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Publication numberUS1584476 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 11, 1926
Filing dateOct 12, 1925
Priority dateOct 12, 1925
Publication numberUS 1584476 A, US 1584476A, US-A-1584476, US1584476 A, US1584476A
InventorsSchalow Frank J
Original AssigneeSchalow Frank J
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Garter wear
US 1584476 A
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WNW nillllmmu.




Application filed October 12', 1925. Serial Ito. 6 1,893.

This invention relates to garter wear ant particularly apparel of this class designed for use by women and comprising a combination garter and anltlet, joined by one or more strap members and which are mounted upon or extend around the leg of the wearer; and the object of the invention is to provide apparel of the class specified, which is ornamental in use and in addition to the ornamental "features is designed to give predetermined shape and contour to the legs the wearer and further to offset irregularities by the arrangement ot a strap member or strap members thereon; and still further, to the bracing oil the leg; and with these and other objects in view, the invention consists in a device of theclass and for the purpose specified which is simple in construction, etlicient in use and which is constructed as hereinafter described and clain'ied.

The invention is ii ully disclosed in the following specification, oi which the accomv pa-nying drawing terms a part, in which the separate parts of my improvement are designated by suitable reference characters in each oi. the views, and in which Fig. 1 is a perspective view of one form of my improved defice detached.

Fig. 2 is a d tail view of one part ot the device shown in Fig. 1 in extended position.

Fig. 9 a plan view of two different lengths of strap members which I may em- P y- Fig. 4i a detail plan view of lied form of strap member.

llig. 5 is a perspective view of a modilied term of garter or anklet which. 1 cmploy.

Fig. 5 is a detail View of a modified form of strap member; and,

Figs. 6 to 10 inclusive are diagrammatic views, illustrating several methods of using the device on the body of the wearer.

In Fig. 1 of the drawing, 1 have shown one form of my improved garter apparel, which comprises a garter prop-er i1, and anhlet 12, both of which parts are in the form of elastic straps or bands, one oi? which, the band 11, is shown. in 2 of the drawing and is provided at its end portions with male and female fastening devices 13 and i l for coupling the end portions together to term a garter and anltlet,

a modiand each of these devices is provided on its inner face with a plurality of spaced at taching devices 15, three oi which are preterably employed to permit of the attachment of bands or strap memberslo there with, and two ot these bands orstrap membersa-re shown in Fig. 1 of the drawing,

The bands or strap members 16 may also be composed of elastic material and are provided at their end portions with attaching devices 17 for engagement with the attaching devices on the garter and anklet 11 and 12. in Fig. 3 of the drawing, one of the strap members 16 is shown, and atlfi l have shown a longer strap member which is user in winding or spiraling the same around the leg of the wearer as later described. In F 1- ot the drawing I have shown a modified form 01' strap member 18 in which one end portion of the strap memher is provided with. diverging branches 19 tor attachment with two of the attaching devices 15, either on the garter '11 or anklet 12 and the ends of the branches 19 are pro vided with attaching devices .20, and the other end of the strap member provided with another attaching device 21.

in Fig. of the drawing, 1 have shown a modified term of garter or anklet wherein. a band 22 01 non-elastic material is employed and is adjusted to suit the leg of the wearer by means of a buckleZZZr, the strap member 22 being also provided with attaching devices 2 1 similar to the devices 15. It will be -.unde-rstood that the garter 11 is of greater circumferential dimensions than the anklet 12 and the strap member 22 may be made in diiierent sizes to compensate tor the use thereof as a garter or anklet, and with the form of construction shown in Fig. 5, I employ non-elastic strap members or hands 25 having an adjustment buckle 26 foradjusting the length of the bane 25 which is provided at its ends with attaching devices 27 tor engagement with the devices 15 or 2 1:. It willbe understood. that the strap member or band 25 may be used in connection with the elastic garter 11 and anklet 12 if desired, it being also apparent that any kind of material may be employed, for example, leather, cotton, silk, in elas may also be employed if desired.

