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Publication numberUS1589677 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 22, 1926
Filing dateJul 15, 1925
Priority dateJul 15, 1925
Publication numberUS 1589677 A, US 1589677A, US-A-1589677, US1589677 A, US1589677A
InventorsLouis E Bisch
Original AssigneeLouis E Bisch
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US 1589677 A
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June 22,1926. 1,589,677

L. if. BISCH GARTER Filed July 15', 1925 Patented June 22, 1926. Q




, Application filed July 15, 1925. Serial No. 43,865.

The present invention relates to garters, showing} modified form of the garter; and more particularly to womens garters. and e E An object of the invention is to provide Fig. 6 is a fragmentary view in side elea womans garter particularly adapted to vation on a reduced scale of another embodi 5 be used with stockings rolled at the top and ment of the invention. 1

especially when such stockings are rolled Referring in detail to the drawings, the and worn with the roll located below the reference numeral 11 indicates the garter as knee of the wearer. a whole, which as shown is preferably pro- Another object of the invention is to pro vided with at least two spaced elastics 12 vide a garter for rolled stockings .which is and 13 preferably overlaid and connected adapted to retain in place the top of the by the. covering 14, which may be of any destocking and particularly including the siredmaterial and may be widely varied in rolled portion. color, texture and design. A further object ofthe invention is to Overlying the covering 1 1, interiorly, is

15 provide a garter particularly adapted to be a third portion 17 which constitutes a gripused with rolled stockings having a portion ping portion, and is preferably elastic, and adapted to overlie the roll inorder to hold which is sewed or otherwise attached to the said roll in place and eliminate the neceselastic 12. The gripping portion 17 may be sity of. twisting said rolled portion in order attached so that it forms a. flat wavy or ir- 20 to hold up the stocking. regular surface, as illustrated in Figs. 2 to A still further object of the invention is 5, inclusive, or may take the form of the to provide a garter which will hold and respaced parallel portions shown at 17 in v tain the stocking with the seam thereof in Fig.6. I

a perpendicular position on the wearers It will be observed that a sufiicient space leg and not allow the seam of the stocking is allowed between the elastics 12 and 13 to to twist or vary from its original perpenpermit the intermediate portion 15 of the dicular position. covering to bellows out, so to speak, and

, A still further object is to provide a overlie a rolled top 15', shown indotted lines garter which is particularly adapted to rein Fig. 4.

30 tain a stocking in lace without permitting One form of wearing the garter with a it to slip and whic is so constructed as not rolled top stocking is that illustrated in to impede the circulation of the wearer. Fig. 4, in which the wearer puts on the The invention consists in a garter having garter over the stocking, rolls down the a portion adapted to overlie a part of the stocking so that the roll overlies. the top porstocking and in cases where a rolled top is tion ofthe garter, and then pulls up the worn, ada ted to overlie said top, and more lower portion of the garter over the outparticular y a gripping portion adapted to side of the roll. overlie a part of the/stocking. In Fig. 5 is" illustrated a modified form A preferred embodiment of the invenof the garter. 'In this form the garter is 40 tion is illustrated in the accompanying constructed as in the preferred form, with drawing, inwhich': v the exception that the second elastic 13 is Fig. 1 is a perspective view showing a omitted and the overall width of the garter pair of the garters as they appear when foreshortened. As before, the covering 14 worn; 1 encloses an elastic 12 and overlies the cover- 45 Fig. 2 is an enlarged perspective view ing 14 interiorly, and attached to the elastic showing the preferredform of garter illus- 12 is the flat wavy or irregular elastic 17. trated in Fig. 1; The wavy or irregular elastic lZ is for Fig. 3 is a sectional view of the garter the purpose of grippingonretaining the shown in Fig. 2 and taken on the line'3'-3 stocking so that the firpendicular seam of 50- of Fig, 2;" the stocking will not allowed to twist on Fig. 4 is a, sectional view of the garter the wearers leg and present an unsightly illustratin one way of wearing it withv the ap rance. Q

rolled stoo top within the garter; e spaced parallel gnppgf P01130115. 17' .5 is. an enlarged perspective view shgwn n Fig. 6 are adap to overl e a top in order to hold up the stocking and that the rolled top. preferably lies in what may be termed a gripping pocket. Owing' to the arrangement of the garter, the life of the stocking is greatly prolonged and the roll is held firmly andco'mfortably in position even though it has been rolled loosely. Furthermore, when the garter is worn as shown in Fig. 4, the elastic 12 of the garter may be conveniently'located Within .a fold of the stocking, as shown, so that a portion of the stocking as shown-in dotted lines lies between this portion of the garter and the body of the wearer.

Another way of wearing the garter is to roll the stocking, as is frequently done, with an elastic band rolled up with the roll in order'to facilitate the rolling, and after the top has been rolled to put on the garter so that one elastic is located above the roll and one below it, with the intermediate, preferably textile portion, including the gripping member or members, overlying and embracing the roll; In such case the width of the garter as a whole and the individual widths of the spaced elastics may be varied as de-' sired.

There are, of course, which this garter may be worn, and it is obvious that the number of elastics provided may be varied and other obvious changes made without departing from the invention, as defined in the appended claim.

- What is claimed is:

A garter having spaced elastic portions and an intermediate textile portion, and an irregular elastic stocking gripping portion extending in a waving line circumferv entially around the inside thereof.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.

Louis E. BISOH.

various ways in

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