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Publication numberUS1583161 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 4, 1926
Filing dateJul 20, 1925
Priority dateJul 20, 1925
Publication numberUS 1583161 A, US 1583161A, US-A-1583161, US1583161 A, US1583161A
InventorsMalott George H
Original AssigneeMalott George H
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Collapsible traveler's desk
US 1583161 A
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May 4 1926. 1,583,161

is. H. MALoTT coLLAPsIBLE TRAvELERs DESK Filed July 20, 1925 77'. z LJ y INVENTOR- @60W/Whitt I rroRNEY';


Patented May 4, 19236.

l a i125183516.1y llt-TITELg srafra i v1:' Aralar i' 'GEORGE H. MALOTT, or Los ANGELES,CALIFRNI coLLAPsrBLn raAvELEn'fs DESK.

1 'Application mea :muy 2o, massaal No. 44,8752.

To all whomzz may concer-n: l

Be it known that I, GEORGE H. MALo'rr, a citizenof the United States, and resident of Los Angeles, county of Los Angeles, State of California, have invented new and useful Improvements :in a Collapsible Travelers Desk, of which the following is a specification. v

This invent-ion relates to collapsible furniture, and especially to a knock-down, portable writing table and desk. .l

An object of this invention isto'provide a writing desk and table having detachable legs and a collapsible pigeonhole top for the purpose of permitting the whole to be compactly arranged so as to be fitted 1n a thin carrying case for box of handy srze.

Other objects and advantage will be made manifest in the following specification of an embodiment of the invention here illustrated it being understood that modifications, v-ariations and adaptations may be resorted to within the 'spirit of the invention as 1t here claimed. y

Figure 1 is a perspectiveof the set-up table and desk, its leafed drawer being ex- Figure 2 top back.

Figure 3 is a perspective of the folded pigeonhole top back.

is a perspective of the'detached,

Figure 4 is a perspective of the foldedy pigeonho-le bottom.

Figure 5 is a detail of the leg assembly.

Figure 6 is a section of a leg-post and its removed dowel.

Figure 7 is a. section of the detached leg coupling.

Figure 8 is a perspective of one of the partitions.

The device comprises a table top 2 and its permanent frame which includes corner post stubs 3 and side and back strips 4, and a front drawer rail 5.

On the rail is a slidable drawer 6 having a top leaf 7 which is hinged at 8 to allow of its being opened when the drawer is pulled out to limit. The object and advantages of this is to increase the effective top area of the table and at the same time have a compartment in the desk for various purposes and for packing desk parts in the table drawer.

Each corner post has a ydowel pin socket 10 to receive a long dowel pin 11 which is securable by a thumb-screw 12 when the pin is inserted preparatory tofsettling 1.-

table. Also, eachy leg-post 3 is reduced to for-m a lug. 3a to snuglyfit into an'attachable, squa're ferrule 13 havingl a Vclamp screw 14.' A i i A set of separate legs15 'provided and each has a reduced top end 16 to snugly lit Each leg 15 has a deepV into itsferrule 13. pin hole 17 for its half vof a dowel pin 11, and 1t has a thumb screw 18 fo-r securing the pin when inserted. l l

The ferrule 13 is of a length equal to the total lengths of lugs 3*16 of a leg andy leg post and the set-screw 14 is Idesigned to kclamp onto both and hold them assembled.

A pigeonhole top bottom having structure includes a thin halves 20-20 transverselyy `hinged at 21 vto foldup and pass into drawer 6. ldhenv unfolded the bottom about equals the length of the table top 2 and its upper face has cross-channels 22. Into these channels are adapted to stand-a series of Vertical partitions 25 suitably spaced and each having hinges 26 foldably attaching it to a top or shelf 27, which is centrally divided and hinged at 28.

The Aendmost partitions-25 are grooved at 2 9 in the inner faces, and the central partition is grooved at 30 in both faces, and when the partitions are set upas' in Fig.' 1, then a back having hinged parts 31 is slipped down in the grooves 29-30 at 'the rear ends of the partitions. Intermediate partitions 25a do not extend beyond, but abut against the back 31.

All of the parts are made of light material of suitable dimensionto obtain strength.

It will bev seen that the legs 15 and the ferrules 13 can .be readily detached to dismantle the table, and that the pigeon-hole structure comprises a ,three-unit organization,l namely the foldable bottom 20; the foldable top and partitions 27-25,and the foldable back 31, all of which, when extended are of a length greater than the drawerA 6, and which may be folded separately and a travellers desk, said structure being packable in a drawer of the desk which is of less www 2 y I Y 1,583,161

length than the extended structure; said structure including a two-piece bottom having its sections hinged so as to be extended into alignment, a two-,piece top, a series of transverse partitions for spacing the top from the bottom, Aand a back having tivo hinged sections unfoldable into alignment, said back forming means to secure the bottom and the top in their extended positions.

2. A Collapsible pigeon-hole `structure comprising a bottom havinghinged sections r unfoldable into alignment, a top having hinged sections unfoldable into alignment, a back having hinged sections un'oldable into alignment, and a serles of transverse GEORGE n; imno'rfr.

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U.S. Classification312/198, 312/303, 108/93, 312/258
International ClassificationA47B17/03, A47B17/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47B17/036
European ClassificationA47B17/03C