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Publication numberUS1585466 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 18, 1926
Filing dateSep 18, 1923
Priority dateSep 18, 1923
Publication numberUS 1585466 A, US 1585466A, US-A-1585466, US1585466 A, US1585466A
InventorsColes Charles H
Original AssigneeColes Charles H
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Pocket inhaler
US 1585466 A
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May 18 1926.




Application filed September 18, 1923.

rllhis invention relates to a pocket inhaler adapted to contain menthol, smelling salts or the lil-ie, and so constructed that when in use, it inay be closed absolutely tight and no odor can escape, nor can the contents waste by e`v i Y eration, and it may be easily refilled as citen as desired.

The object et the present invention is to provide an `inluilcr ot this type in which the process el i" liarping is simplified, the opening and cle:l ng operation is rendered easier, and there is always a 'tree and dire t draft whenever the inhaler is in position tor use,

rllhe invention will be niore particularly described in connection with the accompanying drawing, which .illustrates the preferred lf-oran oi the invention.

lu the drawing:

Figure l. is a side elevation or the invention. J

igure 2 is a central vertical section 'therethrouggh, with the parts in position tor inheling.

Figure 3 is a View similar lo Figure 2, showing the inhaler closed.

lieure 4l is an end elevation.

Figure 5 is a section talfen on the line 55 o'l Figure 2.

Fif ire G is a section talren on the line 6 6 ot ll igure 2.

Figure 7 is a section taken on the line .7-7 et Figure 2.

Figure 8 is a section taken on the line SMS oi Figure 2.

The inhaler which con'iprises niy invention, includes an outerI shell 10 having one end rounded, as shown at 11, and provided with an opening 12 through which the contents are inhaled. The other end ot the shell 10 telescopically receives the cylindrical body portion 13, which is adapted to contain the smelling salts, menthol or other medicinal preparation 1t. The inner end ot the shell 10 contains a plug` 15 of cork or similar yieldable material, through which extends a passageway 16. The adjacent end 17 o't the container 13 is provided with one or inore peri'orations 18, which are outof registry with the passageway 16, so that when the container is i'ully inserted within the shell 10, the head 17 presses against the plug 15 and absolutely prevents any draft through the passageway 16 and outlet 12.

The container 13 is provided near its outer cud with a lug 19, which rides in an inclined slot 2O in the wall oi the shell 10, and a Serial No. 663,384.

flange 21, preferably lmurled, is formed on the periphery oit the cont4 ner 13 outside of the shell 10, whereby the container may be rotated so that the lug 19 riding in the inclined slot 2O will advance or retractthc container in the shell 10 to open or close the passageway 1G. A sinall notch 22 may be provided in the upper end ot the slot 20, so as te better retain the lug` 19 with the parts in closed position. A groove 23 is tornied in the lower end ot the shell 10 adjacent the slot 20, and the lug 19 may be slid through the groove when it is desired to incre the container 13 ifroin its shell. rThe container is closed by a cap 2l, which tits snugly and is practically air-tight, so that the drait through the containerl inust pass inwardly throu h the openings 25, which are located just above the lrnurled flange 21 and are uncovered whenever the lug 19 is ineved to the lower end ot the slot 20, but when the lug is moved into the notch 22, the holes 25 are covered by the lower end ot' the shell 10 and the holes 18 are also covered by the plug 15, so that the draft is cut oli: troni both sides of the tablets or smelling salts within the container.

ln order to support the tablets 1t above 'he bottoni of the container, so that they will be in the direct line ot draft through the saine, l have provided an inside cap 26, which is provided with a plurality ot pertorations 2T to perinit a tree draft therethrough. rlhis cap tits snugly within the container 13, and is preferably provided with a slot 28 in its side which engages with an invfardly projecting lug` 29, as to guide the cap within the container and torni an abutinent against which it inay rest. rlhe cap 2G is also provided with a stein 8O for manipulating the saine, when it is desired to recharge the container. rlChis stein also orins a means tor supporting the cap troni the outer Cover 24.

From the foregoing` description it will be apparent that the device inay be easily manipulated to open or close the draft, that the tablets 14 are supported in a position to produce a InaXiinuin effect, and that when the device is closed it is absolutely tight and there is no waste of the contents.

1i.While l have shown and described the specific details of construction by means of which the inrention is carried out, it will be understood that this is inereiy illustrative,

and that various rnodi cations inay be inade in the size, proportion and arrangement of the various parts Without sacrificing any of the salient features of the invention as expressed in the claims.

Vilhat is Claimed is:

1. In a pocket inhaler, the Combination of a shell havingone end perforated and the other end open, a Container telescopieally received in the open end of said shell and having its outer end closed by a removable outer cap, a. perforated inner cap fitting Within the container and spaced from the outer Cap and delinine an inner Cavity for containing' a medicinal preparation, the inner Cap having` a slot in its side, en internal lug on the Container engaging the slot to limit the inward movement of the inner cap, means on the inner cap engagea/ble by the outer Cap for retainingv the inner Cupl in position.y and adjustable means for optionally establishing a draft longitudinally through the inner Cap and the inner cavity and through the perforated end of the shell.

2. In a pocket inhaler, the combination of a shell having one end perforated and the other end open, a Container telesoopically received in the open end of said shell and having its outer end closed by a removable outer cap, a perforated inner cap fitting Within the container and spaced from the outer Cap and defining an inner cavity for containing a medicinal preparation, the inner cap having a slot in its side, an internal lug on the Container' engaging the slot to limit the inward movement of the inner cap, a stem on the inner cap engageable by the outer cap lo retain said inner cap in position, an inelinefl pin and slot Connection between the shell and container, whereby rotation of the container within the shell Causes a relative longitudinal moveiiient thereof which is operable to open or close the draft longitudinullj,Y through said inner Cap and slid Cavity and through the perforation in the end of the shell.

ln testimony, that I claim the foregoingT as my own, l have hereto affixed my signsture.


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