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Publication numberUS1590492 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 29, 1926
Filing dateMay 5, 1924
Priority dateMay 5, 1924
Publication numberUS 1590492 A, US 1590492A, US-A-1590492, US1590492 A, US1590492A
InventorsFrederick Benson Anthony
Original AssigneeFrederick Benson Anthony
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Pocket case
US 1590492 A
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A. F. BENSON June 29 1926.


Patented June 29,1926.

amen seae s.

ANTHONY 'rnnnnnicx rnnson, OFVIRGINI'A, MiNNnso'rA.

rocxnr case.

Applicationfiled May 5,

Myinventionrelates to; improvementsin' a pocket case contalnlng various instruments essential intheartsand trades; and the ob jects of my improvement are, first, to combine in one compact case, a lens, measuring tape, protractor, knife blade, and screwdriver; second, to provide a suitable housing and attachments for said instruments; third, to lock together all parts of the case wtih one bolt.

I attain these objects by the pocket case illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which- I I Figure 1 is a general plan of the pocket case with the guard case opened out to one hundred eighty degrees; Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the pocket case with the guard case opened out to one hundred eigthy degrees and showing a section on line 2-2 of Fig. 1; Fig. 3 shows a section through the case on the line 3-3 Fig. 2, and with the guard case removed; and Fig. 4 shows the end of the tape to be wound into the case.

Similar numerals refer to similar parts throughout the several views.

Two rings of sheet material 1 and 7, with hinge projections 18 and 19 respectively, and with beveled edges, are held parallel and opposite, one to the other. A. tubular ring 6, with centering shoulders 28, revolves within the holes of rings 1 and 7. Angular grooves along either edge of band 17 engage the beveled edges of rings 1 and 7 One end of said band is held between projections 18 and 19 by means of a rivet through eyelet 21, the opposite end is drawn tight by means of bolt 12, which turns free in eyelet 13, and screws into spreader piece 14. Spreader piece 14 is permanently fastened between projections 18 and 19, and contains a hole for hinge bolt 20 and a ring 15 for attaching to pocket chain.

Screwing up on bolt 12 locks together rings 1 and 7, band 17, ring 6, and spreader piece 14, all in one operation and with one bolt. Y

In ring 6 is provided a shoulder Lens 4 is held in position against shoulder 23 by means of spring-ring 5. Guard case 24 is hinged to projections 18 and 19 by hinge bolt 20. Guard case 24 comprises two leaves held in parallel and opposite position by hinge bolt 20 and rivet 26. A protractor is inscribed on the leaves as shown. On leaf is mounted a knife blade 8 opening on bolt 20, and a screw-driver 9 opening on rivet 27.

1924. Serial in. 711,002.

3 Both knife blade and screw-driver are :kept

in p'en, or closed, position by a jack-knife sprlng'. 251s a guard for the knifeb1ade.

To"facilitate turning between the thumb and finger, ring 6 may be milled on its ends. On the circumference of Mug 6 and tangen- 'tially thereto is riveted spring-dog 10.

Operatively, the end of the tape shown in Fig. 4 is inserted into slot 16, in a manner in which the free end of spring-dog 10 will engage hook 22 when ring 6 is revolved positively (or counter-clockwise, as shown in Fig. 3) and the tape is wound into housing 11, the free end of said tape being fitted with a rlng too large to enter slot 16. By pulllng said free end, any part of said tape may be pulled out, and by revolving ring 6 negatively, dog 10 is disengaged from hook 22, and the tape may be removed entirely without disturbing the structure of thecase.

I am aware that prior to my invention combinations of lenses and tapes were in existence; I therefore do not claim such a combination broadly; but

I claim:

1. The combination of a measuring tape, a hollow ring housing for said tape, a magnifying lens mounted within the hole of said hollow ring housing, a folding guard case enveloping said housing, when closed, a knife blade and screw-driver mounted on said guard case, and a protractor inscribed on the leaves of saidguard case, substantially as set forth.

2. A pocket case, a tubular ring, a lens. mounted within said ring, a housing circumscribing said ring, a measuring tape windable into said housing, all parts of said housing locked together with a bolt, a guard case hingedly attached and enveloping, when closed, said housing, a protractor inscribed on said guard case, a knife blade and screwdriver hingedly attached to said guard case.

r 3. A pocket case-consisting of two rings of sheet metal with hinge projections and beveled circumferential edges, said rings held in parallel and opposite position, a tubular ring with centerin shoulders revolvable within the holes of said rings of sheet metal, a circular band with angular grooves along either inner edge, said angular grooves engaging with said beveled edges, means for fastening one end of said band between said projections, a bolt for drawing up the opposite end of said band thereby locking together all parts of said case and providing a housing into which a measuring tape is wound and contained, a folding guard case, and a protractor inscribed on said guard case.

4. A pocket case, a hollow ring housing comprising two rings of sheet metal with hinge projections, the circumferential edges of said rings beveled to engage grooves in a band one end of which is riveted between said projections, thence circumferentially embracing said rings, the opposite end adjustably bolted, a revolvable tubular core centered within the holes of said rings, a

lens positioned and held in said tubular core by a shoulder and spring ring, a measuring tape, a slot allowing said tape to'enter said hollow ring housing, a spring lug tangentially riveted to said tubular core, a hook on the end of said tape to engage the free end of said lug, the ends of said tubular core radially milled, a guard case hingedly attached to said case, a knife blade and screwdriver mounted on said guard case, a jackknife spring governing said knife blade and screw-driver.


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