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Publication numberUS1586375 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 25, 1926
Filing dateOct 9, 1924
Priority dateOct 9, 1924
Publication numberUS 1586375 A, US 1586375A, US-A-1586375, US1586375 A, US1586375A
InventorsMetcalf Howard H
Original AssigneeBattle Creek Bread Wrapping Ma
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Sealing machine
US 1586375 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

' May 25 1926.

H. H. METCALF SEALING MACHINE Filed Oct. 9, 1924 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 INVENTOR Howard ILMetc ATTORNEYS" H. H. METCALF May 25,1926. 1,586,375

SEALING MACHINE Filed Oct. 9, 1924 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 .fl IE. 28 1 11v VENTOR Howard H. Mefcalf A TTORNEYS Patented May '25, .1926.



Applicationflled. October 9,1924. Serial 110.742, 620.

This invention relates to improvements in sealing machines.

My present improvements relate particularly to the type of machine shown in my.

which" the inner ends ,of the central way members 7 are secured. These way me'mbers 7 are also secured to the cross pieces 3.

I also provlde adjustable side way memapplication for Letters Patent filed August bers 9, the inner ends of which are mounted 6, 1923, Serial No. 655,980, my present imon carria es 10 disposed below the plane 4 60 provements as illustrated being an adaptation to the mechanism there shown. My imrovements are, however, desirable and read- 11y adapted for use in other types of wrappin and sealing machines. 1

The main objects. of this invention are: First, to provide an improved sealing'm'achine which is adaptable to a =very' wide and simu taneously adjusted by means of the reversely threaded rod 11 havin a hand wheel 14 at one end. This rod has arings in the side members of the frame as shown in Fig. II. V

- The outer ends of the adjustable way1 bers 9 are/supported by the rods 12, t members having slides a 13 slidable on" the 15 range in the size of loaves of bread or other rods. Thus supported, the way members 9 articles to be wrapped.

Second, to. provide an improved sealin machine having these advantages in whic the adjustment 'isvery simple "and quickly eifecte Objects pertaining to .details and economies of construction and operation of my improvements will definitely appe ar from the detailed description to follow. 4

I accomplish the objects of my invention by the devices and means descrlbedzin the following specification. 'The invention is smallest'size.

clearly defined and pointed out in the claims.

A structure embodying the features of my invention is clearly illustrated in the accompanying drawin forming a part of this application, inw ich: I A

Fig. I is a'perspect've view of a wrapping and sealing machine embodying the features of my invention. I

Fig. II is a transverse sectional view on a line corresponding to line 2-2 of Fig. I.

Fig. III is a transverse sectional view on a line corresponding to line 3-3 of Fig. I.

The sectional views are taken looking in the direction ofthe little arrows at the ends of the section lines and similar numerals of. reference indicate'similar parts in all of the views.

Referring to the drawing, I provide a pair of Ion 'tudinal base members 1 u on which the si e members 2 are mounte the side members 2 being preferably castings. These side members are connected by cross members 3 roviding a rigid frame.

The ottom heating plate 4 carrying the heating unit 5 is mounted centrally upon the f side members 2. This bottom heating plate are simultaneously adjusted to and from each other through manipulationof the hand wheel l. T

movablyand adjustably supported by the mods 16 disposed through bores 17 in the side of-adjusta le'way members the rods being passed throughbores 19in the way members 15., Theway members15 may be removed? by j removing the rods '16 and the machine closed-up for the loaves or articles of the maybe separatedi Or, they the removable members 15 put in place an the rods inserted, thereby supporting the members 15'so that they can be centered between the central and-adjustable-way mem- The removablelwaymembers 15 are re memf e way bers when the way-is fiully extended as shown in Fig. I.

The way members 9 in front ,of the heating plate 4 have folders20, 21 and 22 mounted thereon sothat the folders are adjustable with the way members. As the details of these folders form no part of the invention they are'not further. described herein. H

The side sealing plates 23 are mounted on the carriages 10. The cooling plates 24 are ,mounted on the rear adjustable side way ,Iriembeix Sealing machines embodying the features of my invention: may be readily adjusted to loaves or articles, of widely varying dimenslons.

I have illustratedanddescribed my improvements in an embodiment or. adaptation which I have found very practical. I have not attempted to illustrate or describe other embodiments or adaptations as I believe the disclosure made will enable the embodiment or adaptation thereof as may be desired.

Having thus described myinvention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. In a sealing machine, the combination of a frame comprising side and cross members, a bottom heating platemounted on said frame, carriages disposed below said bottom heating plate, means for simultaneously adjusting said carriages to and from each other, a central way member, adjustablg way members mounted onsaid carriages, said ad justable way members having transverse bores therein, supporting'rods removably arranged in said bores, and intermediate way members disposed between said adjustable 7 way members and said central way member and hav ng transverse bores therein to receive sald rods whereby sald mtermediate members are adjustably and removably supported.

" 2. In a sealing machine, the combination with a heating means, of a way operatively associated with said heating means and comprising a central way member and adjustable side way members, said side way members having transverse bores, supporting rods removably arranged in said bores, and intermediate way members disposed between said adjustable way members and said central way member and having transverse bores therein .to receive said rods whereby said intermediate way members are adjustably and removably supported.

h Iniwitnes's whereof I have hereunto set my HOWARD H. METOALF.

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