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Publication numberUS1590927 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 29, 1926
Filing dateAug 20, 1924
Priority dateAug 20, 1924
Publication numberUS 1590927 A, US 1590927A, US-A-1590927, US1590927 A, US1590927A
InventorsJohn Duff Michael, William Duncan
Original AssigneeJohn Duff Michael, William Duncan
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Sofa pillow simulating doll
US 1590927 A
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June 29 1926. 1,590,927

w. DUNCAN ET AL SOFA PILLOW SIMULA'I iNG DOLL Filed August 20 192 Patented June 29, 1926.




Application filed August 20, 1924. Serial No.- 733,190.

This invention relates to improvements in sofa pillows.

' It is a broad object of the invention to provide a pillow substantially in the form. of a doll or in the form of a bust of a person. s

It is a further object of the invention to provide a sofa pillow constructed in the form of a doll or bust which has a ruffle secured about the peripheral edge of the pillow which ruffle is adapted to extend around the head or face of the doll so as to simulate the appearance of a hood.

It is a further object of the invention to provide a sofa pillow in the form of a doll having rufiies secured thereto, in which all of the ruffles are stitched in the seams of the faces forming the pillow so as to'provid'e a neat and finished appearance. I r

With the foregoing and other objects in view which will be made manifest in the following detailed description, reference is had to the accompanying drawings for an illustrative embodiment of the invention, wherein Fig. 1 of the is a front elevation of one form pillow.

Fig. 2, is a side or end elevation of the pillow shown in Figure 1.

Figures 3, 4 and 5, are front elevations of modifications of the pillow.

Figures 6 and 7 are partial sections showing the construction of the seam employed in constructing the improved pillow.

Referring to the accompanying drawings wherein similar reference characters designate similar parts throughout, the pillows illustrated in Figuresv 1 to inclusive in a most finished and complete form of construction are formed of two faces 10 and 11, the face 10 constituting the front face of the pillow and the face 11 constituting the back face of the pillow. Each facelO and 11 is formed of two pieces, the face 10 being formed of a body portion 12 and a head portion 13, and thcface 11 is formed of a body portion 14: and a head portion 15.

Upon the head portion 13 which constitutes one of the parts forming the front face 10 of the pillow, there may be stenciled, printed or painted a face substantially 'as shown. This face may be a girls face or a boys face, or may even be in the form of the face of an animal. However, in the pre ferred form of construction, the face conexposed surfaces facing each other as illusstitutes a girls face substantially as shown. The body portion 12 and the head portion 13. are secured together with their front or trated in Figure 6.

A ruffle 16 is securedor stitched between the body portion 12 and the head 13 so that asillustrated in Figure 7, when the head portion 13 is folded back from the bodv portion 12, the ruffle 16 will have its base portion 1.6 secured between the inturned edges'l? and 18, forming an inturned seam between the body portion 12 and the head portion 13, forming a neat exterior a1);- p'earance. The body portion 14: and the head portion 15 of the back face 11 are stitched together with a ruffle 19 secured between the inturned seam in substantially the; same manner.

In the actual construction, as the front face and the hack face is formed, these faces are placed one upon the otherso that their eXposed-orexterior surfaces are facing each other andthe edges ofcthe front and back faces are stitched together in similar manner to that in which the body portion 12 and the head 13 are secured together so that a ruffle 20 is secured around the peripheral edge of the pillowvwith its base portion extending between the inturned edges of the front and back faces, which forms an inturned seam.

In securing the front and back faces to gether, a small opening is left preferably in the bottom of the pillow as indicated be tween 0 and O of Figure 1. As the front and back faces are stitched together inside out, the pillow may then be turned outside in through the opening left between 0 and O. This opening OO also serves as a means for admitting stuffing S to the interi'or of the pillow, after which this opening may be closed by hand stitching.

It is seen that by constructing'a pillow in. this manner that a sofa pillow is provided which has a ruffle extending around the periphery thereofand across the faces thereof, so that an inturned' seam is provided at every point of attachment of the ruffle and that the base of the rufile is secured between the edges forming the inturned seam.

The body of the pillow may take various forms, some of which are illustrated. The form in Figure 1 is providedwith a: pair of opposed legs 21 and 22, whereas the modifications shown in Figures 3, 4 and 5, the

body is shown as being substantiallytriangular, square and circular respectively.

It is to be understood that various changes can be made in the actual construction of-the improved pillow depending upon whether the smooth or finished exterior surface is desired. In some cases,the front face 10 and back face 11 may have their body and head portions integral with each other with the ruffle 16 hand stitched to the face of these faces. Also the rufile 20 could'have its base portion merely stitched to the exterior of the seam between the front and back faces. However, to provide a finished pillow, it

should be constructed with inturned seams without departing from the spirit or scope of the invention as defined by the appended clainis.

hat we claim is: p l. A sofa pillow comprising a front face v and a back face, each of said faces being formed of two pieces, one of which constitutes a body portion and the other of which constitutes a head portion, the pieces of each face havin their contiguous edges stitched together to providean inturned seam, a ruff fie having its base secured between the edges forming said inturned seam, said front and back faces having their edges stitched together to provide a second inturned seam and a second ruffle extendingperipherally around said pillow, said second ruffle having its base portion secured between the edges of the faces forming said second inturned seam. 1

2. A sofa pillow comprising a front face ands. back face, one of. said faces being formed of two pieces, one of which constitutes a body portion and the other of which ond rnllle having its base portion secured between the edges of the faces forming said second inturned seam. v V

In testimony whereof we have signed our names to this specification. WILLIAM DUN CAN.


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