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Publication numberUS1586153 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 25, 1926
Filing dateJul 9, 1923
Priority dateJul 9, 1923
Publication numberUS 1586153 A, US 1586153A, US-A-1586153, US1586153 A, US1586153A
InventorsHunter Herbert L
Original AssigneeHunter Herbert L
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Plumb level
US 1586153 A
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May 25 1926. 1,586,153

H. L. HUNTER PLUMB LEVEL Filed July 9, 1923 Patented May 25:, 1926.



Application filed July 9, 1923. Serial No. 650,286.

This invention relates to certain improvements made by me upon the plumb level for which Letters Patent were issued to me December 13, 1921, No. 1,tO0,069.

5 These consists of the novel features hereinafter described, pointed out in the claim, and shown in the accompanying drawing, in which:-

Figure 1 is a side elevation, partly broken 1 away, and partly in section, a section of an enclosing casing being in extended position.

Figure 2 is a section on the line 22 of Fig. 1.

Figure 3 is a section on the line 33 of 15 Fig. 3.

Figure l is a front elevation showing a sh htly modified form of adjustable weight.

Figure is a rear view of the central portion of a wooden stock.

In the drawing 1 designates a stock formed of wood, and 2 are metal casings adapted to slide on said stock and form a cover for it when in closed position and an extension of the stock when in open position. The top and bottom edges of the stock are longitudinally grooved and a metal plate 4L is fitted in said groove. The casings 2 have longitudinal ribs 5 which fit the grooves and slide on the plates l. These serve to hold the casings in alinement with the stock when extended, and increase the rigidity of the de vice as a leveling instrument. The upper ribs of the casing sections have recesses 5, and the stock is recessed near each end. Plungers 6 and coil springs 7 are seated in these recesses, and are adapted when the casings are closed or extended to full length to work outwardly through the metal strip suitably perforated for the purpose, and seat in the recesses 5. This automatically locks the stock against accidental movement of the casings relative thereto.

On the rear face of the stock and extending its entire length is inserted a metal strip 8, and set screws 9 are carried by each section of the casing and adapted to bear against said strip. This strip strengthens the stock and also forms a wear plate or bearing for the locking screws 9, whereby the casing may be firmly locked in any adjusted position.

On a suitable bearing pin 10 carried centrally by the stock is mounted a pendulum 12 provided with balls 11, and index fingers 13, at right angles to each other. The pendulum. carries in advance of one of the fingers a leveling vial 16, and opposite said vial a normally depending arm 14 provided with adjustable counter-weights 1?. These with the dial plate 1 are mounted in a suitable recess as in the patent above mentioned and the whole is covered with a sheet of any suitable transparent material, 1

In Fig. 1 there is shown a weighting means for the pendulum, including two arms 15, pivotally connected at 15 to the depending portion of the pendulum. These arms may be adjusted on their pivots for varying weight eifect, in an obvious manner.

in Figure l I show a modified form of weight in which the arm 14- is shorte' ed and an arm section 1 9' is jointed pivotally thereto and carries a pivoted disc 14, the ballcupand index lingers being unchanged.

A recess 17 is cut in the rear of the stock and a thumb screw 18 working, and countersunk, therein is adapted to bear against the rear face of the ball cup and lock it in any particular position it may have assumed.

Itecesses 19 are formed in the front face of the stock acent its ends, and extending across said recesses and transversely with respect to the stock are leveling vials 20. The casing sections-are cut out to register will the recesses 19, and are provided with transparent cover plates 21 through which the vials may be read when the cover plates 21 are brought into registry withthem. A protractor 22 is carried by the rear side of the dial.

As in my previous plumb level I recess the face and set therein a flash light 23, covered by the plate 23, and operated by the usual slidable knob This light illuminates the dial 1*.

When the pendulum is free to rotate the vial 16 can be used as an angle leveler. (V hen the ball case is locked it acts as a checker for the vials 20.

What I claim is In a plumb level, a stock, sections having slidable connections ith the stock to be extended relative thereto or to be moved to gether to cover the stock, a metal strip carried by the stock, means carried by the sections to engage said strip to lock the sections in desired relation to the stock, means carried by the stock to automatically engage and look the sections in predetermined relation to the stock, a pendulum supported in a recess formed in the stock, weights carried by and movable relative to the pendulum, index fingers carried by the pendulum, a

dial with which said fingers cooperate, a-

screw mounted in the stock foren'gagin'g and H. L. H NTER.

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U.S. Classification33/351, 33/398, 33/376
International ClassificationG01C9/00, G01C9/12
Cooperative ClassificationG01C9/12
European ClassificationG01C9/12