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Publication numberUS15846 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 7, 1856
Publication numberUS 15846 A, US 15846A, US-A-15846, US15846 A, US15846A
InventorsL. M. Ferry
Original AssigneeJames T
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US 15846 A
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HOSE-COUPLING Specification forming' part of Letters Patent N o. 15,846, dated October 7, 1856; eissued Maf;i 21, 1861, No. 1,186.

To all 'whom t may concern Be it known that I, L. M. FERRY, of Chicopee, in the county of Hampden and State of Massachusetts, have invented a new and Improved Hose-Coupling; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, and the letters of reference marked thereon, of which- Figure l, represents Va side view of my improved coupling. Fig. 2, a longitudinal section. Figs. 3, 4t, 5, 6, represent end views of the same.

In the saddrawings, A, shows a hollow cylinder, with an eXternal flanch, a, one side of one end, am, being made in the form of a hook, and having upon the same side of the opposite end a', a projection or staple, c, with a hole, d', for receiving the key, CZ, made through it, the said hollow cylinder, A, being connected with the hollow cylinder, B, by means of the flanch, b, on the hollow cylinder B, and the flanch, a, and staple, c, on the hollow cylinder, A, and held firmly in its place by the key, CZ, being driven through the hole, cl, in the staple, c, and pressing the flanch, b, firmly upon t-he packing, l, (made of leather or any other suitable material,) inserted in a groove made in the flanch, a, thereby making the joint water tight between the flanches, c, and, b,

.of the two parts A and B of the coupling.

The flanch, a, on the end, am, has a semicircular (or any otherformed) projection, h, made inside of the hook, and the inside face, g, of the hook, made beveling or inclin ing fromthe inside of the lip of the hook, toward the `face of the flanch, a.

The staple, c, is made inclining outward, so as to allow the flanch, of the part, B, to pass inside, which flanch, b, on the end, b', has a recess or notch, cc, of sufficient size to pass over the staple, c, the said recess or notch, cc, having its end, o, beveled, or inclned inward from near the face, la, of the flanch, b, to facilitate the passage of the flanch, b, over the staple c.

The flanch, b, on the end, b', has one face, c, beveled or inclined outward at such an angle as when the flanch, 5, is in its place, the angle of inclination of the face, in, may be at right angles to the inclination of the staple, c. In the opposite end, bb, of the flanch, b, there is a semicircular (or any other formed) recess or notch, z, correspondlng to the projection, iz, of the hook on the end, aa, of the flanch, a, and the beveled or inclined face, g', corresponding to the face, g, of the hook, by which means, when the flaneh, b, is forced toward the flanch, a, as when in the act of coupling hose, the face, g, by its inclination, causes the flanch, b, to press iirmly upon the packing, Z, and the flanch, Z), is kept from lateral motion by the projection, 71 and the recess or notch, h', and the key, d, being driven through the hole, ai', in the staple, c, and bearing upon the inclined surface, le, prevents the two parts, A, and, B, from becoming detached from one another when coupled together.

The key, CZ, is prevented from being 10st, by the leather strap, c, att-ached on one end to the loop, f', on the key, d, and on the other end of the strap, e, attached to the loop, f, which is a `part of the part, A, of coupling.

C, is the hose screwed inside of the parts, A, and, B, of the coupling, and is kept in place by the inside cylinder, D, placed inside of the hose, C, and riveted through the hose, C, to the parts, A, and, B, 0f the coupling.

Having thus described my invention I do not claim any of the parts separately; but

What I do claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States, is-

The combination, and the application of the various devices herein described, for the purpose of coupling` flremens hose.


Witnesses: a OHAs. R. LADD,



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Cooperative ClassificationF16L37/084