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Publication numberUS1582762 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 27, 1926
Filing dateNov 6, 1925
Priority dateNov 6, 1925
Publication numberUS 1582762 A, US 1582762A, US-A-1582762, US1582762 A, US1582762A
InventorsKlock John A
Original AssigneeKlock John A
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Clothes hanger
US 1582762 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

April 27 ,1926.


Patented Apr. 27, 1926.



Application filed November 6, 1925. Serial No. 67,347.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, JOHN A. Knock, a citizen of the Unit-ed Stat-es, residing at Philadelphia, in the county of Philadelphia and State of Pennsylvania; have invented new and useful Improvements in Clothes Hangers, of which the following is a specification. 1

This invention relates to garment hanger supports and more particularly to an improved foldable multiple garment hanger support which is adapted for supporting a plurality of garments and hangers therefor, either in a horizontal or open position, or in a' vertical or folded position. The object of the inventionis to provide a foldablc garment hanger adapted to support a plurality of garments and hangers therefor,-

and also adapted to be secured in a vertical position in a wardrobe or closet.

Another obiect of the invention is to provide a garment hanger support as specified, which has been designed to overcome certain objectionable features, by providing a minimum drop to the horizontal extending memher when it is folded in a vertical position, thereby preventing the garments disposed thereon from touching the floor.

A further object of the invention is to provide a garment hanger as specified, on which a plurality of hooks secured in the underside of the extending foldable member, are spaced apart at a sufficient distance, so as to provide clearance for the usual garment hangers when they are disposed one above the other, which is the case when the hook carrying extending member is in a vertical or folded position.

A still further object is to provide a device for supporting a plurality of garments and hangers therefor, which is readily adapted for placement in a closet or wardrobe without the usual bulging effect which is produced when a plurality of garments are suspended in overlapped relation thereon. The elimination of this device permits the door of a closet or wardrobe to be closed without abutment of the door against the garments disposed on the device.

Other objects of the invention will appear in the following detail description, and in the accompanying drawings wherein:

Figure 1 is a side elevation of the device in an extended position with certain parts Figure 2 is a front elevation of the device in an extended position.

Figure 3 is a front elevation of the device in foldable position, showing the clearance provided for the garment ho0ks.'

Figure 4 is a cross sectional view on, the line 4-4 of Figure 1.

Figure 5 is a detailed enlargement of a portion of Figure 4. I

Referring more particularly to the drawings, the improved foldable garment hanger support comprises a vertical supporting member 10 of channel cross sectional formation, and provided on its inner channel surface with a retaining strip 11, which-is secured to the inner surface of the member 10 at its free ends, by means of suitable screws 12, and, spacing washers 18, which are interposed between the said inner surface and the retaining strip 11, so as to provide a clearance space, as at 14, for the free up and down movement of the U-shaped hinge member 15, in sa d clearance space. The hinge member 15 is adapted for slidable movement in the channel formed by the three sides of the supporting member 10, and retained in said channel by the retaining strip 11, and the screws and spacing washers therefor. providing the stop at the upper end of said supporting member 10 for limiting the upward movement of the hinge member 15.

Hingedly attached to the U-shaped hinge member 15, as at 16, is the laterally extend ing hook carrying arm 17 and said arm has attached thereto, a pair of flat connecting links 18 adjacent to the inner or hinged end of said carrying arm 17 and the upper ends of said links 18 pivoted in the sides of channel supporting member, adjacent to the upper end thereof. Said links assuming an angular position when the arm 17 is extended. It is also adapted upon folding the carrying arm 17 in a vertical position, to guide the arm 17 centrally into the spring clip 19, which is adapted for retaining the arm 17, in its folded position. The spring clip 19 comprises a strip of spring metal formed into a Ushaped member, and is of such width as to fit into the channel of the supporting member 10, at its extreme upper end and secured thereto by suitable screw or V rivet. The sides 20 of said channel supporting member 10 partially abuts the sides of the spring clip 19 and also tends to prerality of equally vent too great a spreading of the fingers 21 of the spring clip 19.

Riveted 1n the underside of the metal channel section carrying arm 17, are a pluspaced hooks 22 of a proved type, which are spaced one from t 0 other at such a distance,as to provide a suflicient clearance for the usual standard garment hanger or hook 23 when a plurality of such hangers 23 are disposed on the said hooks 22 when the carrying arm 17- is in a foldable or vertical position. In Figure 3, the clearance space for the garment hooks 23 when the arm 17 carrying the hooks 22, is in a vertical or folded position, is illustrated, and from this, it will be readily seen that when a garment hanger or hook 23 is placed on one of the hooks 22, and another one of such garment hooks 23 is placed on the next upper orlower hook 22, that the garment hanger or hooks 23 do not interfere with one another, which A is usually the case in other devices of this horizontal other manners, and the arts associated in diflerent relations, and t desire to be limitedlin any manner, except asset forth in the claim hereunto appended.

What I claim is:

In a device of the class described, comprising a vertical channel member, aretaining bar secured on the inner face of said channel member, a normally arranged channel member," a hinged bracket pivotally connected to the inner end of said horizontal channel member, said hinged bracket adapted for limited slidable movement in the vertical channel member and retained therein by said retaining bar,

a pair of link members hingedly connected adjacent the upper end of said vertical channel member and mid-way the ends of the normally arranged horizontal channel member, a plurality of hooks depending from said horizontal channel member in parallelism, said link members and sliding hinged bracket adapted for effecting the folding of said horizontal member centrally against the mormally vertical. member, 'a spring clip for locking said horizontal member in a folded vertical position against the said vertical member, and said hooks disposed on said horizontal member spaced to erefore, I do not provide clearance for the garment hangers supported thereby when the device is in a folded position.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


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