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Publication numberUS1585242 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 18, 1926
Filing dateJun 11, 1923
Priority dateJun 11, 1923
Publication numberUS 1585242 A, US 1585242A, US-A-1585242, US1585242 A, US1585242A
InventorsHageman Frank E
Original AssigneeMilwaukee Electric Railway & L
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Coin sorter
US 1585242 A
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May 18 1926.

` F. E. HAGEMAN COIN SORTER Filed June ll, 1923 5 Sheets-Sheet l INVENTOR uw Q ATTORNEY May 1s 1926. 1,585,242

F. E. HAGEMAN COIN SORTER Filed June ll. 1925 3 Sheets-Sheet 2 wl1/\)Esss:s INVENTOR May 18 1926.

1,585,242 F. E. HAGEMAN G01N SORTER Filed June ll. 1925. 3 Sheets-Sheet 5 WITNESSES 5 ATTORNEY Patented May 13, 1926..



Application filed June 11, 1923.

The invention relates to coin-sorters.

The object of the invention is to provide a sorter having concentric cylindrical sorting screens to which. the coins are fed, the axis of rotation of said screens being inclined to provide for the discharge of the sorted coins, and the construction permit ting of a rapid sorting of large quantities of different sized coins.

The invention further consists in the several features hereinafter set forth and more particularly defined by claims at the conclusion hereof.

In the drawings: 1 is a vertical sectional view through a coin-handling machine embodying the invention; 2 is a front end view of the machine; Fig. 3 is a detail sectional vieu7 taken on the line 3 3 of Fig. 1; Fig. 4 is a vieu1 of the rear end of the machine.'

ln the drawings the numeral 5 designates a base member having a front bracket portion G and rear brackets 'i' formed integrally therewith or secured thereto.

A drum-supporting frame is mounted to swing. on the bracket portion-6 and to be clamped in an inclined position to the brackets 7. rl`his frame comprises end plates 3 and 9 secured together in spaced relation by rods 10 bolted to them. rllhe end plate 3 is provided with bearing bosses 11 piyoted on a shaft 12 journalled inbearings 1 3 of the bracket portion 6. The end plate 9 has brackets 14 secured thereto provided with threaded projections 15 that pass through arcuate slots 16 in the brackets 7 and carry clamping nuts 17 whereby the frame may be clamped to the base in any desired inclined position, the front end plate swinging aboutl the shaft 12 to permit this adjustment.

An outer cylindrical member 13 and cylindrical sorting screens 19 and 2O are concentrically mounted on parts 21, 22 and 23D re spectively. 'lhe parts 3 are disks mounted on a. shaft 24 Which is journalled in bearings 25 and 26 in the plates 3 and 9. rllhere are spaces 27 provided between the disls 23 and the screen 20. Each part 22 is lin the forni of a ring serving to space the screens 19 and 20 apart, and is recessed to form spaces 23 between it and the screen 19. Each part 21 is in the form of a ring serving to space the screen 19 and the outer member 13 apart and is iii-.cessait to form spaces 29 liet'weeu Serial No. 644,680.

it and the member 13. The members 13, 19 and 2O and the rings 21 and 22 are secured to the disks 23 by screws 30, the construction forming a rotatable sorting drum structure supported on the frame With its'ends covered by the relatively stationary end plates 3 and 9. An annular grooved ring or pulley 31 is mounted at the forward end of the drum and is here shown as fastened thereto by a screw or screws 30.

The drum is turned by an electric motor 32 Which drives the shaft 12 provided with a Worm 33 meshing With a Worm Wheel 34 on a shaft 35, said shaft carrying a pulley 3S connected by a belt 37 with the pulley 31. To tension the belt 37 a lever 38 is loosely pivoted intermediate its ends on the shaftand carries at one end a tensioning roller 39 over Which the belt passes, and the other end of said arm is engaged by a spring 40 which is mounted on a rod 41 carried by a support-ing stud 42, the pressure of the spring 40 on the lever 33 being regulated by the adjustment of the nuts 39 on the threaded end of the rod 41.

lltlechanism for feeding the coins into the drum comprises a chute structure 43 bolted to the front plate 3 and a hopper 44 secured to its upper end. This chute 43 has a cylindrical enlargement 45 between its ends in which a feeder 4G rotates, said feeder being mounted on a shaft 47 carrying a pulley 43 connected by a belt 49 with a pulley 50 on the shaft 35 an-d consequently driven by the motor rlhis feeder 46 is preferably in the form of a triple scoop7 each scoop being formed by a radially extending part 51 and an arcuate part 52, the exterior surface of said part 52 having a relatively close association With a part 53 of the front Wall of the chute. A deflector 54 below one side of the hopper extends down into the chute and is spaced from the front side thereof to form a relatively narrow passage 55 through which the coins must pass just previous to their being talren up bythe feeder and this prevents too fast a feed of coins to the feeder which would be apt to clog it or otherwise interfere With its proper action.

The delivery end 55 of the chute extends into the space between the end plate 8 and the iront disk 23.

