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Publication numberUS1588094 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 8, 1926
Filing dateJun 30, 1924
Priority dateJun 30, 1924
Publication numberUS 1588094 A, US 1588094A, US-A-1588094, US1588094 A, US1588094A
InventorsLee Chambers Willie
Original AssigneeWilliam H Hoegee Co Inc
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Fruit-picker's bag
US 1588094 A
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June 8 1926.

w. L. CHAMBERS FRUIT PICKER `s BAG Filed June 3o. 1924 hr-E31.


van Flu, Rmx

WILL/Elfe CHAMBERS 'Patented une v8, 19.26.. i


Application filed :fune 370, 1.924.V -Seria1 11'o.,723,330.

invention relates tofruit pickers bags,

and a purpose.k of my invention is the provision of a bag which is structurally simple and extremely durable, and which includes vmeans by which the entrance endyof its mouth is held open, but with suiiiciently yielding vaction to lallow the upper edge bf the bag to readily conform tothe con.

tour of that portion of the piclers body which it'engages, whereby the usual discom- V fort incident to the use vof other bags .is

entirely eliminated. f Y f I am aware that bagshavebeen hereto* fore proposed in` which they aimed to eliminate such discomfort, but the frames provided for maintaining the bag mouth in open position have not been sufliciently Hexible or resilient to allow the back upper edge of the bag to conform to the contour of the body ofthe picker. This` is particularly true of the bags designed foruse in the picking of cantaloupes. or any other fruit .in which it is necessary to bend the body for` wardly when pickingthe fruit, thus exert-V ing a body pressure against the back edgeof the bag, which sets up great discomfort. I will describe only onel form of fruit pickers bag embodying will then point out the novel features thereof in claims. Y f

In the accompanying drawings: Y Figure 1 is a view showing in perspective one' form of fruit pickers bag embodying my invention; Y Y l Y Figure 2 isa detail perspective view showing the means for maintaining the bag mouth in open position; Y Y

Figures 3 and 4 are vertical sectional views taken on the lines B-Sand 4-4, re-4 v indicated in Figure'l, and as clearly 'shown 1n Figure 4. To reinforce the stitching andV spectively, of Figure 1.

Referring specifically to the drawings, in

which similar reference characters refer to similar parts,'my invention in its present embodiment includes a bag body designated at B, which is formed vofflexible material and which has its lower end open,.but normally `closed by bending the same upwardly in the usual manner, as clearly illustratedV in Figure 1. The upper end of the bag body is maintained in. open position at all times by means of a frame designated generally at Fand which, as shown in Figure 2, comprises a single length of resilient wire bent to form arcuate rods and 16 co-extensive in length and disposed in spaced parallel my invention, and

relation, with their ends rigidlyfconnec'ted.

'The ends of the Wire of Which-'the frame is formed termina-te ineyes 17 which are permanently connected. The rods 15 and 16 are maintained against spreading by straps 18 and riveted in the formYA of loops, as clearly shown in 'Figure- 2.V is bent upon'itself to provide `eyes 19 arranged inV pairs adjacent `the opposite ends of the frame for the purpose of receiving hangers orbrackets 20. yEachbracket-20is formed of a single length fof wire ,bentin substantially Ufform, with its extremities provided with hooks 21-,and its medial portion with an eye 22.which is adapted to be engaged by ahook 23 carried by asup# porting strap 24. 4 j i f The resilient frame F is held in substantially U- or semi-circular form by meansof a connecting strip K which,inthe present 1nstance,'1s formed of leather `or other suitthat the connecting strip isheldin fully y.

extended position, butyieldable, so asto allow the necessary flexing of the strip vto perform the purpose for which it is designed.

In the appliedposition of the frame F within the upper or mouth edge of the bag body, the edgeportion ofthe flexible ma` terial of which the bagbody isformed' is folded yover the frame and then'stitchedas thus maintainv theframe in proper position, sheets 26 of leather or other suitable material are.. extended over the`fedge' and riveted or otherwise secured so that the lframe is securely held in the edge'of the bag. The connecting strip K isl associated with the The .upper rod 15.

. i 6.9 formed of leather or other suitable materialV Y' mouth edge in a mannersimilar to that of the frame F in'that the upperedge portionl of thebag body is foldedupo'n itself and stitched so 'as to provide an edge pocket in which thestrip is received. This arrangement is clearly shown in "Figure 3.

