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Publication numberUS1587335 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 1, 1926
Filing dateNov 2, 1922
Publication numberUS 1587335 A, US 1587335A, US-A-1587335, US1587335 A, US1587335A
InventorsFred J. Kline
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Fred j
US 1587335 A
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June 1 1926.

F. J.` KLINE CLAMPING DEUCE Filed N ov. 2, 1922 @5% (1i/tome@ C j maa@ Patented June l, 1926.


oLaMrrNe nnvron.

Application filed November This invention relates to devices adapted 'lor claniping various things including papers, documents, letters, flowers, bouquets, and other articles.

The main object of the invention is to provide an inexpensive device oi' this class which `is adapted ttor holding considerable quantities of papers, flowers, and the like. Another object is to provide a device of this class which is especially adapted 'tor manu- Jfacture in automatic wire-bending machines.

The means l prefer to employ to accomplish the above-mentioned objects, togetherl with other advantageous 'features oit my improved clamping device for papers, flowers,

and other articles, are illustrated in the drawing accompanying and forming part ot this specification, and in which- Figure 1 is a plan ot my improved device ior clamping papers, lowers, and other articles, and

Fig. 2 is a section of the same on the line 2 2 of Fig. 1.

Like characters ot reference denote like parts in both the tigures of the drawing.

The device preferably embodies a wire clip of special form and which is designated generally by the numeral 2. The said clip may be used in any suitable manner and is ordinarily combined with and'mounted on a cardboard backing member such as indicated by 3. Preferably the clip 2 has a loop Ll consisting oi a horizontal portion G and two longitudinal portions or plies 7, the longitudinal portions being bent backward slightly at 8 to form suitable clamping portions to hold papers, and are bow-shaped or bent forward considerably at 9 to form portions adapted for clamping flowers, bouquets, and the like, and from the parts 9 the longitudinal portions continue on to the two points 10, side by side. The wire is then bent transversely at each side, preferably outwardly in opposite directions, and ordinarily so as to form il-shaped portions such as 'those designated in the drawing by 11, and the lower pointsot which are indicated by 12. Art the outer parts 13 oi each or said V-shaped portions, the wire is preferably bent over to form long tongues such as lll, one on each side ot the clip.

rlhe cardboard backing member 3 is preferably formed with two, small, spaced. apart 2, 1922. Serial No. 598,488.

holes 15, and the tongues 1i are adapted to be pushed through them as illustrated in Fig. 1, allowing them to rest on the rear surface 16 ot' said backing member 3. rthe lower points 12 ot the ij-shaped transverse portions 11 rest in the holes 15 oi the ineinber 3, holding the clip in place. rElie points 10 ulcrum the downwardly extending or longitudinal portions or" the loop Ll. Y rhe clamping portions 8 on each side are ordinarily used tor clamping papers, letters, documents, and the like, and the portions 9 on each side, are used tor clamping flowers, bouquets, and articles round in form. The clip 2 can be sprung outwardly a considerable distance to hold large numbers oie papers, iiowers, and the like, as indicated at 'in broken lines. There is a torsional or twisting stress inthe if-shaped transverse portions 11 which gives the clip its clamping eil'ect and this increases as the clip is opened to receive more papers, flowers, etc. so that more pressure is exerted by the clip as more articles are added, up to the limit of its holding capacity.

Up and down displacement. or' the clip 2 is prevented by the position of the portions 12 in the holes 15 ot the backing member 3, and diagonal displacement is also largely prevented thereby. It is also to be noted that the portions 11 are centered by the holes 15 at the points 12 by reason oi' the lil-shape or said portions, as well as said holes being apertures through which the tongues 'i-'r n be passed to the rear side of the bac member 3.

rlhe clip 2 is also adapted to clamp papers without a backing member'l, and in such a case the papers are passed between the loop l and the tongues 1a in the same plane as that ot the backing member until the top edges of the papers are in the vicinity ott' the transverse portions 11. 1t will be seen from the foregoing that the device is very eliicient and ot low cost, and the clips ior the saine are well adapted to be made in automatic wire-forming machines.

lWhat I claim is A device oil the class described comprising a backing member having openings therein to receive portions of a clamping element 'formed from a single length of wire, said element including a U-shaped jaw portion adapted ie beer upon the face o1 the beekng member and les formed integral with the jew adapted to meer upon the rear face of the backing member, ef-shaped portions ntegrey connecting che legs with the jaw and having their epexes passing through he openings n seid bucking mexber.y :md euch of said xl-shaped portions having corresponding portions lying in u plane puralel to its remaining portion to receive herebe- 10 tween the backing member.

Signed et New York, in the eeunty of New York, and Siete 0i" New York7 This 16th dej;

of Getober, 192:2.


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U.S. Classification24/67.11, 211/51, 206/477
Cooperative ClassificationB42F9/00