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Publication numberUS1589046 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 15, 1926
Filing dateOct 30, 1925
Priority dateOct 30, 1925
Publication numberUS 1589046 A, US 1589046A, US-A-1589046, US1589046 A, US1589046A
InventorsHarold Brix
Original AssigneeSharp & Smith Inc
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US 1589046 A
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Patented June 15, 1926.




Application filed October 30,1925.

This invention relates to improvements in syringes, and more especially to a device of that character adapted for medical use, such as, for example, for the administration of a local antcsthetic.

The invention involves more particularly the hand grips on such a syringe. One of the features of the invention is the provision of such a hand grip so that the instrument` may be easily and quickly operated without inconvenience, or discomfort to the operators fingers' or hands. Another feature, is the provision of such a hand grip, so that the instrument may be readily seized or laid down.

. ther features and advantages of my invention will appear more fully as I procoed with my specification.

In that form of device embodying the features of my invention, shown in the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 is a view in side elevation of a syringe; Fig. 2 is a top plan view, and Fig. 3 is a view taken as indicated by the line 3"?) of Fig. 1.

As shown in the drawing, indicates the barrel of the syringe which may be made in the ordinary form, and 11 the usual needle. 12 indicates the usual piston or plunger rod operating through the boss 13 on the cap 14e in the usual manner. Y

I will now describe the finger` grips, or moans for holding the syringe. At the npl per end of the plunger rod 12 is a round fiat button 15. Aibove this is a finger ring 15, and on tcp of the ring 15 another flat button 17.

Diametricaliy arranged on opposite sides of' the cap 11i are provided two open finger rings or hooks 18, 18. It is to be noted that each of these grips 18 is open at the outer side; so that each is a two-pronged fork. Each of the prongs is curved outwardly as indicated by 18a.

1n the use of the syringe, two of the fingers may be placed in the hooks 18 and a third in the ring 16. The plunger 12 may then be operated. In pressing down on the plunger the finger bears against the button 15 thus preventing discomfort to it. If desired, the plunger 12 may be forced in by Serial No. 65,731.

pressure on the button 17. It will be seen that by the provision of the two buttons 15 and 17 a wider range of action for the fingers is provided.

The hooks 18, 18 being open at the sides, permit the ngers to be inserted therein through the openings at the sides, or, the fingers may be inserted down first through the loops in the same manner as they would be if the hooks were closed rings. The openings at the sides being provided, permit an easier disengagement of the fingers.

lWhile I have shown and described certain embodin'ients of my invention, itl is to be understood that it is capable of many modifications. Changes, therefore, in the construction and arrangement may be made without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention as disclosed in the appended claims, in which it is my intention to claim all novelty inherent in my invention as broadly as possible in view of the prior art.

iVha-t I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:

1. A syringe of the character described comprising; a barrel; a plunger rod; finger grips on the upper end of the barrel; a finger ring on the upper end of the plunger rod; a fiat button at the lower side of said finger ring on the plunger rod; and a flat button on the upper side of said finger ring, each of said buttons adapted to be engaged by the thumb of an operator in forcing the plunger rod downwardly.

2. syringe of the character described comprising; a. barrel, a `plunger rod; a pair of diametrically arranged finger grips on the upper end of said barrel, each of said finger grips comprising a ring open at the outer side; a finger ring on the upper end of said plunger rod; a flat button on the lower side of said finger ring, and a fiat button on the upper side of said finger ring, each of said buttons adapted to be engaged by the thumb of an operator in forcing the plunger rod downwardly.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand this 28th day of October, 1925.


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International ClassificationA61M5/31
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