For reinforcing that edge of the bag mouth. through which the connecting strip VK extends, -and which edge will be hereinwith"the=back edge, withits ends extended forwardlyto the curved` or 2front edge of the mouth, as clearly illustrated in'Figure l.

With fthe', frame 'F in applied position within the front yedge of the mouth, the eyes-1,9 are extended through suitable openings formed infthe :front edge so'as'to be associated with the supporting hangers or brackets 20 and 4V`to permit the subsequent applicationiof the 'supporti-ng strap 2% to the hangers.

The open 'lower end ofthe bag body B i'sadapted to be held in'cl'osed position by a cordor rope which'includes two strands 28I and 29 provided at their lower ends with rings 30 secured in loopedstraps 3l riveted to the bag body; The strands 28 and 29 are knotted at the point indicated at 32 to secure a ring 33 thereon, and this-ring is adapted to engage al hook 34 secured to the upper Iedge ofthe bag mouth by -a strap 35.

'By Athis*arrangement=it-wfill be seen that when'the ring 33 engages the hook 34, the rope operates to maintain the lower end of the bag in closed position.

Inpractice, the back edge of the bag mouth reposes against the :body ofthe picker, and @during the picking of the fruit from; theground, itis-:necessary that the picker lean forwardly, thus exerting a pressure against the vbackredge of the bag. -By virtue of the resilient frame F the connecting strip K isqsuppor'ted so as Atol yield to any pressure exertedthereon and to thus permit the strip aswell asV the-pad 127 to conform to thatpor-tion of the pickers body engaging the bacledge. In this manner the discomfort Vcaused by the usual rigid back edge pressing againstthe pickers body `is eliminated, .while at the Sametime the,` resilient framel functionsto properly maintainl the 'ba'g mouth in--open position.V e

Although I have herein shown and` described only one form of fruit pickersbag embodying my invention, it isl to be understood that various changes and :modifications may be made herein without departing from the spirit of the invention and the sp'prit `and scope of the=appended claims.

What I'claim is:

l. A bag of the characterdescribed comprising a 'body' of flexible material, and

means for maintaining the Vmouth of the bag in open position, including a bowed resilient member, and a flexible member connect-ing the ends ofthe resilientmemberand capable of being drawn taut so as to flex the resilient member to conform to an arc and hold the saine tensioned. Y

2. In a bag of the character described, a rframe of'arcuate forni comprising a single length of wire bent upon itself to provide curved portions disposed in spaced parallel relation yand each vportion looped at vpredetermined points 'to form ey'es,and a =strip of flexible fibrous material loopedabout the ends ofthe curved. portions-and .spanning the ends of theframe.

3. A bag of the'c'haracter described, as embodied=in claim A2, wliereinfthey strip of flexible material is associated with the frame vinsuchf-:manner that Y the Aframe is held in ten'sionlbyithe` strip and the strip fully extended. l

4,-. A bag ofthe charactery described 'come prising a body yof flexible material, an arcuate frame formed of resilient wire secured within the mouth edgeof thebag 4andincluding spaced rods, `one of which is formed with eyes, a flexible strip `of; fibrous material connecting'the endsof the'frame and disposed within the mouth edge of VJthe bag, hangers secured tothe; eyes, a 'supporting strap having hooks secured to the hangers, and a flexible pad secured to that edge of the bag mouth in which the flexible strip is contained;

5. A bag of the ycharacter ldescribed comprising a body of .flexible material, an arcuate frame formed of res'i-lientwire secured within the lmouth edge -:of the bag. and including spaced rods, one of whichfise formed with eyes, `a flexiblestrip of fibrous material connecting the ends of vtheframe and `disposed within the, mouth edge of the bag,`

hangers secured to the eyes, la supporting strap having hooks secured to,v the hangers, a flexible pad secured to that edge of the bag mouth in which` the flexible strip is contained, and sheets of 'flexible material secured to the edge ofthe bag mouth and embracing the frame, for the purpose .described. n

6. In a bag of the character 4described,'a frame of arcuate formv comprising a single length of ,wire bent upon itself -to provide curved portions disposed in spacedliparallel relation and each portion looped lat predetermined points `to form eyes, and a strip of slightly extensible woven material looped about the ends of the curvediportions fand' spanningL the ends of the frame.


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