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Publication numberUS1587950 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 8, 1926
Filing dateOct 3, 1925
Publication numberUS 1587950 A, US 1587950A, US-A-1587950, US1587950 A, US1587950A
InventorsEdward D. Hare
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Device eor cleaning jewelry
US 1587950 A
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June 8 1926.

E. D. HARE DEVICE FOR CLEANINGJEWELRY Filed Oct. 5, 1925 C i v Patented June 8, 1926.



Application filed October 3, 1925.. Serial No. 60,277.

'This invention relates to a device for cleaning rings and other jewelry and the object thereof is to provide a receptacle to contain cleaning material, and means adapted to'be inserted therein to suspend rings in'the receptacle, so that the receptacle can be shaken, and thereby agitate the contents, and thereby clean the rings.

The features of my invention are hereinafter fully described and pointed out and are illustrated in the accompanying drawing in which:

The figure is a central vertical section of a receptacle embodying my invention.

In the drawing A indicates a receptacle made preferably of glass provided with an internal annular shoulder B adjacent to the upper end thereof, and is provided with a suitable cork for closing the upper end thereof. Resting on the shoulder B is a metallic bar D in which are secured posts E, provided with heads on their lower ends. Slidably mounted on said posts is a metallic bar F, and between the bar-F, and bar D a upon said posts E are springs G which press the bar F away from the bar D, the heads on the lower ends of the posts E retaining the bar F on said posts.

Stickpins can be inserted into the cork C so that they will project into the receptacle and be suspended therein while being cleaned. v

Inoperation the bars D'and F are lifted out of the receptacle, and pressed together by compressing the springs G, and rings de- 35, sired to, be cleaned are slipped onto said bars, and the bar F isv released so that the bars spread apart, thereby holding the rings steady, while the cleansing fluid in the receptacle A is, agitated.

Having thus fully shown and described my invention so that others can utilize'the same, what I claim as new and desire to. secure by Letters Patent is:

A receptacle, an annular shoulder within said receptacle, a transverse bar resting upon said shoulder, downwardlyextending spaced posts secured in said bar, a transverse bar slidably mounted on said posts, heads on said posts to prevent said last mentioned bar from fallingoff of said posts, springs on said posts between said transverse bars, and acork to close said receptacle and maintain said first mentioned bar'down upon said shoulder.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature.


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U.S. Classification215/386, 134/201
Cooperative ClassificationB65D23/00