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Publication numberUS1585051 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 18, 1926
Filing dateJun 26, 1925
Priority dateJun 26, 1925
Publication numberUS 1585051 A, US 1585051A, US-A-1585051, US1585051 A, US1585051A
InventorsJoseph A Skoglund
Original AssigneeJoseph A Skoglund
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Card case
US 1585051 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

J. A. SKOGLUND CARD CASE Filed June 26, y1925 f1 t. emissies sin; is. ieee. .nesesito ef-'mix t' si'fgden einem@ fue ,l Metti it onen essie.

,Application filed time es, 1925. sensi. :esta

YMy' invention relates to improvements in through a slit 18 in the front 1i of the eas- Cases for Cards and nrticles of like nature. ing A. @n the ,ifi-ee end ot the pull-strap An ohieet of Iny invention is to provide 16 is a fastener member 19, which eoinplea compact, durable. and inexpensive case for ments a bfastener member Q on the eovere0 cards incl` ning simple and etl'eetivev means flap 13 of said easing il.. ii'vhen the insert. for partially unsheathing cards from said is depressed into fully vsheathed position case, whereby ready aeeegs to said Cards within the pocket 12, 4the cover-flap 13 may may be had, be closed over the upper edge thereof and Another object is to provide an article, the fastener nieinher'v() joined with its eoinets i0 above, wherein the ease is supplied with panion Jfastener nieniher 1t) on the pulla cover-flap and wherein the card unsheathstrap 1G, shown in l? 1 and CardsY ing moans serves not only to heck the eonplaced in the easing,N .et het-weon the .insert Atained cards and stiften the ease, but to eon l5 and pull-strap S ere hacked by said inoperate with the cover-dep and see'ure the sert 15, which also stiitens the easing A and i@ 15 saine-dosed. l said cards have. 'for theirA seat, the' stirrup A further object of iny invention to 21 termed. by the strap liat its junction. provide. an open topped ease for cards havwith 'the 4hottmn et said insert. lihe insert ingl eard'unsheathing means free from slid- 15, aside from stili'ening the causing fi. and ing Contact with the earns and designed hacking the oerds carried therein, also eois 2G for eo-operation with the ense to secure the operates with the @rising through the @over f cards therein. flap 13 and pull-strep 15, to keep itself and in the drawings, Figi l is a perspective associated cards closed within saidrasing. View ot a case ernhod ing iny invention, the in this eonneetion and with reference to same being Closed an( a portion at the lower Fig. 23, it will he seen that the. eoier-tiap 13 E@ 25 front side thereof broken away to expose isheldelosed hy the nulhstrap 1G nd secure the lower part of the encased card unsheatliagainst being opened hy 'the insert 15 and ings; means; Fig. 2 is a perspective View oi etti-ds 14. the oase showing the oase open and the card tiepnrating the viastener members l?, 2O unsheathing means extended; Fig. 3 is a and subsequently pulling' upon, the strap 1G, f central longitudinal see-tional. View ot the results in lifting' the cards end insert 1 5 in Case with the parts in that relation shown the easing; A. The cover-flap 1B 'living free in Fig. 1; Fig. i is a similar view'of the to open is turned haelt irorn cove-ring posif case with the parts thereoiz in that relation tion by the insert 15. The cards thus shown in Fig. 2 and 5 is a Central longibrought from their sheathed 'position within 90 tudinal sectional View of an alternate forni the easing into position partially unsheathed of card ease. are readily accessible to the user. By reason Referring to the 'drawingsit will be ob of the tact that the insert 15 and pull-strap served that the forni of my invention shown 16 slide within the easing A as a unit, it will. in Figs. l-Li includes a shell or easing' A, be understood that there is no wear upon 'se 40 which may. be constructed of leather or the cards at the stirrup 21 as would be. other suitable material, said casing eomocoasionedmere the strap to lie-rubbed along prising a back 10 and front member 11 the bottoni-ef the card.` es the latter are stitched thereto to -torni a pocket 12. The lifted and lowered in the ease.

l back 10 is extended to forni a ooverflap 13 In the forni' of oord oase shown in Fig. 5, 1U@ adapted to be turned over the front of the the cover-Hup 13 is omitted and the fastener casing to close the pocket 12. member 2O secured to the casing' proper `Within the casing A is a carrier B for rather than to en extension thereof. The

'ards ifi, the same constituting means for pull-st 'ap 16 is made slightly longer than in partially nnsheathing the cards from said the torni where a coif'ontiap is employed, 105 casing. This carrier B includes a relatively said strap rbeing,r led ont or" the easing` A ell stiii insert 15 slidahle in the easing A, also 'the way along one side thereof rather than a pull-strap 16 secured at one end thereof part way along; :d side and thence out as hy means ot a rivet 17 to the lower porthrough a slit the :in as in 'the arrangement tion of said insert. rEhe free end of the previously des-eri?! d. Said strap Titi maybe i e5 pull-strap 16 is rendered accessible for inesubstantially as wide-as the 'pockehii de* nipulation by passing the saine outwardly sii-ed, and in iolded position over the tension vof the back of 15 will serve as a Cover-flap. With the fastener member 19 onthe pull-strap 16 secured to the companion fastener member Q0 on the easing A, the insert 15 and cards 14 are held by the/strap in the casing. After freeing the astener- 1ne1nher19 from ,the fastener memhervQO und pulling upon the strap 1G, the enrrl carrier is projected from the cnsing, the Cards; 14 Supported inthe stirrup 21 et the juntion et in'sert 15 :1nd pull-strap 1GA being lifted into partially nnsheathed position wherein they are readily accessible 'to the user.-

Chnnges in the specific form of my invention, es herein disclosed. may be made within the scope of what is claimed without departin from the spirit 0i' my invention.

Inving described my invention, what claim as new 11nd desire to protect hy Leiters Patent is: l l

l. an article of the class described7 n casing open at the top thereof and formed with a. transverse slit in its iront side, n Cover-'flap for the ens-innr emnprising :in exsfiid easing, n ard carrier within the casing serving; to parl ially unsheuth cards therefrom, sind curi-ier including a relatively stiff insert slidnhle in the easing and a pull-strap passing through said slit, the end of said strap within the vcasing beingr joined to the hm'er emi el said insert and providing n sont *for the hellem of Cards and the lille ciirried within mill easing, a line-,tener nn'mher nn the eurer-flap und a Companion fastener memher zit the Outer end of the strap, smid z-trmiih'ing adapted, through the medium Oflsuid lhstener meniher le secure said rever-flap Closed over the siienthenl insert.

Q. In un nriffle 0l' the dass lvsffrihefh n Casin;`l` open :1t the top (hereof :ind erme'l with a lrzmsrerse slit in its front side. n rover-imp en i'he casing', i stiff insert', slifin hle in the easing and against which Suid eurer (hip cluses. n pnll strap ihreznlrd -thrmigh smid slit into the fusing, smid insert ro-npernlinfg 'with the pull-strup and :nlnptwl tu he nnshesnhed from the casing ingehr.' with ether contents thereof by snid pullstrnp and l'nrther adapted, upon heinz.' sheathed nilhin said raising, to retract the pnlhslrnp, :ind means for' relensnhl seem'- ingsr the enter end of and pnll-strnp tu snifl cover-(hip lo sex-nre the eerer-inp f'l1).-e'l against the sheathed insert through ihe medium nl" said pull-strep.

ln testimony whereuhl have signed mr nume to this .speeilienlimn JOSEPH A. SKOGLUND,

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