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Publication numberUS1588692 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 15, 1926
Filing dateOct 9, 1919
Priority dateOct 9, 1919
Publication numberUS 1588692 A, US 1588692A, US-A-1588692, US1588692 A, US1588692A
InventorsBelden Edward H
Original AssigneeWillys Overland Co
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Folding seat
US 1588692 A
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June 15 ,1926. 1,588,692 E. H. BELDEN FOLDING SEAT Filed 001:; 1919 4 Sheets-Sheet 1 FIE IN V EN TOR.

A TTORNEY BY l June 15 1926.

E. v H. BELDEN FOLDING SEAT Filed Oct. 9, 1919 4 Sheets-Sheet 2 IN VEN TOR. EdWaIdHBeMeJJ BY a 2, ATTORNEY June E. H. BELI JEN FOLDING SEAT Filed Oct. 9 1919 Sheets-Sheet 5 A TTORNEY June 15 1926. 1,588,692

E. H. BELDEN FOLDING SEAT Filed Oct. 9, 1919' 4 Sheets-Sheet 4 Patented June 15, 1926.




romaine sear.

This invention relates to an improved automobiles and the like.

In the construction of vehicles of this character it is desirable toprovide means whereby the ordinary seating capacity of the vehicle may be temporarily increased by means of suitably positioned folding seats capable when not'in use of being folded so as to take up a slight amount of space, and at the same design.

time be entirely out of the way of the"occu-- pants of the vehicle while 'not detracting from the One ob' ect of the invention is to provide a device of this character wherein the folding seat will in its folded position be merged into the outline of a body portion of the automobile and thus not detract from the pleasing-appearance of the design.

A further object of the invention is to provide a device of this character which is readily accessible and can be easily and quickly placed in extended position or returned'to its folded position without interference with the occupants of the vehicle.

A further object of the invention is to provide a hinged lid which in its folded position may be used as a toe-board and cover .for a storage recess, while in its extended position serveas an extra seat to increase the seating capacity of the vehicle. V

- scope of the invention as pointed out in the appended claims. A structure constituting one embodiment of the invention is illus trated in the accompanying drawings forming a part herewithin which: a

i ure I is a perspective view of an automob' e body showing the position of the folding "seat relative to the other parts of the body when the seat is in folded position.

Figure 11- is a detail perspective view ofone form of the invention illustrating the position of the folding seat when extended.

general appearance-of the body- Figure III is a transverse sectional view through the vehicle body illustrating the folding seat' shown in Figure II, in extending position and showing its relation to the front seat of the vehicle. I

Figure IV is a detail perspective view of a modified form of the invention, illustrating the position of the folding seat'with respect to the remaining partsof the vehicle body when the seat is extended.

Figure V is a transverse sectional view of the vehicle body, illustrating the position of the modified form of folding seat shown in Figure IV, with respect to the front seat of the vehicle. I

Figure VI is a detail sectional View illustrating. the folding seat shown in Figures II and III when in folded position and the operating mechanism associated therewith.

Figure VII is a detail sectional View of the modified form of seat illustrated in Figures IV and V, and showing the same in its folded position together with the supporting devices associated therewith.

In the embodiment of the invention illustrated herewith, 1 designates an automobile body of the usual or any ordinary construction which is provided with a front seat 2 and a rear seat 3 arranged in the manner ordinarily employed in devices of this character. The front seat 2 is provided with a suitable supporting frame 4 sloping downwardly and rearwardly from the base portion of the seat 2 to the flooring 5 of the automobile. A recess 6 is thus formed be neath the front seat of the automobile which is capable of being utilized in any desired manner as for the storage of various articles which it may be desired to transport. The central portion of the rearwardly sloping frame is cut away to provide an opening from the'rear seat to the recess formed beneath the front seat of the vehicle, and a closure 7 is provided which is capable of being utilized when in its folding position as a closure for the opening in the frame and a foot rest, and which when'in its extended Y folded position to rest a ainst a suitable flange 11 secured to the boring 5'of the automobile-and forming a bearing for the edge of these-at whereby the same is supported in such a position as to permit its edge portions to suitably merge into the downwardly and rearwardly. sloping frame portions 4. When'th'e seat 7 I is in its extended position it is'suitably supported by meansof'sets of links 13 and 14 having their adjacent end portions pivota-"lly connected 'as at 15 while the link 13 is pivoted to a bracket 16 secured to the floor of the vehicle and in a sinrlilait' manner the link 14 has one end thereof pi'votally secured to a bracket 17 carried by the: outer edge portion ofthe seat.

