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Publication numberUS1585846 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 25, 1926
Filing dateNov 14, 1921
Priority dateNov 14, 1921
Publication numberUS 1585846 A, US 1585846A, US-A-1585846, US1585846 A, US1585846A
InventorsFrisbie Henry N
Original AssigneeMid West Box Company
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Mailing holder for phonograph records
US 1585846 A
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Filed Nov. 14, 1921 @06721571 Hom@ NW1/'56156,


' 80 cracking or brea ing.

rames May 4z5, 192e.- c




Application led November 14, 1921. Serial No. 514,899.

My invention relates to mailing holders for phonograph `records, particularly for records of the disk type. v

The usual procedure for wrapping records for transportation or shipment is to place them in an envelo e with one or more paper protecting boar s, or to surround them with protecting material in, a box when several records are shipped. With this manner of packaging, unless the records are secured tightly against the supporting boards, they will slide back and forth particularly during shipment and will be subject to blows on their edges which will chip, crack or shatter them',

One of the important objects of my invention is to provide -a holder in which a record is xedly held well within the holder edges so that the holder will take up alll blows and protect the record. Another important object ofthe invention is to provide a support for the record which will be sufliciently yielding `to permit limited radial movement of the :record when shocks or blows received by' the holder1 are transmitted to the record. the supporting means acting as a shock absorber to absorb such blows and shocks and to rotect the record against The supporting meansis preferably in the form of apost of rubber or other flexible elastic material, which post extends up from. a supporting base .to engage in the centering' hole of the record.

proved holder is shown and on the drawgig. 1- is a pers ctive view of the holder, Fig. 2 is al1-en arged transverse sectional view thereof, and.

Fig. 3 is a vertical sectional view of a aper box 4iiolders. 4

The holder comprises a base 5 preferably of corrugatedpaper or ysome .other material oi" package containing nevera` which is equally'light and strong and pos- On the accompanying drawing, my im' material being secured against the back of the base and the head by means of glue or otherwise.

The post is cylindrical and of a diameter -to permit it to readily pass through the centering hole c of a record R,-the base` base may be circular, ut is preferably rec` tangular, as usually the envelopeE accompanies the record, this envelope having adi vertising matter, instructions and other information printed thereon.

vI preferably provide a cover l0 the base and of the same shape so as to cover the record and the base. This cover may be a separate piece of paper board or other material suitablyI hinged to 'the base, or, as shown, a single rectangular piece ot suitable board is scored intermediate., its ends to form the hinge line 11 and the base and cover sections 'and 10. I also preferably provide the hole 12 in the` cover section for receiving the upper end of the post 6 when the vcover is closed. When the cover is closed. the hinge connection 11 will hold the cover and base against relative lateral movement, and the post 6 is then rigidly. held at its lowerand upper ends by theA base-and cover respectively and intermedi-- ate its ends it receives the record to be protected. To hold the cover in closed position it may be. detachably secured at its front edge to the base in -any suitable manner.

As shown, a tongue 13 is secured to and ex tends from the base and has the gummed section 14 by which it may be secured t0 the top of the cover after it has been extendedaround the edges of the base and cover. After the holder has been thus closed. with a record therein, itpmay be inserted iny an ordina mailing envelope and transported or s ipped with safety. The heavy base and cover sections will protect the rec-- hinged to.`

ord against transverseyblows, and the iexi ble yielding and elastic post will protect the record against radial jolts or blows.` The cover *and base sections extend sufficiently beyond the record edge to receive and cushion and absorb most-of theradial shocks or blows. Some of these blows andbumps will be transmitted from the post to the record but as this'post is of rubber or other equally flexible and yielding material the blows 'will unsl be absorbed and the record will be protected. During 'transportation the record may tend to' shift in the holder but such shift is not abruptly stopped but is gradually yieldinglystopped and cushioned by the rubber post.

To guard against opening of the holder and use of the record before delivery to the v purchaser, a seal 15 may be provided in the removed from theholder before delivery,

form of a tablet or plate secured by a wire 16 to the post by means of the hole 17 pro-4 vided in t e post. After application of the record on the post the seal is applied and then-the cover 1s closed.l The arrangement4 is such that incase the record has been the seal mechanism will indicate it.

When the holder is wrapped up in a package or in an envelope and is shipped, the post will. take up considerable pressure and protect the record. This is particularly true 1when the package is shipped and is laid flat j zel takin therein. When the holders are thus packed with other packages resting. thereon.- In l.

this case the weakest part of the package, namely the center, is ad uately strength ened by the post which ta es up the pressure and keeps it from the record. Where a number of records are stacked up in the same package, the posts of the individual holders will be in alignment and will form centers ofthe fiat sides of the ycontainer so thatwhen the container is lyingat andl other packages are lying thereon or pressure is applied thereto, this center column will' take-up the 'pressure and weight and will protecuthe container as well as the records in a container for shipment, the tabs 13 are left unsecured end when the receiver opens the container he can use the ytabs for drawing out individual holders. The tabs are then secured and the holders may be distributed.

It'is evident that the base could be used alone, that is,'without the cover. Changes and modifications are also possible which would still come within the scope of my invention and I do not, therefore, desire to be limited to the exact construction and arl rangement shown and described.

I-claim as my invention:

. 1. A mailing holder for phonograph records comprisin a base, a cover yand an elastic post secure to said base and adapted'to enter the centering holes of the records and to act as a cushion therefor.

2. A mailing holder for phonograph records comprising a buse of corrugated board and acover also of said board and integral with the base, and an elastic. post secured in the base and adapted to enter the centering holesof the records.

3. A mailing holder for phonograph records comprising a base, a cover, a perfo! rated post secured to said base, and means adapted to extend through the perforation to secure the records on the base.

4. rIhe combination with a shipping box,"y

of a plurality of phonograph-record holders adapted to be placed in a stack in the box,

each-holder comprising a base and an elastic. post extending through the holder, the posts ofthe holders being adapted to form a cushion between the top and bottom of the shipping box In VWitness whereof' I hereunto subscribe my name'this 7th day of November,


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European ClassificationB65D85/54C