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Publication numberUS1589624 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 22, 1926
Filing dateOct 12, 1925
Priority dateOct 12, 1925
Publication numberUS 1589624 A, US 1589624A, US-A-1589624, US1589624 A, US1589624A
InventorsHarry E Bronson
Original AssigneeHarry E Bronson
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US 1589624 A
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June 22 1926. 1,589,624

H. E. BRONSON HEADLIGHT Filed Oct- 12, 1925 Patented June 22, 1926.



Application filed October 12, 1925. Serial No. 61,885.

My invention relates more particularly to head lights for automobiles and other motor driven vehicles. It is also adaptable to head lights for street cars, locomotives and other track conveyances on which head lights are used; also for search lights on ships and wherever a strong projecting light is required.

The objects of my invention are, first, to

provide a head light or search light that will produce and project an intense clear the small light 6 being centered on the rear light on the roadway or object desired to be seen; second, to provide a head light that will project a downwardly spreading light on the roadway directly in front of the automobile or car and not give an upwardly glaring light that will dazzle and confuse the sight of the drivers ofcars' approaching each .other from opposite directions; and third, to provide ahead light that will be safe and effective without the use of visors, color lens, .prism glasses or other attach,- ments now so universally used.

I attain these objects by means of the device illustrated in the accompanying drawing in which a Figure 1, is a vertical section lengthwise through the center of my invention; Fig. 2, is a front view of my invention as if looking to the left at-Fig. 1; and Fig. 3 is a vertical izrpss section on the line 33 looking to the Similar characters refer to similar parts in the several views.

Heretofore head lights have been made with complete reflectors of parabolic form from which a small light set at the focus is reflected from all sides with equal brilliancy. The projected light thus produced is either concentrated on a small spot or so widely distributed as to lose the desired effect of clearly lighting the roadway or the object desired to be seen.-

My invention comprises a reflector 1, similar in parabolic form and principle to headlight reflectors now'in common-use, but differing therefrom by being prolonged to secure greater depth to the reflector. Near or at the focus is a small light 2.similar to other head lights. Near the front open end of the reflector is fixed asegmental web or curtain 3 which partially closes the upper I half of the prolonged head light'reflector.

.On the inner side of this web3 is mounted a small parabolic reflector twhose axis 5 is centered on the rearof the mam reflector 1. This small reflector 4 is provided with a small focal light 6 similar to light 2. In order .to secure great brilliancy, the inner side of Web 3 and the exterior and interior of the small reflector 4 and all of the interior of the prolonged reflector 1 are all brightly silvered except a part of the lower half of the main reflector l as indicated at 7. This portion is left blank 'or is finished with a dull nonreflecting surface.

It will be observed the light reflected from of the reflector 1 will greatly augment light ,2 and cause a reflection therefrom of great lntensity, The se mental web 3 with the darkened surface will confine the light reflection to' a spreading horizontal pro ect1on that will most effectively light the roadway or'objects to be seen. The rays will be spread immediately in front of the car and in the distance to slightly above the horizontal. This will effectively obviate the dazzling glare that is so trying and confusing to the drivers of cars approaching each other from opposite directions. By this combination of the two. lights and reflectors and with the main reflector partly curtained' and blanked, I secure a head light of great power and elflciency.

The headlight reflector 1 is to be inclosed in a protecting case 8 as are headlights now in use. The usual construction and wiring for lights are to be followed. The necessary openings for ventilation as shown at 99 and for wiring will be made.

A means of supporting the head light in the protecting case is indicated by the lateral webs 10 on the sides of the prolonged reflector 1.' These are designed to engage between projecting webs on the inner side of the protecting case 8. By'this means the reflector can he slipped in or out when desired. This method is not novel but suggestive only,

The front of the headlight is closed by the usual suitable form of frame and'glass. It is believed a plain clear glass will be most effective and no visors, color, lens, prism glass or other attachments now so universally used will be required.

In myinvention I do not limit myself to form, size nor proportions, but reserve the I right to vary'the same to secure the most eflective results. The drawingand this specification simply set forth and indicate the novel featuresand ideas of my new im- Z plemental construction that are now in use.

Having described my invention, I claim 1. In 'a headlight, the combination with a focal light and a prolonged reflector of the usual parabolic form, of an upper segmental web in the front opening of said prolonged reflector, the lower part of said prolonged reflector blanked to supplement said segmental Web in confining the rays of said headlight to a spreading horizontal form, and sald focal light augmented by an oppositely mounted light and reflector located back of said segmental web.

2. In a headlight, the combination with a focal light and prolonged reflector of the usual parabolic form, of an oppositely mounted light and small parabolic reflector near the front opening of said prolonged reflector and in the upper part thereof, the axis of said small reflector centered on the rear of said prolonged reflector, an upper segmental Web in the front opening of said prolonged reflector, and the lower part of said prolonged reflector blanked to supplement the said segmental web in confining the rays of said headlight to a spreading horizontal form, as set forth and described.


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