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Publication numberUS1589770 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 22, 1926
Filing dateMay 5, 1924
Priority dateMay 5, 1924
Publication numberUS 1589770 A, US 1589770A, US-A-1589770, US1589770 A, US1589770A
InventorsCharless Trigg
Original AssigneeCharless Trigg
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Automobile tool box
US 1589770 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

June 22 1926. 1,589,770

c. TRIGG AUTOMOBILE TOOL BOX Filed May 5, 1924 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 3144mm? oz Clzarlts's' Trig C1. TWFGG AUTOMOBILE TOOL BOX June 22 1926.

Filed May 5, 1924 2 Sheets-$hee Patented June 22, 1926.



Application filed May 5,

My invention relates to automobile tool boxes. An object of my invention is to provide a novel tool b X adapted to be secured within the spare tire carrying ring on an automobile.

A further object of my invention is to provide means associated with the tool box and cooperating with the rim of the spare tire which prevents the removal of the spare tire when the door of the box is locked.

With these and other objects in view, as will appear as the description proceeds, the invention consists in the novel features of construction, combinations of elements and arrangements of parts hereinafter to be fully described and pointed out in the appended claims.

In the accompanying drawing:

Figure 1 is a side elevation illustrating the manner in. which the tool box is mounted on an automobile,

Figure 2 is a rear elevation thereof,

Figure 3 is an enlarged rear elevation, parts being broken away to show underlying parts,

Figure 1 is a horizontal section taken on the line 44 of Figure 3,

Figure 5 is a fragmentary sectional view taken on the line 55 of Figure 3, and

Figure 6 is an enlarged fragmentary sectional view taken on the line (l-6 of Fig ure 5.

Similar numerals refer to similar parts throughout the several views.

The tool box '1. comprises a circular front wall 2, circular back wall 3 and a cylindrical side wall 4 which may be of any desired length from front to back and is secured between the front wall 2 and back wall 3 so that its outer surface is flush with the edges of said walls.

The diameter of the tool box 1 is determined by the interior diameter of the ring 5 with which it is to be associated.

The tool box 1 may be constructed wholly of wood or wholly of metal or as is shown it may be constructed of wood and covered with a protecting layer of metal 6. An opening 7 is provided in the front 2 and permits access to the interior of the tool box 1. A door 8 is hingedly secured to the front 2 at one side of the opening 7. Complementary cut out portions 9 in the door 8 and the front 2 permit the outer surface of the door 8 to be flush with the front 2 when 1924. Serial No. 710,982.

in closed position. Conventional locking means partially shown at 10 is provided to lock the door 8 in closed position.

To the rear of the door 8 is hinged an auxiliary receptacle 11 in which small tools such as wrenches are intended to be kept. The receptacle 11 is normally held in closed position against the door 8 by means of a conventional turn button fastener 12 mounted on the door 8 and passing through the rear of the receptacle 11.

A sheet of leather, or similar material, 13 is secured at its bottom. sides and at points intermediate of the sides to the back?) to provide tool holding pockets 14:. Similar pockets may be provided inside of and on the back of the auxiliary receptacle 11 to hold the small tools if it is so desired.

A horizontal partition 15 located below the opening 7 serves as a platform on which to stand the larger tools. Arms 16 and 17 are pivoted to the side wall 4 and the back wall 3 respectively and extending to the tool box 1. The free end of the arm 16 is threaded to receive the wing nut 18 and the free end of the arm 17 is slotted to receive the arm 16 and upturned to prevent accidental displacement of the arm 16. The arms 16 and 17 serve to hold the larger tools or luggage firmly in position on the platform 15.

Bolts 19 having their heads countersunk in the outer surface of the ring 5 pass through the side wall 4- and are secured by nuts 20 disposed interiorly of the tool box 1. This construction secures the tool box 1 to the ring 5 so that it can not be removed when a spare tire 21 is mounted thereon.

An L shaped member 21' is rigidly secured to the inner surface of the ring 5 and is adjustably secured as by the bolt 22 to spare tire fastening plate 23. The plate 23 lies in a cut out portion 24 of the front wall 2 and extends inwardly to a point in line with the lower edge of the rearwardly extending recess 25 in the partition 15.

A substantially U shaped locking member 26 has its longer arm 27 lying in a groove 28 in the upper end of the plate 23 and passing through an aperture 29 in the front wall 2 into the recess 25.

The shorter arm 30 of the member 26 projects through aligned apertures in the plate 23 and front wall 2 into the tool box 1 below the partition 15. The inner end of the arm 30 is beveled as at 31 and a cutout portion 32 is provided adjacent the beveled edge 31 to receive the latching arm 33 0f the bolt member 34. A coil spring .35 is mounted on the member 34 and its ends engage the arm 33 and the bottom of the partitionilti respectively; thus tending to force the arm 33 downwardly into latching position.

A shouldered head 36 on the member 34 limits the downward movement thereof and the ring 37permits manual retract-ion .Of'the member from thezinsider'ofithe toolbox.

It isrto be noted in this connectionthat when the arm 33 is engaged :in the out out portion 32 the tire can not be-removed even were the bolt 22 removed as the bolt member 34. holds the plate trom'turningand the connecting portionl26 holds it in line'with the front walll2.

locking member with said casing operable from the interior of said casing only.

2. In a spare tire carrier for motor vehicles a commodity receiving casing, means provided in connection with the periphery of said casing for the mounting thereon of an associated demountable rim and tire, a

movable locking member arranged exteriorly of said casingcontiguous to the periphery thereof and adapted for engagement with a tire rim to hold the latter in locked relation on said'casing, a primary exteriorly [actuated locking means for retaining said locking member in looking relation with said run, and a secondary locking means carried by said casing and cooperative with said lookingfmeinber and operable independently of said :first named locking means and from the interior only of said casing.



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International ClassificationB60R11/00, B60R11/06, B62D43/00
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