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Publication numberUS1583971 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 11, 1926
Filing dateJun 7, 1924
Priority dateJun 7, 1924
Publication numberUS 1583971 A, US 1583971A, US-A-1583971, US1583971 A, US1583971A
InventorsHammond William F, Lincoln Barber Margaret
Original AssigneeHammond William F, Lincoln Barber Margaret
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Wardrobe apparatus
US 1583971 A
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May 11 1926.


Patented May 11, 1926.



WARDROBE. A E'PABAT SQ Application and June '7, 1924-. serial ma es,

Our invention relates to improvements in ward-robe apparatus.

On of the objects of our invention is to provide novel means for raising a wardrobe to and supporting it in a elevated position, whereby the space below it may be utilized for passage or storage purposes.

A further object of our invention is to provide a hoisting apparatus with means for releasable attachment to a portable wardrobe, whereby the latter may 'be iifted to and held in an elevated position, or detached from .the hoisting apparatus and moved to a place where it will be convenient for accessthereto. v

The novel features of our invention are hereinafter fully described and claimed.

In the accompanying -.drawing, which illustrates the preferred enil-iodi-ment of our invention,

Fig. 1 is a front elevation, partly broken away, of our improved apparatus shown mounted in a closet.

Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the same.

Fig. 3 is a horizontal section on the line s a 0-1? Fig. 1.

Fig. i is an enlarged section on the line 4 i of Fig. 1.

Fig. 5 is a side elevation, partly broken away, of the wardrobe and supporting member shown detached from each other.

Similar reference characters designate similar parts in the different views.

1. designates a wardrobe of any suitable type, preferably portable and provided at its lower end with casters 2 and which is adapted for being releasably attached to and suspended in an elevated position by a suitable suporting member, which may be a box 3 adapted to hold articles, and which may have a front opening normally closed by two doors 4.

For guiding and supporting the box 3, there are provided two frames, one of which has a vertical bar 5, the lower end of which has secured to it a fitting mounted on the front end of a horizontal pipe 7, the rear end of which is mounted in a fitting 8 secured to the wall 9 of a closet 10. The upper end of the bar 5 is fastened to a fitting 11 which has attached to it a pipe 12 mounted in a fitting 13, secured to the ceiling of the closet 10. The, adjacent end ofthe box at has two eyes 14, slidably mounted on the bar 5.

At the opposite end of the box .3 is a, frame h v ng a vert ba 5,e ."vv h ih are stidably mounted eyes 16, with which he adj n end of the bo 3 s P ovid The lo r e d of the bar 1-5 s m mmi ed n a fitting 17 which is fastened to the front end of a pipe 18, e ear nd at which is fas ed to fit ng 1 se u e to the W ll 19- he uppe end o th her 5 mo n d 1 fi in 2 wh ch as attach d to t .1- P pe 21 mounted in a fitting'2 2, which is secured to the ceiling '9. A i

For lifting the box 3 and for holding it in an e d Po tion, S ow clo ed lines in Fig. 1, it has secured to its upper side ye we t whi h ar e ts tively attached "two cabjles 2st, which are respectively attached to and adapted to be wound upon two drums which are mounted on and rotatable with a horizontal shaft 26, which is rotatably mounted in the fittings l1 and 20.

For turning the shaft 26 in one direction, to wind the cables 24, on the drums 25, fon lifting the box 3, the shaft 26 has mounted on and rotatable with it a drum 27 which has attached to and adapted to be wound upon it a cable 28, which. is attached to and adapted to be wound on a drum 29, which is rotatable on a stud 30, secured to the fitting 17. The drum 29 has a crank 31 by means of which the drum may be turned to wind thereon the cable 28, when the drum 29 is turned in a clockwise direction, as viewed in Fig. 2.

When the drum 29 is turned clockwise, as viewed in Fig. 2, it will turn the drum 2-7 and shaft 26 so as to; wind the cables 24- on the drums 25, thereby lifting the box 3. In order that the wardrobe 1 may be attached to and lifted by the box 3, the latter is provided at its lower portion with two forwardly extending hooks 32, which are adapted to enter corresponding horizontal recesses 33, in the rear side of the wardrobe 1, adjacent to the upper end of the latter. The wardrobe 1 at its upper end portion is provided with two rearwardly extending hooks 34, adapted to respectively enter two forwardly facing recesses 35, which are provided in the forward side of the box 3 adjacent to the lower side thereof.

To attach the wardrobe 1 to the box 3, the wardrobe is rolled under the box 3, and the hooks 32 and 341 are respectively inserted in the recesses 33 and 35. When the boX 3 is lifted, as described, the wardrobe 1 Will be raised and held suspended thereby, thus affording space below the wardrobe for passage or storage of articles, thereby economizing room in the closet.

To hold the box 3 in the elevated position, the drum 29 is provided at one end with a circular row of peripheral ratchet teeth 36, Figs. 1 and 3, with which engages a gravity actuated pawl 37, which is pivoted on a vertical plate 38, which is rigidly attached to the fitting 17 When it is desired to lower the wardrobe 1, the pawl 37 is disengaged from the ratchet teeth 36, following which the crank 31 is turned counter-clockwise, as viewed in Fig. 2, upon which the box 3 and wardrobe 1 will ,lower by gravity until the casters 2 rest on the floor. The wardrobe 1 may then be detached from the box 3, and moved to any desired position.

We do not limit our invention to the structure, shown and described, as many modifications, within the scope of the appended claims, may be made without departing from the spirit of our invention- What we claim is 1. In a wardrobe apparatus, a portable wardrobe having a hook and a recess, a vertically movable supporting member having a hook entering said recess and having a recess receiving the hook of the wardrobe, whereby the wardrobe may be releasably attached to and suspended from the supporting member, and means for raising said supporting member to and for holding it in an elevated position.

2. In a wardrobe apparatus, a portable wardrobe,. a supporting member having means releasably attached to said wardrobe suspending the latter, guiding means on which said member, is vertically movableand means for raising said supporting member and for holding it in an elevated position.

3. In a wardrobe apparatus, a portable wardrobe, a frame having. vertical guiding means, a supporting member vertically movable on said guiding means having means releasably attached to and suspending said wardrobe, and means supported by said frame for raising said supporting member to and holding it in an elevated position.

In testimony whereof we have signed our names to this specification.


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