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Publication numberUS1589260 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 15, 1926
Filing dateOct 2, 1920
Priority dateOct 2, 1920
Publication numberUS 1589260 A, US 1589260A, US-A-1589260, US1589260 A, US1589260A
InventorsAckermann Frank B, Greiner Walter J, Steffan William C
Original AssigneeAckermann Frank B, Greiner Walter J, Steffan William C
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US 1589260 A
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`lime 15 1926.

w. c. sTl-:Fr-'AN ET AL PENCIL 2 sheets-sheet 1 Filed OCL. 2, 1920 IN nu H III HNNIIIIIM NN me a@ WE INVENTORJ June 15 1926.

W. C. STEFFAN ET AL PENCIL .Filed oct'. 2, 1926 A2 sheets-sheet 2 svg. s.

WM.' C, Graff-AN., HB. A U/rfR MA Aw.


ATTORN EY Patented June 15, 71926.

UiSiiTaD STATES! 1,589,260 PATENT oFFicE.





Appiiation iiieaoctober a, 1920. semi in). 41:1.,165.y

This invention relates to pencils o f the screw type and an object of the invention .is to provide a pencil which is simple in .c onstruction,durable and ehcient in operation, embodying a longitudinal movable feeding stein for feeding the lead, which is operated by rotation of the cap upon the butt end of the pencil. j A

A furtherob] ect of the invention 1s to provide a tip which is split longitudinally and has a split constricted portion providing a grip upon the lead of the pencil to prevent it from slipping or moving during the use of the pencil. c Y

Another object of the invention is to provide a lead 'feeding stein carrying bar rel which is provided with a constricted portion flattened to prevent rotation of the rectangular lead feeding stein. o

Other objects of the invention will appear in the following description taken in con- '.nection with the accompanying drawings wherein: o

Fig. 1 is a side elevation of the improved pencil.

Fig. 2 is a longitudinal section through the pencil. l y

Fig. 3 is van enlargedlongitudinal'section through the tip showing the lead pro'iected.

Fig. 4 is a fragmentary view of the tip greatly enlargedl to illustrate the manner of splitting it for providing a grip upon the lead.

Fig. 5 isa cross section through the tip taken on line 5-5 of Fig. 4.

Fig. 6 is a view partly in side elevation and partly in section of the 'crownof the pencil. l Y

Fig. 7 is an enlarged longitudinal section of the barrel of the pencil.

Fig. 8 is an enlarged longitudinalsection through the casing of the pencil.

Fig. 9 is a view partly in side elevation and partly in section Yof the feeding stem and feedscrew.

Fig. 10 is a longitudinal section through the eraser clutch sleeve and feeding sleeve of the pencil. j l Y Fig'. 11is a cross section through theeraser clutch sleeve taken on line 117-.-11 of Fig. 10. Fig. 12 is an enlarged cross section taken online 12-12 of Fig. 9. Y

-Figl is a' greatly enlarged section taken online-113443 of Fig. .9. l' Fig'.- 14 is an enlarged. flgmimtry sectional view of the upper portion of the pencil illustrated in Fig. 2 of the drawings. 'Fig 15v is a sectional detail view of the pencil embodying the invention taken substantially on line 15-15 of Fig. 2.

` Referring in ore particularly to the drawing 1 indicates a casing of the pencil which may be made of hardvulcanized rubber, silver or any .desiredmetal and which is cylindrical in shape, having its butt end reduced in diameter' and` externally `threaded. as at 2 while itsl tip end is internally threaded as at 3, being slightly reduced in diame-Y ter as at 4 which reduced portion tapers away from the longitudinal axis of the casing towards the butt end thereof providing an inclined or tapered reducedportion which receives thereover Ythe butty end of the tip 5 of the .pencil which butt end is recessed as at 6 to'snugly itthe reduced portion of the Vcasing 1 and the tip 5 which is substantially conical in shape is `provided with an enlargement 7 near its vbutt end internally threaded and providing a shoulderSl against which the tipv endl of the casing l abuts when the tip and casing arey properly connected. The threads on the enlargement 7 threadably engage the external threads upon the casing attaching sleeve, 9 which is soldered or otherwise suitably attached to the barrel 1 0 of the pencil. The barrely 1() of the pencil extends longitudinally through the casing 1 and projects Vinto the tip 5 as clearly shown in Fig. 2 ofthe drawings, forming a retainer for the lead 11 and also a retainer for the feeding stem 12. The sleeve 9 is threadably engaged in the interior'threaded portion 3 of the casing 1 and serves to connect the barrel 10, tip 5 Vand casingv 1 at the tip end of the pencil.v The sleeve 10 is provided with a constricted portion 13 intermediate its ends which is substantially rectangular in cross section or is provided with flattened portions to engage opposite flattened. sides ofthe feeding stem l2 t'prevent rotation of the feedingstem and cause it to'be moved lon*- gitudin'ally upon yrotation of the vfeeding sleeve 14. The feeding sleeve 14 is inter-0 nally threaded as at 15 to receive the feed screwl 16 rand for movingy lthe ,stem 12,*lonitudinallyin ,the barrel 1 0 uponrotation ofjthefsleeve14.1'y Thejfeed screw 16 kis prorectangular and; of the feeding stem


neet-ing said casing, barrel and tip, said tip provided with diametrically spaced longi-4 7. In a pencil, a casing, a barrel, a substantially conical tip, an attaching'sleeve on said barrel connecting said casing, barrel and tip, said tip provided with longitudinelly extending slits having their sides converging towards the apex of the tip, an eraser clutch sleeve extending into the butt end ot' the casing and forming an abutment -tor the butt end of said barrel, a ring on said clutch sleeve, a crown engaging said casing and ring for confining the clutch sleeve, casing and barrel in place, said clutch sleeve provided with a plurality of longitudinally Y extending slitsphaving their sides converg ing as they extend towards the outer'end of the sleeve for frictionall gripping an eraser.

8. A pencil of the class described including a casing having a reduced end portion, a barrel confined in thecafsing, an eraser clutch sleeve extending into the butt end of the casing and forming an abutment for the butt end of the barrel, a ringon thefclutch sleeve, and e crown mounted upon the re- Vduced end portion of the casing and engag- .ing the ring for ooniining the clutch sleeve,

YCasing and barrel in proper relation.


In testimony whereof we aiix our signa-

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