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Publication numberUS1583606 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 4, 1926
Filing dateSep 5, 1923
Priority dateSep 5, 1923
Publication numberUS 1583606 A, US 1583606A, US-A-1583606, US1583606 A, US1583606A
InventorsRoussel William Herbert
Original AssigneeRoussel William Herbert
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Palm grip
US 1583606 A
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583,606 w. H. RoussEL y PALM GRIP Filed Sept. 5, 1923 jef..

v INVENTOR Wmzmzil Roasszz.

BY j y ATTORNE v5 Patented May 4, 1926.'.

Yvvirritiert! nuninrfvr'retrssnr., or ser; FmeNerseo, centreren-1A.'

v :entre emr?.

l i #senaat-meile@- seieeaer 5,; saai estre..

To @ZZ voziomz't may concern.; AIL

Be it known that I, WILLIAM H. Roussin, a @tisana the United, States; and; AI'QSl* den? ,et Eran-@isser inthe. eeuatv; ef; Saa have in,V

Franeisec and State oCaliiQr vented a een' and aepeevedaha Glan; .Ot

Vwhichthe folletti-ing,@fulda'Gllandex p .y

w r A siblefeinbodimentofthe-invention,and slaatA actdescrifption.l L

@The prima elejwtof the rr iste proi'zide,

by handlers and rartelarlv litters,- rif-[Sadie or simile-15T @attirare et' .cof'eeirf other material-.f LinasmuchA asfthe initier.

erably by Vestablishing the latter as beards! or similar integrarltoietens frente metal plate or other suitable member, and in turn to provide this plate or equivalent and adjustably securable to the hand, the new article vof the present invention may conveniently be called a grab-glove. V p

The flexible means just referred to may be shawl-like, that is, to rbe Wrapped around the portion of the hand beyond the knuckle joints of the iingers and vthus adjustably secured by a gauntlet strap or the like, or may be permanently sleeve-like in character; but preferably designed in such a. Way, When limited to aV sheathing of the hand beyond the'iinger roots, that the Weight of the packages or sacksis taken up by the Wrist. The glove is preferably allow vthe free use of the latter; but, on the other hand, the glove is preferably so designed, as by providing, in addition to the main part of the glove7 Which may be termed the palm-sleeve, a lesser Vsleeve for the Whole or part of the'thumb; thus to furnish a means for preventing shifting of lthe 'glove around the hand. I

Thus the present invention provides a grab-glove, Whether covering only part or parts of the hand: or the Whole thereof, which glovehas 'securelyvmounted on the portion thereof tov cverlie the palm aplurality of grabbing or biting teeth or prongs, directly or indirectly mounted on such p0rtion of the glove, Vpreferably as integral portions, as aioresaid,of a plate mounted by the glove. This plate, conveniently of `steel or brass, 1s preferably riveted to the glove.

as vv/liztt is; tlfieurgh-t to heal. new artwle:Ottima-meedere;a dem@ to be* were @a the 11a-,fedi someuhatleteeleve` ou' a flexible rmeans vfor mounting Without fingers, so as to y invention will` be bestY understood',

consideration of the' te .Online de@ i tailed desferiptionA when taken connection' Wit-151 the @Geeraerts @ravira part, et this l siveceaton'rwth? the understanding, however, thatsluch drawing; illus;

trateainerely byfivayvof errairiple, one; posinsa but may .be changed nrotl'fediso.,

long as such changesand; modifications y no materialdepartnijfe from' tv alientiriea hir-s Ojf the eventim @12S expressed?mattie appended dalla, Y

YIrnlsaid drawing, A. n e Eigl shows a grab-glove'. ofthe present,-

invetiton as. applied, te a hard leflllilg; F91:

welthepalieOfthehands. ie- 2 is atransvefse sativa lila-.feest the glove, taken on the line'EZ-Q'ot Fig. 1 ;4H

Fig. 3 shows the glove as' viewed infFig.

`1 but removed lfrom the hand and opened out; andy Figa l is an'` enlargedifragmentary detail, taken on the line 411 of Fig. 3. As Will be noted, the glove. illustrated is of the aforesaid shawl Vtype and com#v prises a main strap-like sheet-5, of leather, canvas or other suitable,material, carefully patterned and-cut to aiord mounting, as by the Weltingor .seaming indicated atv 6, a truncated thumb stall or thumb sleeve 7 also of leather, canvas or the like;

In the presentA case, the `Vgrab-proper 'presents a plurality of spaced rows of spaced teeth or prongs 8. Thesejgrab-teeth are beards, thatl is, portions of the metal of a fairly thin Aplate 9 Apunched or chiselled up out of the face of the plate to be exposed. All .the teeth or prongs 8 of vcourse extend similarly and so that eachl is slightly inclined to the plane of the plate and toward the Wrist when the entire device ismounted on the hand. Pla-te 9 is rigidly secured to the glove at suitable points,l as by means of rivets l0.

lil() The embodiment of the invention illuscured to the fre-e end of strap 11. The opposite end portion 5b of sheet 5 carries an eye-loop 16, .as by means of a short strapvloop 17 stitched to sheet 5 as at 18. When the new device is Worn on the hand, of course, the thumb is passed through sleeve 7, and sheet 5 is Wrapped around the hand so that, With sheet-portion 5L overlapping sheet-portion 5b as shown in Fig. 2, the strap 11 may be drawn under through eye-loop 16,'then reversely folded to .align the glovefastener elements 14 and 15, and then such elements are snapped together to set the sheet 5 securely to corset the hand and dispose plate 9 as shown in Fig. 1. v v

In operation, the new grab-glove as Worn by a person handling .and lifting sacks and lpackages (and he may Wear such a glove on one or both hands), presents numerous teeth or prongs so inclined that the points thereof securely engagethe fibres of the material of Which the sacks or packages are made, and permit Vsuch a sack or package, especially When filled With grain, coffee or a similar mass of small particles, to be handled, as dragged or lifted, with absolute assurance that slippage of the sack or pack- .age Will never occur. During such handling of thesacks or the like, the fingers are free for use in facilitating the Work, for repositioning the teeth or prongs When required, and for easily releasing the grabglove or gloves and the hand or hands thereby sheathed. The hands arel thus easily rel-eased, When the teeth are not long enough to enter deeply the sack or package material. And there is no danger of tearing or `otherwise injuring such material, as the teeth take numerous holds. f

I claim:

A device of the character described, comprising a strap-like member having a truncated thumb sleeve and of a length vto eX- tend around the hand With its inner longitudinal edge overlying the Wrist and its ends overlapping on-e another, means for securing the ends in overlapping relation, and a plate secured to the .strap-like member inn termediate of its ends and adjacent to the inner longitudinal edge of the member so as to partly overlie the Wrist, said `plate being provided With shortprongs or teeth punched out of the plate and distributed over its Whole surface, the prongs or teeth being inclined to the plane of the `plate and in direction of the inner edge of the said member.


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Cooperative ClassificationB65G7/12
European ClassificationB65G7/12