arrangement of slots 94 and 95 is shown in Fig. .8, the direction of the-flow' being indicated by arrows 14 and 15. The arrangement of the slots 94 and 95 shown in Fig. 8 is more simple in construction as compared to the example shown in Fig. 7.

Figs. 9 and 10 show a construction 1n which lateral and longitudinal slots 96, 97 are combined in a single aeroplane, the botto wall showing also an additional opening 98 similar to that which is shown in Figures 6 and 8. By the said slot-s the production of whirls is avoided.

While in describing the invention refer ence has been made to particular exam les embodying the same, I wish it to be un erstood that my invention is not limited to the construction-shown in the drawing and that various'changes may be made in the arrange- .ment and the form of the slots without departing from the invention.

I h m;

1. In an aeroplane, a carrying wing having a lower surface provided near the lateral edges with slots symmetrical to the central portion of the carrying wing for the purpose of forcing compressed air therethrough to reduce eddy currents.

2. 'In an aeroplane, a carrying wing having an upper surface and a lowersurface provided with slots symmetrical to the central portion of the carrying wing and approximately parallel to the lateral edges for the purpose of passing compressed air there through to suppress marginal eddy currents. 3. In an aero lane, a carrying wing which is provided wit slots parallel to the front edge thereof and extending over the entire.

air and to-suppress ma gi'n'al eddy currents. I hereunto aflix my 1 Intestimony whereo slgnature. n


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