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Publication numberUS1581970 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 20, 1926
Filing dateMay 17, 1924
Priority dateMay 17, 1924
Publication numberUS 1581970 A, US 1581970A, US-A-1581970, US1581970 A, US1581970A
InventorsMccollum Alfred F
Original AssigneeMagee Carpet Company
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US 1581970 A
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April 2o, 1926. 1,581,970

A. F.MCCOLLUM DRUG Filed Maygl', 1924 f' Innen/507.@- #7% ZYQ@ @C77 as @War Patented Apr. 20,





Application led May 17',`

To all whom'it may concern:

Be it known that LUM, in Bloomsburg,

residing Pennsylvania, have invented certain Improvements in Rugs, of lwhich the cation.

following is a specifi- The object of my` invention is to construct a rug so that the corners will be prevented from curling up. This object I corners with a attain by reinforcing the flexible material that will retain the corners of the rug in a flat position at all times.

In the accompanying drawings Fig. l is a plan view of a rug showing my improved corner reinforcing means in dotted lines;

Fig. 2.

is a plan view of one corner of a rug showing the fringe and heading broken away to expose the reinforce;

Fig. 3 is a sectional Fig. 2;

Fig. 4 is a fragmentary perspective Viewv View on the line 393',

illustrating the invention; and

Fig. 5 is a detached perspective view of the flexible reinforce.

Referring to the drawings,

of the rug, which may be of any xweave. 2 is the binding at the end of the rug, en-

closedby a heading 3 of a fringe 4.' A flexible strip 5 of reinforcing material is located at the four corners of the rug, as shown clearly in Fig. l. This flexible strip may be of feather bone, whaleboiie, &c., but must have suflicientelasticity to retain the corners of the rug flat on the floor.

In Fig. 5, a flexible material, known as 1 is the body' 1924. Serial No. 714,000.

feather bone, is illustrated. This material has a certain amount of flexibility, yet will retain the corners of a rug, in which it is inserted, in a flat condition. l

Thile it is preferred .to employ a short strip at each corner of a rug, a strip of greater length maybe used, depending upon the size and character of the rug. s

In some types of rugs, the fringe is omitted, in which case, the reinforce is enclosed within the binding. vWhile the reinforcel is sho-wn on the upper surface of the ends of a rug, outside of the pile, it may be located at the corners on the underside of a rug, without departing from the' essential features of the invention.

I claim: 's

1. The combination in a rug body, of short sections of flexible, reinforcing strips at the corners thereof; and a binder for the raw edges of the rug, said binder enclosing the flexible, reinforcing strips.

2. The combination in the body of a rug, of short sections of flexible, reinforcing strips at the vcorners thereof; a binder `at each end of the rug binding the raw' edges thereof and engaging, the flexiblev strips; and a fringe at each end of the rug having a heading extending over the binder and the flexible, reinforcing strips. y

B. rIhe combination of the'body portion of a rug having a pile; strips of flexible material at the corners of the rug beyond the pile; `a binder for the raw edges of the rug beyond the pile, said binder enclosing the flexible strips; and afringe having a heading, said heading extending over the binder.

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U.S. Classification428/82
International ClassificationA47G27/00, A47G27/02
Cooperative ClassificationA47G27/0268
European ClassificationA47G27/02R6