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Publication numberUS1590227 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 29, 1926
Filing dateDec 10, 1923
Priority dateDec 10, 1923
Publication numberUS 1590227 A, US 1590227A, US-A-1590227, US1590227 A, US1590227A
InventorsBritton Francis J
Original AssigneeClara Gilmer
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Support for nursing bottles
US 1590227 A
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June 29 1926.

- F. J. BRITTON SUPPORT FOR NURSING BOTTLES Filed Dec. 10. 1923 ATTORNEY INVENTOR .B z'liazz Patented June 29, 1923..




Application filed December 10, 1923. Serial No. 679,749.

-This invention relates to a support for secured a stem having a reduced neck 16 nursing bottles, which is adapted to be seterminating in a spherical head 17. cured to the side of a baby carriage, crib The member against which the bottle 18 or the like. is held includes an arcuate seat 19, which 5 The principal object of the invention is partially encircles the bottle and has an outto provide a device of this kind which in-' wardly extending socket 20, in which is suit- 00 cludes a plurality of joints which are uniably secured a stem 21 having a neck porversally adjustable, so that the bottle may tion 22 terminating in a spherical head 23, be swung bodily in any direction desired,and similar to the head 17, and connected with 0 may also be disposed at any desired angle and supported therefrom in a .manner to with respect to the supporting device. be hereinafter described.

It is also an object of the invention to The socket 20 and stem 2lare provided provide frictional devices for the joints, so on opposite sides with threaded recesses 24, that the bottle will normally remain in the adapted to receive screws 25, which serve to 5 position to which it is adjusted, but may Secure the ends of a band which encircles be moved by the baby to any other posi the bottle and supports it against the seat 7 tion whenever desired, and the tension of 19. This band includes 0118 OI more elastic the frictional connections is preferably made j p 2 t0 the ends of Which are secured adj t bl so as t d t it t th t th suitable tabs 27 and 28 of pliable material, of the baby, or to other conditions under $11011 as h r, and which havesecured hi h h d i may h d, thereto bearing plates or washers 29 and Th i ti l i l d i d 30. These washers are provided with holes m n f d t h bl h ldi th b ttl so 31 and 32 for receiving the retaining screws that it may be easily removed for cleanand 0118 f he holes, as 32, is preferi or filli ably made large enough so that it may be The nature of the invention and the prinpassed 0 VI the head of the respective screw ciples embodied therein will be best under- Thls enables the tab 28 to be easily stood from the following detailed descripdetached for I1Venicnoe in removing or tion taken in connection with the accomhhhachlhg the bottle to the pp and When '80 panying drawing, which illustrates the prethe bottle is in P Shown in Figures ferred form of the invention 2 and 4:, the tension Of the elastic strips I th d i V 26 holds. thewasher 32 firmly underneath Figure 1 is a perspective view of a por the pp g of the screw he dtion of a carriage having my invention at- The heads 23 and 17 are connected y 35 taohod the t a pair of clamping bars 33, which are held Figure 2 is an enlarged perspective view hogethelf y plurality f bolts 4, and the f th i ti inner sldes of the bars are formed with Figure 3 is a sectional view of the suppp h fi 35 i g Spherical recesses porting bracket and the adjustable tension- 36 for recelvmg opposite sides of the re 0 ing device. spective spherical heads 23 and 17. The

Figure 4 is a sectional view illustrating in h 34 are Provided with thumb huts detail the means for attaching the bottle. Whlch y he turned to l h the tension.

Figure 5 is a sectional view illustrating 0f the g g e t b tween the bars and i d t il one f th j i t the respective heads 23 and 17, and thereas Fi 6 i a d t il perspective i f by vary the amount of force which is neces-- the member against which the bottleis held. y to adlhst the angle between the bars j The inventlon as illustrated includes a 33 and the respective stems 14 and bracket or clip 10, of a size and sha e to to rotate the stems axially in the recesses 36. embrace one of the rails 11 of the carriage, It W111 be readily understood that h and this bracket is rovided with one or s 37 y b adjusted as to obtain y more pairs f gh l 12 f receiving desired frictlonal resistance between the 1 a bolt 13, by means of which the bra k t i spherical heads 23 and 17 and the recesses secured to the rail. The bracket 10 has an 36 In which they rotate. When so adjusted,

- upwardly extending socket 14, in which is the bottom may be swung bodily in any its axis. It will then remain in that position until acted upon by some external force, and yet the frictional resistance of the joints will not be suflicient to cause possible injury to the baby, since in case he should fall or throw himself against any part of the bottle or holder the joints will yield. Between feeding times, the bottle may be swung to the position shown in dotted lines in Figure 1, and may conveniently be removed from the holder by disengaging the eye 32 from the head of the screw 25, underneath which it is held.

lVhile I have shown and described the various parts of the device in rather minute detail, itis, of course, to be understood that this is merely illustrative, and that many modifications may be made in the relative size, shape and general arrangement of various parts without departing from the salient features of the invention as expressed in the claims.

\Vhat is claimed is:

1. A support for bottles and the like, comprising a curved seat for receiving the botthe and having an outwardly extending socket, a stem mounted in and projectin from the socket and having a spherical hea at its outer end, headed elements securing said stem in the socket, an elastic band adapted to embrace the bottle and holding the'same on its seat, said band having eyes near its ends for engagement with the heads of said headed elements, a pair of clamping bars having opposed spherical recesses for receiving said spherical head, and means for adjusting said bars to increase or decrease the friction between the bars and said spherical head.

2. A bottle support comprising a bracket, a seat for the bottle supported for universal adjustment with respect to said bracket, and means for retaining a bottle against said seat, said retaining means including an elastic band adapted to encircle the bottle and provided near its ends with eyes, screws passing through the e es and secured to the seat, one of the screws aving a head smaller than the eye so that the end of the band may be easily detached therefrom for changing the bottle.

3. In combination, a curved seat adapted to partially encircle a bottle, a socket extending outwardly from the seat, a stem in said socket, means for supporting the stem for universal adjustment, screws extending outwardly from said socket and securin 'the same to the stem, a flexible band adapte to partially encircle the bottle and to hold the same against said seat, said band having holes near its ends for engagement with the heads of said screws.

In testimony, that-I claim the fore oing as my own, I have hereto aflixed my signa-- ture.


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European ClassificationA61J9/06