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Publication numberUS1586656 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 1, 1926
Filing dateJul 23, 1925
Priority dateJul 23, 1925
Publication numberUS 1586656 A, US 1586656A, US-A-1586656, US1586656 A, US1586656A
InventorsCorey Frank W
Original AssigneeCorey Frank W
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US 1586656 A
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Patented .lune l, 19726.

, FRANK W. oonnryor MOBRIDGE, SOUTH n zurorn.k


application ined July 23, 1925. v serial No. 1.1.5,642,

This invention rela-tes to certain improvements in clips and it is an object of the invidea device yof this general character comprising two resilient jaws constantly urging one toward` the other and provided withcoactingmeans to assure an effective grip upon the material' interposed therebetween.

The invention consists in the details of Y vconstruction and in the combination and arrangement 'of the several parts of my improved clip whereby certain important advantagesV are attained and the device rendered simpler, less expensiveand otherwise more convenient and advantageous for use, as will be hereinafter more fully set forth.

The novel features of my invention will hereinafter be definitelyy claimed.

In order that my invention maybe better understood, I will now proceed to describe the same with reference to the accompanying drawings, wherein Figure l isa View in elevation illustrating a clip constructed in accordance with anfembodiment of my invention in applied position, f

is aview, in perspective Vof my improved clip as herein disclosed unapplied;

Figurev 3 is a sectional view taken lengthwise through the device as illustrated in Figure 2.

As herein disclosed, my improved clip is Aformed of a single piece of'material, preferably met-al possessing requisite inherent resiliency, and which 1s folded upon itself to provide a back l substantially cylindrical in form to provide a. split barrel, the longitudinal marginal portions ofy said back or barrel 1 being continued bythe plates 2 here in disclosed as parti-circular in form. f

Each of the plates 2 at its central part yis continued by an elongated arm 3 of'desired length, the outer end portion 4 of which being gradually enlargedand continued by the jaw 5. The jaw 5 is substantially rectangular in form and has its outer longitudinalV marginal portion outwardly flared to provide-therealong a lip 6. One of the jaws 5 is provided with an elongated slot 7 disposed in a direction transverse to the associated arm 3 while the second jaw 5 has struck therefrom a iange` 8 disposed .sub-

Y UNITED.` sitrlzsl PATENT ;oFAI-lc'lr`- stantially at right angles thereto and which normally .projects or extends through the slot 7, theV free or outer longitudinal marginal portion of said flange 8 being provided with the teeth 9. f Y f My improvedclip is particularly adapted to hold against dropping or falling down the rolled up lower portion ofthe leg of overalls or other trousers and as disclosed in Figure lof the accompanying drawings, a clip is illustratedas engaged from above with the rolled portion R although itis to be lun'derstood that if preferred it canbe engaged therewith from below. When applied, the rolled portion R is received substantially en-V tirely between the plates 2, the'arms 8 and the Jaws 5, the cylindrical member or barrel l` assuring an effective bridging of amarginal edge of suchrolled portion. The inherent resiliency of the arms 3 together with Vthe plates 2 and jaws 5 causethe same to urge one toward the other with sufficient tension to effectively clamp said rolledpor- Vtion therebetween andthe maintenance of the clip inrapplied position is assured by the coa-ction betweenk the flange Sand the `slot 7 such-action being further facilitated by the teeth 9.

The clip when applied providesv an effective medium to prevent the rolled portion R of the trouser leg from Vfalling down.` i f From the foregoing description it is thought to be obvious that a clip constructed in accordance with my invention `is particularly well adapted for use by reason of the convenience and facilitywith whichl it may be assembled and operated, and it will also` be obvious that my inventionis susceptible of some changev and modification without departing from the principles and spirit there-y of andV for this reason I dov not' wish to be understood as limitingmyself to the precise o tudinal margins of said back being continued i by plates one overlying the other, elongated jaws being proif'ided with a slot and the overlying arms extending from the central other with a flange disposed toward said portions of the plates, and jaws carried by s lot, said plates, arms and jaws constantly I0 the outer ends of the arms, said jaws being urging one toward the other.

of a width materially greater than the width In testimony whereof I hereunto affix my of the arms, said arms being positioned sub: signature.

stantially central of the jaws, one of said v FRANK W. COREY.

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U.S. Classification24/562
International ClassificationA41F17/00, A41F17/02
Cooperative ClassificationA41F17/02
European ClassificationA41F17/02