The chute screenname a part 5e te which e. tivopart :for the gears 33 and 34 is boltedi- Aseid ci, `g inns :'or the shaft 35. Bel and shaft the drinn about "off bear- .V ng 5\ ar aro adapted swine with ie aflis 'of tl e sbr 'llo )"i" )`\;'ide for :idd ional 'support for 35, a yoke 58 is adapted to be bolted to a bracket 59 by means oit a bolt 60 pinning); through a slot 6l elongated to provide 'for the swinging of the ilront end of' the r i" The c The screens 19 and 2O are preferably oi; sheet metal having holes G2 eind 63 punched therein to allen `v `coins of certain sise 'to pese thor tnrough as, for instance7 wherev lick els, pe nies and diines Vare to be seru'ated, the screen 19 perniits pennies and d to pas-s through it, While the screen 29 p its dimes to pass through it whereby the michela are tei-nporarily7 retained in cjlinder 2O une gradually Work down to the lower end thereof; the pennies are teniporarilv retained in the reen the cvlinr spaco het tween the cylinders 19M and lo. These delivery chutes project or tn'ardly beyond the drinn and discharge the coins into receptacles that may be placed` beneath thein.

lilith the above construction, While the ifeede1 L6 and the separating drum are roating7 coins deposited in the hopper fl pass down through passage 55 and are scooped or picked up inv ce"teinqua.ntities by the `feeder 46' and deposited in the lower portion of the chiite 43, from which they are discharged by grax/'ity into the sorting` drinn. During the rotation otA` the drinn the sorting of the coins by the screens l9` and 52() takes place simultaneously with the gi Yity leed of the coins toward the discharge end oi the drinn, the passeges 2?, 29 end 9 perinittii'ig the coins to pass along to t end' ot the drumlVhen the coins reached 'the lower end ol' the drinn the)7 n separated? and are discharged into the del iv chutes and 66,and, as in the exan' above'given,` the niclels passte the chute G41-, the pennies to the chute G5 and the dimes to the chute 6G. The construction previously described permits of positioning` 'he drinn at that inclination inost suitable for the rapidV and eilicient sorting of the coins being handled. Y

I desire it to be understood that this invention is not to be limited to any particular forni or arrangement of parts except in so ery iple Lesen@ urli li'initntioi'is we sps'srifiel in fuif f claim as my infen yes, cor Y upper end .ins carried by the lower e Il1. i in a coin sorter the combina u en 'ble supporting 'tra pi. spaced end plates.

Aplntef anu eatendingf beine ure 'firied bv .se-ffl sh:

and including sort ',ilil'es and l A cliainoe l coin-intr (D Jnd plate nd coin ois-f bi' 'tl tener end plate.

i l l l r). in "i (()lil EOL sorting drinn diM v ciine, .a stationery chute 'toi' delirerii 'to the upper end oi seid drum, a ci inuonslVY rotatable feeder in said chiite supyl' ing; coins to the lower end oft said chute in predetermined qnantr-ies7 l means for lii/'erii'i-gA `sorted coins freni the rotntn j ln a coin sorter, the combinatie" .l ngA drinn disposed to rota eline, a. hopperj a relatively topper for delivering coi.t

oi? said (livin1 avcoiii'inno ro the .ily roder in said chute for supplying e loner end oi ,said chiite ir predeterriined quantities Wh'le said drum is tating, and a ,restrictedl passat; between tire hopper and the space in Whic operates. l

ina coin sorter, the combinaion et an inclinable supporting lraine including' vstationary iront and rear end plates, a driven shait a' pivot connection between said shaft and front end plate7 a support for said shaft to maintain seid front end plate in ai' l p'rsiticn7 means 'for serx'irinp; the refr end plzitei 'lion below the elevation i Tf pluie :i roi'fiinhle sorti h said Yfeeder e In a coin sorter, he c* inciinzil'ile supporting traine oted ripper end,` adjustable in l l e ic ing; said freine in an inclined pos Jn, a rw titable sorting` drinn jonrielled in aid freine, :i lriven shaft adjacent he upper end ii i) o? said frame and adapted to swing therewith, said shaft being disposed adjacent and outside of the periphery of said drum, a driving connection between said shaft and drum, means :for reedingl coins to the upper end of said drum, and means for delivering the sorted coins from the drum.

i'. ln a coin sorter, the combination with a base, et an inclinable drunii-supportingtrame liaifing` one end pivotally mounted on` said base, adjustable means 'for securing` said iframe in an. inclined position, a rotatable soitingl drum carried by said frame, a driven shalt adjacent the pivoted end of said frame adapted to swing with said frame, a driving` connection between said shaft and drum, means 'lor introducing coins into the upper end ci' said drum, and nleaus for delivering sorted vcoins 'from the drum.

8. ln a coin sorter7 the combination with a base, oi' an inclined drnin-supporting frame pivotally mounted thereon t0 swing in a Vertical plane, adjustable means for securing` said frame in an inclined position, a rotatable sorting drum journalled in said frame, means carried by the frame ior introducing coins into the upper end of said drum and 'for delivering sorted coins from the lower end of said drum, and a driving connection for said drum co-anial with. the pivoted support oi' the drum-'supporting frame on the base.

9. In a coin sorter, the combination of a rotatable sorting drum disposed on an incline, a hopper, a relatively stationary chute below the hopper for delivering coins to the upper end ot said drum, a rotatablefeeder in said chute ior moving coins in prcdetermined quantities, there being a restricted laterally extending passage between the hopper and the feeder space, whereby said feeder will lift a predetermined quantity olA coins above said passage and discharge them into the lower end of said chute during the latter part of its revolution.

lO. In a coin sorter, the coinbinatir'in of an inclinable supporting frame including spaced end plates and strut members rigidly connecting said plates, a screen sorting drum disposed between said end plates and including a shaft journalled in said end plates, coin-introducing` means carried by one oi' said end plates, and coin discharge means carried by the other end plate.

In testimony whereof I aiiix my signature.



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