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Publication numberUS1583334 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 4, 1926
Filing dateNov 7, 1924
Priority dateNov 7, 1924
Publication numberUS 1583334 A, US 1583334A, US-A-1583334, US1583334 A, US1583334A
InventorsBloom Mary
Original AssigneeBloom Mary
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Bed covering
US 1583334 A
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' M. BLOOM BED COVERING fined km. 32, 1924 v amulet Bloom,

6R0: nu

. To all who-mitt may concern:

Patented May 4, 192 6. I ,UNITED- STATES- 1,583,334 PA EN .Z' QFFIQEJ MARY BLOOM, or sonar CHICAGO, rmrirors. 1.


i Applicationiiiled iiovember 7, 19 24. Serial Iil'o. 748,496)

Be it known that I, MARY BLooiiha citizen of the United States of A1ne'rica,-.-residing at South Chicago, county of Cook, State of Illinois, have. invented cei'tain'new and,

useful Improvements in Bed Coverings; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, concise, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which make and use the same.' v a I I This invention relates'to improvements in bed coverings, having for an object to pro vide a novel form of sanitary comfortjpossessing considerable warmth and being so constructed as to permit of convenient opening thereof and removal of the different parts of the same for airing and sunning, whereupon said parts may be reassembled and secured and the comfort again used.

It is likewise an object of the invention to provide a bed covering of the character mentioned which will be exceedingly light in weight, and yet possess a maximum amount of warmth, the. comfort being unusually soft and flexible, thereby rendering the same comfortable andconvenient when in use. I

7 Other objects of the invention willv be in part obvious, and in part pointed out here'- inafter.

In order that the invention and its mode of use may be readily understood by'persons skilled in the art, I have in the accompanying illustrative drawings, and in i the detailed following description based there- .upon, set out one embodiment of thesame.

In these drawings Figure 1 is a perspective view of the improved comfort having a portion thereof broken away and shown in section; and,

Figure 2 is a fragmentary vertical longitudinal section through the comfort taken on the line 22 of Figure 1 looking in the direction in which the arrows point.

Having more particular reference, to the drawings, in connection with which like characters of reference will designate corresponding parts throughout, the improved comfort may be stated to comprise a casing formed of any suitable fabric indicated in i its entirety by. the numeral 1, said casing consisting preferably of several pieces of fabric having their adjacent edges interconnected by stitching 2 passing through the same, while separable snap fastening de vices or similar fasteners indicated by the appertains to p retain the numeral 3 are arranged upon one end of the casing and obviously permitfaccess to 'b had to, the interior thereof, the purpose I ofw'hich will be subsequently apparent, 'It

A down containing or carrying casing 5' is also-provided the comfort, being of the same, general configuration or shape of the same, but of a size such as will pe'rmitoflits I arrangement within the main casing 1 in the manner as ind cated in the Figure 2'; the

down 6 within this casing 5 being spread.

evenly and uniformly throughout thev same to a corresponding thicknessifor depth j,

throughout and being adapted tobe secured in such distributed condition bystitching 7 passing through the same andthrough the adjacent portions of said casing 5. Inthis connection,- it is to; be understood that the stitching? be varied in its design or arrangement with respect to the downcarrying casing 5' in so long as the same serves to down '6 evenly distributed throughout thesame.

With arrangement of the down casing 5 in the main casing 1 of the comfort, I arrange a covering of pure wool 8 over and about the same. That is, this wool covering completely envelops the down carrying casing 5 as is clearly shown in the Figure 2;

the free ends thereof being disposed ad'- acent one end of the comfort casing or main casing 1 and being arranged adjacent each other. To prevent spreading or pulling of the wool within the cover 8, rows ofstitching 9 are preferably passed through the same and transversely of it, as is shown in the Figure 1, thus ensuringthe-even and uniform arrangement of the wool throughout the area of the covering 8. V

l/Vith arrangement of the down carrying casing 5 and the wool covering 8in the main casing 1, as shown in the figures of the drawings accompanying this specification, the passage of the same having been eflected through the open end of the comfort casing '1 carrying the separable snap fasteners 3,

such snap fasteners are then interengaged as is shown in the Figure 2, thus closing 7,

said end of the comfort casing and retaining the various parts thereof in their relative and assembled positions.

lVhen it is desiredto air or sun the comfort for purposes of sanitation, it is only necessary to disengage the separable fas teners 3 and to remove the wool covering 8 and the down carrying casing 5 whereupon the same may be individually arranged. and sunneldror' aired as may be desired. Following this process, the different parts may be then reassembled within the main casing 1 as has been heretofore described, whereupon the comfort may be again used.

Because of the very light weight- Of a comfort constructed in accordance with my invention, it will'be understood that the same will be found to be extremely beneficial for use by in'vali ds'who desire a. maximum amount of warmth in their covering but with a minimum amount of weight or stress applied to their bodies. Because of the I flexibility of the comfort throughout its area,

it will be also understood thatthe same will readily flex, and in consequence, will adapt itself to the body of a user, thus'lending to the warmth afforded thereby.

The device, if desired, may be used as a covering for mattresses; the soft construce tion of the same "throughout provrdmg an efficient and deslrable form of pad in such l cases.

It is to be also understood that while I have" herein described with some degree of particularity, my invention as being adapted to a comfort that the same may be successfully usedin the constructing of pillows, an outer casing corresponding to the comfort casing 1 being employed as the main pillow casing, while down carrying casings and wool coverings are arranged within the same in the same manner as is shown in the Figure 2. I

Manifestly, the construction shown is capable of considerable modification, and such modificationas'is within the scope of my claims, I consider within the spirit of my invent-ion.

I claim I A bed covering comprising an outer casing substantially rectangular in configuration and having one of the shorter ends thereof open, separable fastening devices engageable with the adjacent portions of said open end of the casing for closing the same,

at times, a quilted inner member received within sa1d casing being of a configuration generally correspondingto that of the cas ing, but of a size to permit the arrangement of its marginal portions 1n spaced relation to the adjacent portions of the casing, and

a single sheet of warmth giving material folded transversely and intermediately of its ends upon itself and engaged over the opposite sides of the quilted member and one end thereof, the opposite and free ends of said sheet of warmth giving'material covering the opposite "end of the quilted member and being arranged in abutting engage-ment, whereby to fullycover the ends of the quilted member and to maintain the same in spaced relation with respect tothe opposite ends of the casing.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand. I 7, MRS. MARY BLOOLI.

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