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Publication numberUS1580690 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 13, 1926
Filing dateJul 31, 1925
Priority dateJul 31, 1925
Publication numberUS 1580690 A, US 1580690A, US-A-1580690, US1580690 A, US1580690A
InventorsMilton Sierad, Sierad Albert E
Original AssigneeGeorge W Button Corp
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Combination dispenser and container
US 1580690 A
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April 13 1926. 1580,690


Patented Apr. 1 3, 1926.




Application filed July 31, 1925. Serial No. 47,1asQ

'1 '0 all whom it may concern:

Be it known that we, MILTON SLEBAD and proved dispensing container for talcum powder and other toilet powders.

One of the objects of our invention is to provide an improved container for dispensing talcum powders and toilet powders, which shall be adapted to hold a powder puff out of contact with the said powder and which shall also be adapted to retain powder tightly in the can so as to prevent any waste thereof.

Another object of our invention is to provide a combination container of the kind k above mentioned which shall be simple and cheap to construct and in which a compartment containing the powder to be dispensed is permanently separated from another compartment adapted to contain the powder puff.

Other objects of our invention will be set forth in the following description and drawings which illustrate a preferred embodiment thereof. I

Figure 1 is a perspective view.

Figure 2 is a central sectional view, some of the details being omitted for the sake of clearness.

Figure 3-3 is a section on the line of Figure 2.

Figure 4 is a detail sectional view showing how the tray is inserted.

Figure 5 is a detail sectional view showing the tray in theassembled position and the cover in the closed position.

The box 1 and the cover 2 are preferably made of resilient tin or of any other resilient metal, which can be suitably decorated. The box 1 is provided adjacent thetop thereof with a bead B and the top of the box is curved or rolled over so as to provide a cylindrical flange C.

The vertical wall of the box is cylindrical in contour save for the bead B.

The tray "5 is also madeof tin or other suitable resilient metal and it is adapted to fit frictionally within the top portion of the vertical wall of the body portion 1 of the boxy The tray has the vertical will there- 'of'tapered and provided with a flange F as is clearly shown in Figure at and the vertical wall of the resilient tray15 is sufficiently curved, so that when the tray5 is firmly forced downwardly, it is firmly held and fits so tightly within the vertical wall of the body portion, that none of the powder can leak out of the body portion.

A cover 2 is'provided which frictionally engages the outside of the wall of the body portion 1 and this cover 2 has its rolled bottom adapted to rest upon the bead B. We I preferably form the central portion of the cover 2 of some transparent material so that the powder puff P which rests upon the solid tray 5 can be seen by a prospective purchaser;

The. body portion 1 is provided with a lateral nozzle 3 having the end thereof provided with perforations in the usual .manner and a cover 41 of the ordinary type is provided for the nozzle 3.

It is obvious that since none of the powder can leak out of the body portion 1, that the powder puff P is protected at all times from contact with the powder. This is highly desirable because otherwise the powder pull P absorbs so much of the talcum powder, that the said powder is unnecessarily wasted and in addition, too much powder is deposited upon the skin of the user.

The powder can be applied upon the puff through the nozzle 3 either by shaking the body portion 1 or by manipulating th resilient tray 5 and the resilient bottom of the body portion 1 so as to eipel the powder through the nozzle by a bellows or blowing effect. This causes the powder to be sprayed very finely and evenly over the powder puff P.

When the resilient bottom of box 1, and the resilient bottom of tray 5, are forced towards each other and then released, so as to exert said bellows action, the tight fits of the top of tray 5 within the top of box 1 prevents said tray 5 from being shifted with respect to the box. In addition the shape of tray 5 renders it easy to flex it.

\Ve have shown a preferred embodiment of our invention, but it is clear that numerous changes and omissions may be made without departing from its spirit.

We claim 1. A combination container for a toilet powder and a powder puff comprising a body portion made of metal, said body portion having a lateral dispensing nozzle, said body portion also having at the top thereof a resilient tray having a top flange adapted to overlap and to engage the top of said body portion, said tray having a tapered vertical wall depending from said top flange, and a cover adapted to cover said tray, the said cover extending over and below the top of said body portion, the top of the vertical wall of said tray frictionally engaging the adjacent part of said body portion.

2. A combination container for a toilet 20 powder and a powder puff comprising a body portion having an enlargement adjacent the top thereof and a lateral dispensing nozzle, a resilient tray adapted to be located within the said body portion and having an outwardly tapered resilient side wall and a flange at the top thereof, so that when the said tray is forced down upon the vertical wall of the said body portion, the said top of side wall of said tray engages the top of said vertical wall and fits tightly thereon and the main portion of said side wall is spaced from said vertical Wall, said tray being adapted to support a powder pull, and a cover adapted to fit over the vertical wall of the said body portion and to abut said enlargement.

In testimony whereof we aflix our signatures.


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