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Publication numberUS1585861 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 25, 1926
Filing dateMay 18, 1922
Priority dateMay 18, 1922
Publication numberUS 1585861 A, US 1585861A, US-A-1585861, US1585861 A, US1585861A
InventorsHuff William H
Original AssigneeHuff William H
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Surgical splint
US 1585861 A
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May 25 1925. 1,585,861

' W. H. HUFF SURGICAL SPLINT Filed May 18 1922 Patented May 25, 1926.

warren sirrr.



Application filed May 18,

This invention relates to new and useful improvements in surgical .splints, one of the purposes of which is to provide a new and useful device to be used as an aid in the administration of medical treatment to certain members of the human body by holding said members in desired position, as well as to support or assist such members in the performance of their natural and useful functions.

In the preferred form, herein disclosed, the said invention provides a novel implement designed for use as an aid in the catheterization and irrigation of the urethra and bladder, also as a means for holding medicated bougies in place as long as required while leaving the urethra free from obstruction during medical treatment, and without causing needless irritation; and it is in these particular respects, among others, that the splint of the present invention is an improvement over surgical splints of the prior art.

The body of my splint is provided with a depressed or grooved position extending .longitudinally through its central part and is held in normal position by flexible bands which may be removed for cleansing and sanitary purposes. This feature also provides a simple means for adjustment which is economical in construction, and as the bands may be replaced at small expense adds to the term of usefulness of the splint.

The body of the splint may be of semirigid or rigid material preferably covered with or imbedded in a smooth, soft substance such as rubber or other flexible material.

In this instance I have shown an insert for stiffening the body, but of course it is to be understood that this feature may be eliminated and the body be made of sufliciently rigid material to meet all requirements.

The invention will be more readily understood from the following specifications and by reference to the accompanying drawings in which Figure 1 is a side View of one form of splint embodying the invention.

Fig. 2 is a top view of the same, parts being shown in cross section.

Fig. 3 is a view in rear end elevation of the form of splint illustrated in Figs. 1 and Q- as well as of a modified form hereinafter referred to. I

Fig. 4. is a view in front end elevation 1922. Serial No. 562,006.

of the splint in either of the two forms men tioned.

Fig. 5- is a top view of a modified form of splint which is regarded as the preferred form, parts being indicated in cross section.

Fig. 6 is a side view of said modified form.

In the drawings, the numeral 1 designates the sides of the body of the splint, preferably stiffened by an insert 2 and covered with or imbedded in a smooth relatively soft substance such as rubber or other equivalent material.

The splint is held in position for use by the flexible rings or bands 3 and f which are separate and, therefore, detachable from the body as a result of which they are capable of renewal at small cost from time to time as occasion may require.

Referring particularly to the form illustrated in Figures 1 and 2, the body 1 is formed with a depression 5 to accommodate the urethra and provided for full catheteriza-tion and irrigation of the same. This depression may of course be of any desired shape or size.

In the preferred form shown in Figures 5 and 6 the central part is left entirely open as indicated at 6 and the ends are provided with depressions 5 as shown in Figures 3 and 4. The edges of the main body are preferably brought to a thin edge as shown at 7 Figure 2.

The reinforcing part 1 may be made of any desired material such as spring steel, aluminum or bronze and is preferably covered with a coating of smooth relatively soft material such as rubber.

The rings or bands 3 and-4 may be of any appropriate shape. They will preferably be constructed of elastic material and may be held in place in suitably disposed grooves by tension when in use. By reason of these bands being detachable the splint is rendered sanitary because of the facility thereby provided for cleansing. The projecting flange 8 is for the purpose of holding the splint more firmly in position and may be eliminated if desired.

What I claim is 1. A genital splint comprising an elongated fiexible member concave in cross section and extending for less than a semi-circle to provide an open top and sides'and having its opposite ends of tapering thickness, a resilient metal reinforcing strip embedded in said member and terminating at a distance from the ends thereof to provide flexible end portions, an elastic loop at the inner 0nd of the elongated member, and a thin elastic loop at the other end of said inen'iber having parallel vertical side Walls spaced from the adjacent flexible end portion.

2. A genital splint con'iprising an elongated flexible member concave in cross section and extending for less than a semi-circle to provide an open top and sides, the inner end of said member forming a downwardly and outwardly projecting brace portion, the portion of said elongated member between the ends thereof consisting of parallel longitudinal side members spaced to form an elongated longitudinal opening in the lower Longitudinal center of said flexible nicn'iber, a metal reinforcing member completely inclosed within said flexible member, said reinforcing member extending around all sides of said opening, a transverse slot in the bottom side at each end of the flexible member and means comprising elastic bands adapted to engage with said slots to main tain the flexible member in position.


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U.S. Classification600/39
International ClassificationA61F5/41
Cooperative ClassificationA61F5/41, A61F2005/411
European ClassificationA61F5/41