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Publication numberUS158579 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 12, 1875
Publication numberUS 158579 A, US 158579A, US-A-158579, US158579 A, US158579A
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Joseph s
US 158579 A
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No.1.58, 579. Patentedlan.12,18?'5.. I


To all whom it may concern.-


Specification forming par of Letters Patent 1*! 0- H%,5ir9, dstedJnnuary 12, 1875; application filed May 26, 18%.

Be it known that I, Josnrn S, FAEREAK, of Baltimore city and State of Maryland, here invented a new and Improved Rotary Engine;

and l lo hereby deolare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the same, reference being had to the accompanying draw: ing forming a part of this specification, in which- Figure 14s a longitudinal view of rotaryengine cylinder-anti case, with case in section and cylinder partly, broken away; Fig, 2, a

transverse section of the some.

This invention relates tothat class of machines which are. known as rotary engines; and it consists of acylinder with its periphery wrought into undulating spiral groo\'es,whicli is made to revolve in a surrounding case by the impinging or frictional action of the particles of .tluids in their assa e throu 'h. said grooves under pressure.

In the drawing, Arepresents the cylindircase, which is provided at its extremities \v'th the four connections a a and b b. B are the detachable head plates or caps for the case, having stiifiing-boxes c. 0 is the cylinder, attached to a shaft, D, which revolves in the stufling-hox journals c.v Upon the peripher ot' the cylinder) are Wrought the spiral grooves or channels 'd vpassing round and round the cylinder. Said grooves are undulating in their conrse,'and are provided with uneven and roughened sides, in order to att'ord as much frictional resistance as possible to the passing of themotive fluid.

l The operation of this machine is very-sunple, for, as the direction of all simple and unobstructed motion is in a straight line, the fluid, in passing through the undulating spiral grooves,strikes the tortuous sides of the same and also the roughened surface, imparting to the cylinder a portion of its motion, which causes the cylinder to revolve. The case A, bein 5; provided with the connections aofor the feed-jets and b b for the exhaust-jets, is so arranged as to cause the motion of the cylinder to be reversed by simply reversing the connections cit-the feed and exhaust pipes.

This engine is adapted to receive its motion from any kind of fluid, either liquid or gaseous, but is intended to he used in connection-with a series of boilers having a revolving grate in common, in which the water under the pressure of the superincumhent steam is the motive power, the water passing from one boiler to another through the engine, and the pipe-connections and furnace grate being changed from one boiler to another as soon as the first shall have become exhausted.

As a modification of this engine the grooves may be wrought in the inner surface ot the casing, the casing in this instance revolving and the cylinder being stationary."

Having-thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure hyLcttors Patent, is-

In (:OlllbillflflOllJVllll an outer casing, a revolving cylinder .made of suitable material, and having its periphery Wrought into undulating spiral grooves with roughened surfaces, for the purpose of attording' greater frictional resistance to the impinging particles ofthe motive fluid, and of utilizing the same by resolving it into a rotary motion, as described.


\ ED D, W, BYRrI,


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