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Publication numberUS1584837 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 18, 1926
Filing dateJan 31, 1925
Priority dateJan 31, 1925
Publication numberUS 1584837 A, US 1584837A, US-A-1584837, US1584837 A, US1584837A
InventorsBracken Martin L
Original AssigneeBracken Martin L
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Record card
US 1584837 A
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May 18 1926. 1,584,837

M. L. BRACKEN RECORD CARD Filed Jan. 31, 1925 INVENTOR ATTORNEY lntented May l8, 1 325,



Application filed January This invention relates to improvements in record cards.

The principal object of the invention resides in the provision of a record card for receiving indicia to be arranged in alpha betical orchronological order, a number of which are adapted to be stored in a holder for reference purposes, and whiclrare normally positioned in pack formation one next to the other whereby the indicia container thereon is concealed, but which cards may be moved to expcse a portion of the same upon the placing of the finger of the hand thereon which will facilitate a quick retrieval of any one particular card.

Another object of the invention relates to a record card which eliminates the soiling of the corners of the card when it is desired to remove the same from a pack thereby issuring a neat and attractive record at all times.

A further object is to provide a record card of the class mentioned which is formed from a single blank of material and functions as above mentioned without the aid of any mechanical parts other than the finger of the operator, thereby reducing the cost of manufacture to a minimum.

With these and other objects in view, the invention resides in certain novel construction and combination and arrangement of parts, the essential features of which are hereinafter fully described, are particularly pointed out in the appended claims, and are illustrated in the accompanying d 'awing, in which:

Figure 1 is a plan view of the blank from which my improved record card is formed.

lfigure 2 is a similar view showing the same folded for use.

Figure 3 is a perspective View of a plurality of cards disposed in normal position.

Figure l is a similar view showing the manner of spacing the same.

Figure 5 is an end view of the cards in position as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 6 is a View of a slightly modified form of the card.

Refer *ing more particularly to the drawing, the reference numeral 10 designates the blank from which my improved record card is formed and which may be of any suitable material such as card-board or relatively heavy paper. The blank 10 is scored or perforated horizontally as at 11 slightly to one 31, 1925. Serial No. 6,089.

tide of the horizontal center to provide a front leaf or flap 12 and an integral rear leaf or flap 13. The front flap is scored horizontally as at 14 adjacent the horizontal edge thereof and is formed centrally between its side edges with an outwardly extending tab 15. The horizontal edge of the flap 13 is cut-away to form a recess 16 which is directly opposite the tab 15 when the blank is placed out flat as shown in Figure 1.

The blank 10 is folded upon line 11 to.

cause the flaps 12 and 13 to lie one over the other at which time the horizontal edge of the flap 13 extends above the top edge of the flap 12, while the tab 15 is disposed adjacent the recess 16. it will be understood that any indicia desired may be inscribed on the cards when placel in use, with the title or subject of the indicia upon the front of the flap 18 adjacent the horizontal edge.

In practice, the aids are stored in pack fori'nation with the flaps in a substantially vertical position within a holder or cabinet, at which time the indicia of the respective cards is concealed as shown in Figure It is now desired to expose the indici a of certain cards to permit the removal of a particular card. This is accon'iplished by the operator placing his finger upon the tabs with a forward push to depress the portions 1'? dis posed on opposite sides of thetabs, which portions are formed by the scored line 14, whereupon the same are'bent to an angle with respect to the flaps anu which serve as spacers for separating the flaps of the respective cards. hen the portions are held depressed, the subject matter of the cards exposed to view at which time the desired card may be readily removed. The operation just described is clearly shown in Figures 4: and of the drawingand it will be noted that the lower or folded end of the card remains stationary as only the position of the tops of the cards is alfected by the action of the portions 1'7. If it is desired to expose a large number of cards at one time, an instrument such as a pencil or ruler may beused instead of the finger to depress the tabs.

In Figure 6, I have shown a modified form of card which is constructed in identically the same manner as that shown in the preferred form, but which is cut vertically to form a pair of record cards 18, 18. When in pad: formation these cards operate in the eer- V 4 Y removal or of similar cards vhen n deem to if my ii-- t l L 9 the dezi'ls 1 av be varied .IliJOilii in any Way defrom the spirit 0 7 (self to the exact onstruction herein set forth nor than the whole of my inl ited only by the appended claims.

What is clai ned as nev: is:

l. nralit of record cards in pacl; formition, lllLlii on said earls. ant. said cards operable for to expose .aid indicia.

Q. A plurality of record car s arranged in pack formation, indicia inscribed on said cards and which is normall *oncealed, and bendable portions formed on said cards for spacing the same to ex ose certain of said indicia.

3. A plurality of record cards arranged in pack formation. each card comprising a pair of folds, indicia inscribed adjacent the top edge of one fold and norm-all concealed by the other fold, and a bendable element on said last fold for co-act-ion with said first mentioned fold to s; ace said folds to expose said inoi-ia whereby any' particular card may be readily removed from the pack.

A record card comprising a pair of sections, and bendable means on one of said sections operable for engagement with the other section for spacing the sections.

A record card comprising a pair of swinging sections, a bendable portion formed on one of said section for movement into engap'ement r. th the other section for spacarranged bendable means on spacing said carts ing t 10 free ends of the sections.

6. A record card comprising a pair of swinging sections, a recess formed in the free etg'e of one of said sections. a bendable portion formed on the other of said sec tions, a tab extending from said bendable portion for movement in said recess upon the depression of the tab to cause said portion to engage said first mentioned section to space the same with the i ajor portion of said other section.

7. A record card formed of a single blank of material and bent upon itself to provide swinging folds, a notch formed in the free section, a map co-extei'isive with sectio i, and a tab extend'ng from tap for reception in said f. In plurality of record carers arranged in pa 'lE formation, e: ch card comprisin swing;- ingij. connected s ctions normal]; disposed in relatively parallel a ignment, a notch formed in the free edge of one section, a

endabletold on the other section having a anipilaiin; tab extending; theretroin, the s: uent a lid cards being in ali{ whereby a 1- ralit of tabs may be dept 1 f to more simultaneously to cause said Jzl'i.

to an angular position with respect to the sect-ions to space the same. the tabs of one card extending through the notch of that pat cular card and overlying he fold of the in. idjaccnt card.

pluralit v of cards arra iget in pack for; ration, each card coinprisi r a pair hin edly connected sections n: 'i p .cd one over the oth r, and bendable mean: on one of the sections of the earfs operable sir iultaneonsly for sphci ions at the top edge thereof.

10. A. pluralit of cards ar ign-d in pack formation, eacl ca "l compri. a pair ol' sections normally tllSpOSDtl one over the other, and bendable means on one or the se tions of the cards o erable :ll'lllllt zl'l" tonslj! for spacingthe sections at the top edge thereof. 11 A record cart formed of a smgle blanl:

av tr.

13. In a record card. a air of sections. the top edge of one section extending above th: '"cent top edge of the other section.


tioncd section for e 'ement- \2 itl first mentioned section l spacing the same illiacent the top edges. and a tab extending from said bendable flap for reception in a notch formed in the top edge of the adjacent sectioi single blank of material and scored to provide a bendable flap adapted to engage the next adjacent ard for spacing the same when a pluralit of cards are arranged in intimate contact.

In testimony whereof I have affixed my signature.


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