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Publication numberUS1586337 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 25, 1926
Filing dateSep 28, 1925
Priority dateSep 28, 1925
Publication numberUS 1586337 A, US 1586337A, US-A-1586337, US1586337 A, US1586337A
InventorsStockwell Frederick E
Original AssigneeStockwell Frederick E
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Cleaning device
US 1586337 A
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May 25, 192B.


Fke'omlc/r A". Ema/1W5; L

Patented May 25, 192 6. v

UNITED STATES PATE T; f o rricnf rm nnmcx n. s'r'ooKwELL, or snanozu HILL, PENNSYLVANIA.


Application filed September as, i925. Serial No. 59,225.

My invention relates to a new and useful line 33 of Figure 2. I

cleaning device particularly adapted for cleaning theinterior of water closet bowls,

and it relates more particularly to a novel cleaning device of the character stated, composed of a body of a resilient material such as rubber, gum or the like, of a suitable shape so as to conform to the general contour of suchbowls. i

My invention further relates to a novel cleaning device of the character stated, wherein-the cleansing action is obtained by the close contact between the smooth inner surface of the bowl and the various portions of said resilient body, producing what is known as a squeegee effect. v I

With the above ends in view, my invention consists of a cleaning device of thercharacter stated, having a body of a resilient material. and an upper rounded flange surrounding the-upper portion of said body, also formed ofrsaid resilient material adapted to extend underneath the overhanging upper edge or rim of water closet bowls, thereby to enable a thorough cleansing of the underside of said overhanging rim of said bowl.

My invention further consists of a cleaning device of the character stated, having an elongated resilient body, an upper tubular projection adapted to receive the lower end of a suitable rigid handle member, whereby said cleaning device may be manipulated so as to reach all parts of the inner surface of the bowls to be cleansed and, particularly,

to enable the thorough cleaning of the lower outlet or drain exit of such bowls, the nose particularly adapted for that purpose.

For the purpose of illustrating my inven tion, I have shown in the accompanying drawings forms thereof which are at present preferred by me since they will give in prac Figure 3 represents a, vertical section on Figure l represents a vertical section similar tothat shown in Figure 2, showing a modified construction embodying my invention. i

' Referringito the drawings, in which like referencecharacters indicate likeparts, 1

designates the body portion of my novel cleaning device, generally of an elongated shape, having the upper projection 2 preferably formed integral therewith and preferably inclined slightly as shown in Figures 1 and 2; said projection 2 having an axial opening 3 which is adapted to receivethe rigid handle member 4:. The rigid handle 4i may then be permanently secured in said lower projection 2 by means of av suitable metallic ferrule or band 5, which may be forced upon the end of the upper projection '2 or may be crimped'in position, thereby to 1 While in the drawings I have shown only one particular shape of body, the specific shape thereof maybe varied to the extent that the ridges may be placed closer or surface of such body portion.

In order'to permit the'cleaning'of the bowl beneath the overhanging upper peripheral flange thereof, I provide a rounded peripheral bead 7vsurrounding the upper edge'of the body 1, also preferably formed integral with the body portion. By means of this peripheral head portion, itis possible to get underneath the peripheral flanges of the bowl, thus effecting a thorough cleaning of bowl. p r r While in the'figures I have shown a cleansing device of the character stated, the body portion of which is madeof a soft or resili- -ent solid rubber, itis within the scope of my invention to producethe same of sponge rubber as well. Similarly, while the upper hollow projection also may be formed of pure rubber and integral with the body portion l, it may be preferable to provide a I slight protuberance-s may be provided on the piece of said elongated body portion being I hollow, projection 2 of rubberized fabric or fabric inlaid with rubber, thereby to increase the rigidity of said hollow projection and thus to increase the .nigidityoflthe support-of 5 the handle l, as shown particularly in Figure 4.

It will now be apparent that I have devised a novel and useful construction of a cleaning device which embodies the features of advantage enumerated as desirable :in the tice satisfactory and reliable results, it is to be understood thatsueh embodiment is susceptible ofmodification in various particulars -witl1out= departing from the 1 spirit or scope of the invention orsacrificing any "of itsadvantages.

1 Having thus describedmy invention, what I claimas new and desire to secure by'Let- -ters Patentis:

'1. A cleansing-device ofthe character fies-stated, for the interiorof-bowls'and the like,

comprisingan elongatedresilient body por- I tion-having a suitable variformedsurface to conform to-the inner-surface of'a bowl,-an -upper hollow. projection, a Y rigidhandle member securedtosaid projection and a peripheral beadsurroundingsaid body and extendmgeupwardly therefrom.

2. A .cleansing device of the character stated, for the interior, of;-bowls and. the like, comprising an elongated sponge rubber portion having. asuitable-iiari-formed surface to conform to the inner surface of a bowl, an upper :hollow projection, a rigid handle member secured to said projection and a -peripheral:bead surrounding said body and extending upwardly therefrom.

3. A cleansing-device of' the character stated, for the interiorof bowls and the like, comprising an-- elongated resilient body portion having a suitable 'variformed surface to conform to the innersurface of za bowl, a hollow projection having fabric -core,- a rigid handle member secu-red-to said proj ection and an upper peripheral bead-surrounding said body and extending'upward- 1y therefrom, and a'metallic -ferruleclamped about said ho'llow projection, permanently securing"- said handle member therein 4. lb cleansing dev'ice of t he' character stated, for the interior of bowlsmnd the like, comprising an elongated'resilientbody portion having a suitable 'variformed sur- "face't0 c0nf0r1n to the inner surfaee' of a bowl, hollow projection :havinga fabric core and an-upper peripheral bead surround- -ing said body and extending upwardly therefrom.


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