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Publication numberUS1584607 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 11, 1926
Filing dateSep 13, 1923
Priority dateSep 13, 1923
Publication numberUS 1584607 A, US 1584607A, US-A-1584607, US1584607 A, US1584607A
InventorsBurr Harry M
Original AssigneeBurr Harry M
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Drinking cup and other receptacles
US 1584607 A
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May 11 1926.





Application filed September My invention relates to that class of receptacles that are commonly made from pa per, cloth, or other more or less flexible mamoisture,

terials and which materials are, .in their natural state, susceptible more or less to or that may be readily penetrated by matter in different forms, and an object of my invention, among others, is the production of a receptacle or receptacles that may be made from paper, cloth, or other more or less flexible materials, which receptacle orreceptacles may be rendered water-proof'and free from the action of, heat, I and which receptacles shall also be practically free from the penetration of mat---' ter of various forms, as,-for instance, discase germs.

1 accompanying drawings, in, which terial that Figure 1 is a view in side elevation of a drinking cup embodying my invention.

Figure 2 is a view,vscale'enlarged, in section through a fragment of the cup, the divmensions as to thickness being greatly exaggerated in order to clearly bring out the invention.

For the purpose of promotin sanitary conditions, it is customar at t e present time to provide drinking p aces with drinking cups ofinexpensive construction, such which cups. may be discarded immediately after use, and while myinvention is not-lim- V ited in use to a drlnking cup,

as it is readily adapted for use in such a structure,'l' have selectedsuch for the purpose of illustration and description ofmy invention herein..

In the manufacture of drinking cups of the kind and. for the purpose above set out, as well as in the construction ofvarious sorts of receptacles and of other devlces, to render:

them sanitary such cups, receptacles and other devices are coated or lined with a mas causesthem to be substantially impervious tomoisture, disease germs and the like, but such coatingmaterial heretofore resisting to sue employedhasnotbeen of anature to withstand heat to any substantial degree.

j By the useof my-present'invention I have provided means'whereby various articles, as

cups of the p'apxer variety are rendered heat extent that heat existing in especially drinking 13, 1923. Serial No 662,368.

liquids will not injure such receptacles, and,

further, receptacles lined or coated with my improved coating will be substantiallyimpervious to moisture,'disease germs and the like. l. I

In applying my invention a cup 3, or other receptacle or device formed from paper or other flexible material, is treated with one or more coats of my improved coating to be hereinafter described and that possesses requisites as to pliability and flexibility such as not to impair the ordinary use or uses of the'devices to which it is applied. This material is also free from absorption or giving off of odors. Such material comprises pyroxyline, or any soluble cellulose material having similar properties, that shall preferably be free from acid, and that is dissolved vby the use of a suitable solvent, and that may or may not be mixed with castor, oil, that shall also preferably be free from acid. In preparing these ingredients the pyroxyline or cellulose ester is dissolved with high grade wood alcohol or any other solvent, preferably that will leave no odor, and when castor oil is included --it will be in a quantity to produce a material having the, desired qualities when mixed with aproper-quantity of the pyroxyline;

- In practicing my invention I have found the fo lowing proportions of the pyroxyline,

alcohol andcastor oil, when the latter .is used, to answ er satisfactoryrequirements: cups being commonly composed of paper and To one part of thezpyroxyline or dry soluhis cotton, I add five parts of a solvent, as

wood alcohol or its equivalent, which are thoroughly mixed, and to thislladd one part of castor oil, when the latter is included,

that is, in a mixture I have found to be satisfactory ll take one hundred pounds of the dry soluble cotton (pyroxyline), five hundred pounds of, wood alcohol orother solvent, towhich may be added, if desired, one

hundred pounds of castor oil. p In application the cup or, other receptacle is treated with the solution to a thickness ter t e last coat composed of the ingredient or ingredients above described has been applied it then apply a finish coat 5- to three coats of the mixture will answer all purposes. This provides a coating 4 that 'ma be a plied in any desired manner.

\ being for the purpose of securing a smooth surface on the object that shall be sufliciently hard to avoid the collection of foreign mat ter and that shall successively resist heat which may be contained in liquids.

In accordance with the provisions of the patent statutes I have described the principles of operation of my invention, together with the process which I now consider to represent the best embodiment thereof; but

I desire to have it understood that the process described is only illustrative and that the invention may be carried out by other means.

I claim- A drinking cup composed of paper completely covered with a coating composed of a mixture of pyroxylin dissolved in a suitable solvent and Castor oil, and an outer coating composed of pure pyroxylin.


U.S. Classification220/1.5, 493/149, 229/5.83, 493/272, 428/34.2
International ClassificationB65D3/00, B65D3/22
Cooperative ClassificationB65D3/22
European ClassificationB65D3/22