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Publication numberUS1584519 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 11, 1926
Filing dateJun 30, 1925
Priority dateJun 30, 1925
Publication numberUS 1584519 A, US 1584519A, US-A-1584519, US1584519 A, US1584519A
InventorsDritz Arthur M
Original AssigneeDritz Arthur M
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Support for work-magnifying lenses
US 1584519 A
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May 11 1926. 1,584,519



Application led June 30, 1925. Serial No. l0,600.

This invention relates to supports and re- :ters more particularly to a device tor supporting a work-magnifying lens from the hand oi an operator in a convenient position to observe the Work through the magnifying lens.

In Stringing small beads, working line embroidery, knitting, or accomplishing other similar tasks upon line objects where the use of a magnifying lens is necessitated but the operator requires the use of both hands and tree unhampered movement or' the iingers in carrying out'the work, no convenient means has heretotore heen devised tor properly supporting the lens with relation to the work and the workmans eyes and hands. lt is, therefore, the principal ohject oi the present invention to provide a support for a work-magnifying lens which will conveniently dispose the saidV lens in juxtaposition to the work and the workmans eyes and hands.

The invention further comprehends a support for a work-magnifying lens, which is readily adjustable in various planes and which is attachable to the hand, Wrist, arm, or other part or the workman.

The invention furthermore contemplates a device of the character described which is extremely simple in its construction and mode of use, inexpensive in its manulacture, and highly efficient in its purpose.

Figure 1 is a perspective view illustrating a support constructed in accordance with the invention and the manner of its use; v

Fig. 2 is a side View thereof partly in section.

Referring to the drawings by characters or" reference, 10 designates a lens mounted in a supporting rim 11 and having swiveled connection, as at 12, with the angularly disposed extremity 13 of an arm or rod 14, which is mounted within a tubular element or sleeve 15 for telescopic and rotary movement. A set screw 16 is threaded through the boss portion 17 adjacent the upper end of the tubular member or sleeve 15 for the purpose of engaging and retaining the arm or rod 111 against relative turning or telescopic movement with respect to the tubular member or sleeve 15. The lower end ot the sleeve or tubular member 15 has attached thereto an embracing loop 18 which may be in the nature of a split element as shown, an elastic band, or a strap having a buckle or other means :t'or adjusting the size of the aine. Fre-ferably the embracing loop 18 is designed to engage around the center 01"' the hand with the tubular element or sleeve 15 extending upwardly therefrom and from the back or the hand so as not to interfere with the use oi the hand in accomplishing the work. VJ hen thus arranged on the hand, wrist, arm, or other part of the workmans hody, the lens is adj Listed due to its swiveled connection and due to the adjustability of the rod 14 with respect to the element 15. When adjusted to the proper position, it is obvious that the observer may view t-he magnified work through the lens to accomplish the same. The invention will be found particularly useful toy the dental workers in the handling of dental objects; to doctors for the removal of foreign objects rom the eye; the closer inspection and examination or' objects; to the jeweler in the setting or handling of stones, rings, watches, etc.; to the machinist in the handling and adjusting of delicate mechanisms; to the crocheter, knitter and houseworlrer, and to lthe emhroiderer, bead worker, and the like.

W hat is claimed is:

In a support for work-magnifying lenses, a lens frame, a stem 'having swiveled connection to said tra-me, an angular terminal on said stem, a tubular shank in which said stem terminal is rotatably and telescopically adjustable, means for retaining said elements against relative movement, and an attaching loop carried by the free end of the tubular shank for embracing the middle of the hand with the tubular shank disposed at the center of the back of the hand, whereby the device is supported from the hand without interfering with the free use thereof in accomplishing the work.


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U.S. Classification359/815
International ClassificationG02B25/00
Cooperative ClassificationG02B25/005
European ClassificationG02B25/00B2