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Publication numberUS1583245 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 4, 1926
Filing dateFeb 16, 1925
Priority dateFeb 16, 1925
Publication numberUS 1583245 A, US 1583245A, US-A-1583245, US1583245 A, US1583245A
InventorsDaniel W Causey
Original AssigneeDaniel W Causey
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Workbox suitable as a darning last or the like
US 1583245 A
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May 4,1926. 1,583,245

7 D. W. CAUSEY WORKBOX SUITABLE AS A DARNTNG LAST OR THE LIKE Filed Feb. 16, 1925 D. W oawse issues from the right hand opening 3, the

'left hand cutter 4 is used for the severing operation, and vice versa.'-

T0 facilitate manufacturing operations, and also enhance the appearance," and strengthen the edge portions ofthe sections A and B, the same are respectively formed with the beads 5 and 6 which are preferably spacedfarther apart or separated as lndlcated at 5 and 6 to provide a thumb'rest tofacilitate the thread cutting operation.

In the embodiment shown,- the locking means for the sections A and B is designated generally as D and preferably consists of the mating struck-out portions 7 and 8, the said portions 7 constituting interior socketsfor receiving the'ends of 'a hollow'spool holder and needle carrying cylinder designated generally as 9.

The spools of'threador balls of yarn may be placed within the container without being mounted on the member 9, but for greater convenience it is proposed to use the hollow the. said hollow member also constituting amember 9 for supporting the spools or balls asshownin dotted lines'in Figures 2 and 3,

needleholder as will beclear from an inspection of Figure 2. The blank from which the member 9 is made is shown in Figure 5, and isdesignated as 9". It'w'ill be observed that the same includes the offset lugs 10 at the ends thereof and the integral disk 11, whereby when the blank is rolled into cylindrical form the disk will constitute the end of the cylinder and the lugs 10 will project from the endsof the holder thereby to'snap m to the sockets '7, to support the mem' her 9 in the position shown "in Figures 2 "and 3. One end of the member 9 is -pref- .erably left open and projects slightly above the flange 2' sothat 7 the needles 1 may slide out of the hollow member when the f cover section A is raised without the neces "latter having secured therein a ball or spool holding member E which may be a' strip of metal bent into the formation of a double- U, thereby to provide partitions between which the yarn or thread may be held, while at the same time affording convenient means for housingfthe thimble T.

From the foregoing, it will be apparent that the presentinvention carries forward in a'hinged sectional casing construction the idea of a darmng device having opposite sides of contrasting color, the line of demarcation being longitudinal of the device, as

set forth in my copending application, Se 7 rial Number 737,148, filed Sept. 11, 1924i. Thisarrangement has the advantage of proyiding greater bearing surface for the work because the curved surfaces which form the said bearing surface'may be struck on a greater radius than is possible where the line of division of the contrasting colors is transverse to the-longitudinal axis of the device. A device made according to the present construction readily fits into the hose tobe repaired, at the same time affords a'good surface for use in connection with fancy' work.

- \Vithout further description it is thought that the features and advantages of the in-' vention will be readily apparent to those skilled in the art, and it will of course be understood that changes in the form, pro

portion and minor details of construction.

maybe resorted to, without departing from the spirit of the invention and scope of the appended claims.

I claim: Y

a pair of ovoidal sections having telescopi- 1. A device of the class described including callyinterfltting flange portions, hinges for connecting the sections at one edge, and one of the flanges .at the edge opposite the hinge connection being cut away and the'other being provided with-thread outlet and thread cutting means. 1 i V 2. A device of the class described including a body comprising hinged sect-ions having flange portions adapted to register in telescopic relation, and the flange of one sec tion being'cut awayto' expose a portion of the flange of the other section, the exposed portion of said latter flange being provided with a thread outlet opening anda cutter for the thread. 1

3. A device of the class described including a body comprisinghinged sections having overlapping flange portions, the flange portion of one section being cut away to expose a portion of the flange of the other section therebeneath, and the said latter flange being provided with thread outlet and thread cutting means, and means within said body for holding spools of thread or balls of yarn.

4. A device of the class described including a body comprisinghinged sections having overlapping flange portions, the flange portion of one section beingcut away'and the mating portion of the flange ofthe other section being provided with spaced threadoutlet openings and also with thread cutting elements located between the said openings, the said thread cutting elements being adapted to cooperate with the opening farthest remote therefrom.

5. A device of the class described including a body comprising hinged cover and base sections one of which has a thread outlet, tween the flanges and the body, said beads means for holding said sections releasably being spaced apart to provide a thumb rest interlocked, said means providing interior at one side of the body, and one of said secsockets on the base section, and thread or tions being provided With thread outlet and 5 yarn holding means adapted to detachablythread cutting means within the thumb'rest' 1 engage With said sockets. zone defined by the beads.

6. A device of the class described includ In testimony whereof I hereunto afiix my j a ing a body comprising relatively arched signature. 7 i cover and base sections formed With'flan es i I p 1 adapted to overlap, and beads formed I DANIEL W. CAUSEY.

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U.S. Classification223/107, 223/100
International ClassificationD04B17/00
Cooperative ClassificationD04B17/00
European ClassificationD04B17/00