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Publication numberUS1587038 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 1, 1926
Filing dateMar 23, 1923
Priority dateFeb 26, 1922
Publication numberUS 1587038 A, US 1587038A, US-A-1587038, US1587038 A, US1587038A
InventorsNicholas Sandor
Original AssigneeNicholas Sandor
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Electric-light container
US 1587038 A
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June 1 1926.

' N. SANDOR ELECTRIC LIGHT CONTAINER Film March 23, 1923 R m N H S a, r S 00 If M l w m 7 N 2. E 0 5 m a A E a Patented June 1, 1926.



Application flied March ae, 1923, Serial no.

This invention relates to a carton for holding an electric light and has for its object the provision of a simple and eificient carton for that purpose. At the present time the most popular type of electric light container is an oblong or square wrapper having a central corrugated paper portion. The present carton is a considerable improvement over this form of container in that it is far more rigid and efiectively protects the electric light bulb and at the same time the container is of such construction that it may be produced in large quantities at extremely low cost.

In the drawings,-

Figure 1 is a plan view of the blank from which the contalner is formed. 7

Fig. 2 is a vertical cross section through tlie container showing the electric bulb in p ace.

Fig. 3 is a top plan view of the container made up ircm the blank.

Fig. 4c is a section taken transversely of the container and looking downward.

The blank 10 consists of a plurality of panels formed by the transverse scorings 11 til and the longitudinal scorings 12. The four 'panels 15 are each oblong and are of the same size making a container square in horizontal cross section. The side flap 16 is secured to the edge 17 of the panel at the opposite end of the blank by wire fastenings or in any other usual way.

The score lines 11 extend past the panels 15 and form side members 21 on the two end flaps 19 which are trapezoidal in shape diverging outwardly from the panels so that the adjacent end flaps 20 are of similar shape but converge outwardly. The end flaps 19 and 20 close the top end of the box, that is,

'- the end that receives the metal socket of the lamp while the integral unslitted flap 22 forms the end of the flap receiving the tip ed end of the bulb.

it each junction between the horizontal and transverse scores as at 23 at the bottom of the blank two outwardly divergingscore lines 2% and 25 are formed, forming 1n effect four end flaps two of which, as 27, when the box is complete, lie closely to adjacent walls of the panels 15 while the adjacent end flaps 28 extend somewhat inwardly making an angle of 45 or less with the score line 12 forming the bottom of the container,

627,212, and in Germany February 26, 1922.

The small triangular members 30 integral with both the flaps 27 and 28 prevent movement of the flaps 28 into the plane of the score line 12 when the container is formed. Small semi-circular cuts as 32 are formed in the center of the outer end face of each of the flaps 28 forming a substantially circular orifice for the reception of the tip of the electric light bulb.

1n the center of each of the four panels 15 an indentation 35 is formed having a dual function to form an advertisement, it being an illustration of the lamp contained in the box and second and more important to form an inwardly extending projection to engage the wall of the electric light bulb and therefore efiectively prevent crushing of the bulbs from sidewise pressure when a number of the containers are packed in the carton.

By having the end flaps connected to the adjacent end flaps 28, the latter are supported in their inclined or upwardly directed position by the former, the support afiorded by the flaps 27 being such as to maintain flaps properly positioned when the comparatively light bulb is placed on the flaps. Flaps 27 not only afiord suficient support for the flaps 28 by having the flaps connected, but flaps 28 are also held against lateral movement within the box. Furthermore, by utilizing the connecting portions of the blank for these purposes, the length of the end flaps, and consequently the overall dimensions of the blank, are reduced, as it is not necessary to have the end flaps which support the top end of the bulb cross or overlap each other as in some of the prior patented structures. In applicants container it will be noted that the flaps 28 do not overlap or cross each other.

What I claim is:

1. A container having four sides and having a singe piece end closure scored to form Elli four outwardly converging flaps joined totip receiving recesses, said alternate flaps begether by triangular members, two of said 7 ing supported in inclined positions within flaps being supported in inclined position the container by the other twofiaps and the Within the container by the other two. flaps, integral. triangular'members. each of said inclined flaps lying entirely on 5 3. Acontainer havin four sides and havopposite sides of the transverse center of the ing a single iece end c osure scored to form container. four outwar ly converging flaps joinedto NICHOLAS SANDOR.

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U.S. Classification206/418, 229/143, 229/138
International ClassificationB65D5/50
Cooperative ClassificationB65D5/5009
European ClassificationB65D5/50A2P