There are many ways of using my improved garter wear or apparel to give ornac or ribbon form or elastic leather mental effects and to make physical corrections upon the body of the wearer, and in Figs. 6 to 10 inclusive I have illustrated a few ways of using the device. In Fig. 6, the strap members 16 are used in cross relation at the front of the leg of the wearer, the same effect being accomplished by crossing the strap members 16 at the back of the leg as will be apparent. In Fig. 7 of the drawing, I have shown one of the short strap members 16 extending diagonallyvacross the front of the leg and from the garter to the anklet. It will be understood that this single strap member may extend across the back of the leg if desired, and the direction may be varied; for example, in the showing'in Fig. 7 the strap member extends from the lower right side to the upper left side while the same might extend from the lower left side to the upper right side.

In Fig. 8, I have shown the longer strap member 16 spiralled around the leg of the wearer and attached to the garter 11 and anklet 12, it being apparent that the spiral may be arranged in two different directions. In Fig. 9 of the drawing, I have shown two of the strap members 16 joined to the anklet 12 centrally of the rear portion thereof and extending upwardly in diverging relation and attached to the garter 11 atthe oppositefront sides thereof. This same effect may be produced by attaching the ends of both strap members 16 either at the back or front of the fanklet 12, or at the back and front of the garter 11, in which latter use, the strap members will diverge downwardly. instead of upwardly. t

In Fig. 10 of the drawing, I have shown the Y-shaped strap member 18 coupled with the garter 11 and anklet 12 at the front of the leg, it being understood that thisstrap may be also mounted upon the back of the,

leg, and the diverging ends 19 thereof may be attached, in either use, to the garter 11 or anklet 12,

It will be apparent that many other uses of the strap members 16, 16 18 and 25 may be made to bring about different artistic or scientific results, and from the scientific phase of the invention, the said strap members serve to brace the leg and to correct physical or body defects or irregularities by the proper arrangement of. the strap members. For example, the strap members may be applied to the leg in such manner as to raise the muscular structure of the calf, especially of-a thin leg, to give better shape or contour thereto, with structures or arrangement of strap members such as shown in Figs. 6, 9 and 10. Further, said strap members may be arranged upon the leg to give a stout leg the appearance of a slim leg or to reduce the muscular structureof a stout leg by the arrangement of the strap members thereon. It will also be apparent I that leg irregularities, such as bowed-legs or knock-knees may be visually corrected by the arrangement of a single strap mem' ber across the front of the leg or both legs of a wearer, the diagonal arrangement of the strap member serving to give the proper appearance to legs which might be bowed or knock-kneed, Of course, this is purely an optical illusion, but is nevertheless effective, as I have found from practical use of the device.

It will be understood that my entire de vice may be composed of rubber or rubberbers and garters as well as anklets, and in addition to the scientific and ornamental features of the device as described, it will be apparent that other articles of ornamentation may be combined with the entire device. It will also be apparent that I am I101;

necessarily limited to the connection of the.

garter and ankle't by strap members such as shown and described, and variousother changes in and modifications of the vconstruction herein shown and described may be made within the scope of the appended claims without departing from the spirit of my invention or sacrificing its advantages.

Having fully described my invention,

what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters-Patent, is

1. An article of apparel of the class described comprising two annular bands adapted to be mounted upon the leg of the wearer in spaced relation, a strap member joining said bands and said strap member being detachably and adjustably coupled with the separate bands circumferentially with respect to predetermined points on said bands.

2. An article of apparel of the class described adapted to be mounted upon the leg of a wearer and comprising a garter, an anklet mounted upon the leg of the wearer in spaced relation, means for joining said garter and anklet, and said means being detachably and adjust-ably coupled with the garter and anklet circumferentially with respect to predetermined points thereon and extending over the leg invpredetermined ar-. rangements to provide bracing and ornamental effects.

8. An article of apparel of the class described comprising an eleastic garter, an elastic anklet and elastic strap members,

said garter and anklet being adapted to be mounted upon the leg of the wearer in spaced relation, and the ends of said strap members being detechably and adjustably coupled with the garter and anklet circumferentielly with respect to predetermined points thereon, and being arranged about the leg of the wearer to produce ornamental efiects.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing 10 as my invention 1 have signed my name this 7th day of Oct. 1925.


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