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Publication numberUS1587206 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 1, 1926
Filing dateSep 29, 1924
Priority dateSep 29, 1924
Publication numberUS 1587206 A, US 1587206A, US-A-1587206, US1587206 A, US1587206A
InventorsCharles E Williams
Original AssigneeGen Motors Corp
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US 1587206 A
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June 1 1926. 1,587,206

. C. E. WILLIAMS CARBURETOR Filed Sept. 29, 1924 swim I 35% gz J r W2 V44.

latented June l, 192%.

e was,



Application filed September 29, 1924.

'his invention relates to carlmretors, and is illustrated as embodied in a carburetor of the type used on the Cadillac automobile.

An object of the invention is to guard against tluttering of the' auxiliary air valve, due to coincidence of the period of vibration of the auxiliary air valve with the period of the suction impulses from the engine ata certain speed when the throttle approaches open position. In one desirable arrangement, fluttering is prevented by making the auxiliary air valve in two parts having different periods of vibration, so that any vibrations of one part are damped out by theother part.

From a-somewhat ditierent point of View, another object of the invention is to provide means for relieving pressure in the carburetor in case of back-firing from the engine, by providing an outwardly opening valve member. Preferably this member forms one of the above-described parts of the auxiliary air valve.

In the particular embodiment illustrated in the drawings, the auxiliary air valve includes an inwardly-opening pivoted disk, having an opening or port therethrough which is normally closed by a pivotallymounted auxiliary disk or valve member, weighted to have a different period 01 vibration from the inwardly-opening disk, and which can yield in case of back-tiring.

The above and other objects and features oi the invention, including various novel and desirable details of construction, will be apparent from the following description oi. one illustrative embodiment shown in the accompanying drawings, in which:

Figure 1 is side elevation 01" a carburetor, broken away to show the auxiliary air valve in vertical section;

Figure 2 is an end elevation of the carburetor, broken away to show the auxiliary air valve spring;

Figure 3 is a bottom plan view of the auxiliary air valve and the adjacent part of the carburetor casing; and

Figure 4- is section corresponding to part of Figure 1., but showing the auxiliary air valve open, with the outwardly-opening part dan'iping out the fluttering action.

In the arrangement selected for illustration, the carburetor comprises a float chamber 10 below the usual iuel nozzle and primary air intake (not shown in detail), at

Serial No. 740,480.

one side of which is the auxiliary air chamber 12, and at the other side of which is a throttle pump 14 operated by the throttle shaft 16 when the throttle is opened suddenly to force extra fuel through the fuel nozzle, temporarily to enrich the mixture. A flange 18 is provided for attaching the carburetor to the intake manifold or connections. Exceptas further described below, these parts or their equivalents may be of any desired construction.

In the air chamber 12 is a flanged opening 20 forming an air intake passage, controlled by an auxiliary air valve including a disk 22, having an opening or port 24, and carried by an arm 2-6 pivoted on a spindle 28. Disk 22 opens, to admit air, against the re sistance oi a compression spring secured to a split clamp 32 secured to a spindle 34. Spindle 3 may be rocked to increase the resistance oi the spring, when starting the engine, by an arm 36. The ordinary run ning position of spindle 34L is adjustably determined by a setscrew 38 engaging the clamp member 32.

Opening or port 24: is normally closed by an auxiliary disk 40, engaging the bottom oi disk 22, and carried by a forked arm 42 pivoted on spindle 28. lhe forks of arm l2 are extended to support a weight 44 yieldingly holding disk 40 in position against disk 22 closing the opening 24. The parts described above are so weighted that disks 22 and -10 have different periods of vibration. Thus when, as shown in Figure 4, fluttering starts, disk 2:2 swings away from disk 40, so that the non-synchronous movement of the two disks quickly den ":5 out the fluttering vibrations. Since disk -l0 opens outwardly, it can yield in case of back-firing.

While one illustrative embodiment oi: the invention has been described in detail, it is not the intention to limit its scope to that particular embodiment, or otherwise than by the terms of the appended claims.

I claim: a

1. A carburetor having, in combination a chamber having an auxiliary air p. ssage, and an auxiliary air valve in two parts con trolling said passage, the parts being separately movable in the line of airflow and normally in contactwith each other, and being so weighted that they cannot both oscillate at the same rate.


2. An auxiliary air valve comprising a pivoted disk opening upward in response to engine. suction and formed with an opening, and a second disk pivoted for movement concurrently with the first disk and counter-sighted to be held normally against the first disk to close said opening.

3. An auxiliary air valve comprising a fulcrun'i pin, an arm pivoted thereon, a valve disk carried by the arm and formed with an opening, asecondarm pivoted on the fulcrum pin, a disk, carried by the second arm,, and means acting on the second arm yieldingly holding its disk: against the valve disk over said-ope nng.

4-. A carburetor comprising, in combination, a chamber-having an auxiliary air inlet passage, and a non-fluttering auxiliary air valve controlling said passage and consisting of a valve member movable to open or close or restrict the opening and which is formed With a port therethrough, and a counter-Weighted swinging cooperating member normally moving with the valve member and closing the port but which can open outwardly in case of back-firing or in case of fluttering.

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature.


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U.S. Classification137/493, 261/DIG.100, 261/34.2, 137/532, 137/527.8
International ClassificationF02M23/09
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