The link 14.has--an extension ls'projecting.

the same from becoming accidentally folded:

- It will be understood thatnny' desired numan" ular" extension 23 formed adjacent oneen thereofwhich 'is adaptedto co-operate her of'hingest) may be employed for securingthe upperfedge portion of the seat to the'lower edge'8fo'f tlrie front seat, and a separate pin-tle' may be'employed with eachset of hinges or a single rod may be passed throu'gh' the plurality of bin s-to serve as .a common pintleupon whicr the foldin seat may-rotate- It will also be understo arranged in duplicate, one' pair of the supporting links bein'g provide'd for' each endof this folding-seat.

In theembodiment of the invention illustrated in Figures IV, V and-VII; the folding; seat? is pivotal-ly' connectedtothe sideedges' 190i the frame 4 by means of a plurality of' araliel I links comprising-a 'airof similar inks 20 pivotally connecte to'the upper edge of' the seat as at'21'and pivotally conn'ected to thleedgelt) of the frame as at 22. Each ofthese links 20 Y is provided with: an

with a stop 24'carried by theedgc of the frame to prevent excessive movement of the link-in one direction. A- pair of pivotal-lyconnected links 25-az1id 26 are pivotally secured together as-a.t- 27- andarranged-to cbnheot the lower edge ofthefoldin'g seat with side'ed'ge tpi 'votwlly'secured toa bracket 29 carriedby the floor of the vehicle. 'The links 25 and I rtiorrs'of the seat frame at opposite ends'o the-foldingiseat; the link 25' of "properly maintaining the-foiding'seat inextended position asillustrated in dotted lines inFigure VII.

It will be seen from the above description thatasim'ple and-convenient form of folding seat is provided which is capable of being readily and easilyplaced in extended position andretained in-such-ppsition untilit becomes desirableto fold thesame. Moreover, when the foldingseat is in its folded position it merges into and-forms apart of the downwardly and rearwardly sloping. frame'portion i of the front seat whereby the operating parts are entirely concealed and positioned out ofthe way'of the occu-' pants-of the vehicle, and the seat ma serve asafoet'rest for the oecupantsof-te-rear seat.-

WhileIhave shown-and described in considerable detail a'specific embodiment of my. invention, it is to be understood"that-this' 0 showing and-description is illustrative only except in so far as I; have included such limitations Within-the terms of the-following. claims,- in which-it ismy intention to; claim-all novelty inheEent-inmyinventionbroadyf as well as speci eat 1 What Iolaim as new and desireto secureby Letters Patent is thatthe supporting: 1i take 13 and 14; together with their associated parts are preferably and having its outer face adapted tabecome 1'10 the top of-saidthird seat. 4

2. In a body structure; the combination ofa rearseat, afront seat a, hinged anelge'xtending downwardly and; rearwar' ly from the rear ofthe front sum-said panel when in folded position beingadapted to dorm-a foot rest and means for supporting the panelin substantially horizonta' position toforman extra seatthe top, of which constitutee; the-outer face of the panel inthe! closed position. u

3. In a body struetiire, a rearseat -a front seat providedwith a---compa rtment t hferemr der; a closure for the-compartment hingedly connected at its upper edge to-the-front seat and slopingg rearwardly and downwardl and means -forsupporting ,the closure in substantially horizontal position to form an extraseat, said supporting: means extend ing from points intermediate the ends of the" and normallfy beneath the seat, a tilting panel pivotallysupported at its upper edge by the seat frame and S10 ing rearwardly and downwardly to form with the frame a cover for said compartm'ent beneath the seat, means for supporting the anel in substantially horizontal position to orm an extra seat, said supporting means being concealed within the compartment when said tilting panel is in its lowered position.

5. In a vehicle body, a seat having a supporting frame, a panel carried by the frame extending downwardly and rearwardly rom the lower edgeof the seat to a point adjacent the floor of the vehicle and forming with said frame a cover for a compartment beneath the seat, and means for supporting the panel in a substantially horizontal posltion to provide an extra seatthe top of which constitutes the outer face of the panel in the closed position. 6. In a vehicle body, a front seat, a panel hinged at its upper edge and extending downwardly from the seat and rearwardly thereof an appreciable distance to a'point adjacent the floor, whereby to form an inclined foot rest, supports for the panel mounted rearwardly of and in spaced relation to the seat, and pivoted connections between said supports and the panel adapted to support the latter in a substantially horizontal position, whereby to aflord an extra seat within the body. V

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


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